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1. Dino, The Earl of Hudson - tell us about your musical career so far and how the Dangerous Aces came about?

I have always wanted to play the bass. My musical heroes are all bass masters; Steve Harris, Paul Simmonon, Sid, Duff etc. So I knicked this crap bass from The Medicine Bow's rehearsal room to have a go. It was totally unplayable and pink, so I bought a cheap bass. At this time Moz, Medicine Stu & me got chatting about having a laugh and putting a band together to do some CowPunk. We messed about for a few months and didn't really get much done, but then our saviour appeared in the shape of Matt (from Gizmo) who wanted to try his hand at drums. Within a couple of months we got our first gig at Fiction Non Fiction @ TigerLounge and we've gone on from there. So years after first picking up the bass I can no say with confidence that I am no longer the worst bass player in town!

2. Tell us your influences, likes and dislikes within the music scene and how do you fare getting gigs?

I was a complete Metal Kid, Iron Maiden, Black Sabath, G'N'R etc. Then when on a school French exchange the dad of the family I was staying with loaned me the French bootleg of "Never mind the Bollocks" and ordered me to listen to some proper music. I was hooked and my life changed. I bought some cheap punk comps and sourced the bands I liked, SLF, The Slits, X-Ray Spex, The Buzzcocks etc all the great 70's UK Punk. At the same time I started looking into the roots of this so got into the NewYork sound and Rock & Roll. Through Punk I met people who got me into Ska, The Small Faces, Tamla Motown & Northern Soul by talking about music and copying albums.
That's what I love about a music scene, it should be a group who develop and expand each others tastes and experiences. Manchester is quite good for that at the moment, with bands like Kid Voodoo, ROPM, The Tailshakers, The Medicine Bow & us about gigging alot in town. A nice scene is developing of like minded individuals from disparate musical backgrounds. This is helping all the bands get gigs and move on. That's Not Skanking run by ROPM at Joshua Brooks, Fuction Non Fiction & the Big Dig at Tigerlounge and of course Voodoo at Retro Bar are all great nights where local bands can get some decent stage time. Other than that I just leave it to Moz to sort out the gigs and just turn up with my guitar!

3. Nobble 'o' Nadgers - the genital surgeon has recently operated on himself and swapped his big toe and cock around. Great for a squirt when you are wearing sandals but embarrasing when you have an ingrowing toenail. If you were held at laser point by little green men and they forced you to undergo a similar operation what would your old man be swapped with?

Why would I need an operation to swap my Dad?

4. Best gig you have ever attended and what made it so special?

Pistols reunion in '96 was a great day, some of the all dayers at Joshua Brooks were great fun to play at, but all time greatest gig, hmmm... Shackshakers at the Roadhouse the first time they played. Why? Coz I discovered somthing new and exciting.

5. Whats your biggest gripes and joys with todays music scene?

Bands don't get paid to play, and in some places even have to pay to play. How is a scene meant to develop and bloom if tight promoters try to screw the bands? Also a lot of gigs price out the kids who are gonna be the next generation of bands and who need exposure to decent live music to ween them off the fucking gash in the charts. To that end all credit to the ROPM boys for That's Not Skanking who have kickstarted free or cheap gigs for all.

6. Influences in life and music please plus whats the first record you ever bought?

First records bought for me where Madness and Adam & The Ants singles. First I bought was Europe "Rock The Night", Oh the shame!
The French Dad & my good friend Chris Lambert are the biggest influences on my music tastes, they introduced me to such great music from which I could go and discover more for myself.

7. I've heard that Dangerous Aces frontman Moz once had an affair with a fork lift truck. I find this utterly weird as everyone knows JCB's are far better lovers and the availability of dumper trucks is on the increase. Is Moz such a deviant and would you ever have an affair with a scooter? If yes please elaborate as to why?

There are rumours that Moz's flatmate (Scooter of Sin City fame) is also his wife, & that Medicine Stu is mine, and a wife swap has been alleged. So that question is quite frightening.
Little is known about Moz'z sex life, though he is suspected to be a sex tourist in the Eastern Block!
JCB's are cool, my uncle works for them at Rocester which is just up the road from where I was brought up, boring fact, but true!

8. What are the initial plans for the DA's and how have you been recieved so far?

Plan is to conquer the world! Or more realistically get a bit tighter, keep on writing quality tunes and producing great live shows.
Oh and finally get our debut EP out.
I'm always shocked at how well we go down with an audience. We seem to be building a small but growing fan base who come to see us whenever we play (and not just Dr Danny Ace & Scooter anymore either).
Gigs are coming regularly now and we're always up for any we can do.

9. Tell us about your local scene and who are the bands to keep an eye on?

Local scene in Manchester is now really vibrant.
Bands to watch are;
Kid Voodoo, real Crampsy Rock & Roll who need to be signed soon or something is wrong with the world.
The Medicine Bow, Country Punks who sound like the Clash playing Johnny Cash covers.
ROPM, loud and fast punkcore.
GFA, great lads who grow on you the more you see them and their unique street punk stylings.

10. Your ideal gig on which you would like to play - who, where, when please?

Demented Are GO
The Dangerous Aces

Anytime you can arrange it please, somewhere nice and cosy like The Thatched House in Stockport, just for a select gathering of friends.

11. It has recently been discovered that Fred Dibnah was in fact a remote controlled hazelnut being used by renowned mesmerist Fredericos Fallopian in his quest for steeple porn. Are steeples and old derelict buildings so attractive and would you ever fill your testicular sack with rice krispies?

Architecture can be sexy yes, I got dragged around on so many industrial archeology tours as a kid I can't help but walk around looking for interesting bits on buildings. God that makes me sound dull, so I'd best brighten this up- I prefer cornflakes up the bum crack (will that do?).

12. Push the DA's as much as you can so our minds are not our own and we are forced to like them. Why should we come and see you?

We can be an absolute shambles, often a drunken, binge fueled riot, BUT,
We are good. We have songs about beer, sex, politics & we are HONEST. We do what we do with PASSION. Our live sets are already getting a reputation for being unmissable. Songs you can sing along to (if you can work out what the fuck Moz is saying, I wrote some of them & haven't got a clue!) which hit you at break neck speed as guitars thwack out riffs and rhythms, whilst we drink and smoke ourselves to oblivion and drag the crowd along with us. Then it can all culminate in a strip, a drummer with his finger up his arse, an impromptu encore in an amusing style or a solo set by the drummer on guitar and bass on drums or the crowd baying for more while some artwank ponces demand to set up for their gig.
No two Ace's gigs are the same but all are energy filled, sonic trips that will change your life forever.