1. Erik Anarchy - tell us about your musical career so far - plus discography, ambitions etc.

I've been playing Guitar since I was 7, I have Autism, I was born Erik Stephen Griffiths. I was in a band called Amber Alert and a band called I Know. I got the name Erik Anarchy because of my Moderate-Libertarian views. My ambitions are to go on tour, get on a label. My Discography is Living In Hell, Self Titled, Put Me In Your Enemy, Euthanasia Fairy, Penis League, Shitting Bricks, Live In Seattle and The Good The Bad and Erik Anarchy.

2. Best gig you have played - where, why, who with and what made it so special?

My best gigs are playing shows at Rock 'n' Roll Pizza or anywhere really. I'm not picky about where I play to me a gigs a gig what makes it special is people show up and I get to play and get exposure.

3. Columbo vs Kojak in a nude detective tricycle race. Testicles must be free swinging so as to hopefully cause injury and therefore give the crowd a good time. Who would win this race and why. In your childhood would you have pushed Ironside over a cliff edge?


4. Influences in life and music please?

My influences are Sham 69, Cockney Rejects,The Clash,The Scorpions, AFI, The Varukers, The Dickies, 4 Skins, Anti-Flag, Danzig, Ozzy Osbourne, Elvis, Casualties, The The Exploited, Judas Priest, The Stray Cats, Rust Of Seasons, Black Sabbath, Metallica, AC/DC, The Clash, MC5, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Venom, Bob Marley, Roy Orbison, Motorhead, The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Autistic Youth, Sid Vicious, The Damned, GBH, BB. King, MC5, Bau Haus, The Stooges, The Beatles, Blue Oyster Cult, The Damned, Dio, New York Dolls, The Blockheads, The Business, Kiss, Billy Idol, Iommi, Alice Cooper, WishBone Ash, The Vanishing etc and more.

5. Heroes and zeroes on the punk scene?

Heroes are Pop, Wane Kramer, Fred Sonic Smith, Steve Jones, John Lydon (Johnny Rotten), Lemmy, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Seve Sheldon, etc. My Zeros in the Punk scene are Henry Rollins because I find him to be arrogant but that's my opinion though, Ian Stuart he was a racist, homophobic anti-semetic asshole and besides Nazis shouldn't drive unless they die.

6. Tell us about your local punk scene - what are the good and bad points?

The Punk scene is generally good. I go the promoter route because in Oregon promoters tend to be quicker, the only bad things are that the drinking age is way way too high, and setting up shows can take forever.

7. Walt Disney had a brother known as Wilt Dimplex. He was a famous porn star who had numerous erection problems and killed himself (using a Victor Kiyam penis plucker) at the age of 28. His only claim to fame was that Sammy Davies Jr once pushed a can of sour grapes up his arse for charity. Do you have any other tales of Mr Dimplex that would delight our deviant readers?

Dim Wilt Dimplex enjoys electrocution in his asshole.

8. 'I want to piss on the Whitehouse' - mmm political - any political ideals you want to tell us about feel free?

'I Wanna Piss On The White House' is a political song. My political views are Moderate Libertarian. I support gay rights and I favor less taxes.

9. The music scene in Britain is awash with total and utter shite. The punk scene is healthy but we have an abundance of nostalgia nuts with no interest in the underdogs and up and comers. Whats your view on this and is the US similar?

We seem to have some similarities in the scene in Oregon.

10. Corn on the Cob - a vital food source or a satanic musical instrument on which little pink men may be summoned from the pits of hell so they can set fire to the willies of caravan owners?

I don't know anything about Corn on the Cob?

11. What are your fave bands and venues?

Same as influences but also add Discharge.

12. Lastly - push and promote Erik Anarchy for all he is worth - tell us why we should check him out NOW!

You should check out my stuff because it's old school and different at the same time, it's raw, it's straight to the point, I'm real, I think independently,etc.