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Ill Fated Riot


1. Ill Fated Riot - tell us all where it started and what it's all about?

It all started in a basement flat which was used as a rehearsal room /living room. Tim vocals, Daz guitar, Matt bass and various drummers. 2 years down the line I came along and took over the drum duties. I've been here for 3 years now and it just so happens that we started doing quite well just after i joined - lol. It's about 4 musos/scallys who need to vent their anger, emotions and bear their souls for all to see. Hey and if people enjoy the tunage fuckin awesome!

2. How are you finding the scene at present and what's the feedback been like to you guys?

The scene is very poor at the moment...people keep tellin me that punk is gonna make a huge comebac - I'm still waiting! Don't get me wrong there are plenty of punks about but the difficulty is actually getting them to watch the bands. I believe the smoking ban has totally fuckd it for bands now especially if your down the list of support acts you can't expect a crowd as they're all outside faggin it! Sad but true! Whats even sadder is I believe the standard of most punk bands is very high these days and there are some awesome bands around, I just dont understand it.? We've had great turnouts as well mind and great feedback, they're not all bad but I think some areas are definitely better than others. The southwest and London seem always to get great crowds and atmosphere, but the northern punk bands are more hardcore - thats just my opinion though!

3. Heroe's and villians you have in life and music plus if you were a Marvel comic character what would your name be?

Heroes are Monkey Magic, Pigsy, Sandy, Tuppitaka, Alf Garnet, Peter the Cyclops Westgarth, musically - Ty Smith - drummer - ex Bullets and Octane, Flea, Matt Freeman.
Villians - british goverment, anybody too well educated!..Osama 'bin lid', Police - musically I'd like to fuckin' castrate Paul 'bastard' McCartney..pack the fucker in, squeaky canadian pop punk, opera, indie music - stop it please!

If I were a marvel comic hero I'd be The Rhino Man coz of the Denz PRHD - powdered rhino horn drummer!

4. Flying beetroots - how do you stop these pesky varmints from staining everyone's summer dresses with the shitty expulsions. I was in my summer dress during the whole of June and had to rinse it through several times due to these purple terrors. Any advice would be most welcome!

Look Dave I've told you before, you shouldn't be going out in yer dress. You told me you would keep it for special occasions only and not wear it outdoors in case someone reports you to the missus. You'll never get them stains out pal, just dump it 'n' go down Barnardos charity shop. That's were I get all my nice clobber 'n' old silk grannie knickers. If yer really lucky they might not have washed em'..mmmmm...lily of the valley and erm,ooooooer!

5. Describe your fellow band members in five degrading yet thoroughly accurate words!

Love this un ha, ha, bacteria...indi 'arghhhh', chunkblower, cauliflower, deviant
HA, HA, HA, HA, .No I'm not us a beer 'n' i'll fuckin' tell ya!

6. Best Ill Fated Riot song - who penned it and what makes it so great?

Personally my fave number is 'Shit On'. Tim penned the lyrics. The original concept was a drum riff which then developed into somwhat of an anthem and definitely describes how we've been treated over the last few years.

7. Any hobbies we should know about and is it true that you have a hoover bag collection second to none!

Hobbies - yeah I like walking with me dog a terrier called Dilan. I like sea fishing 'n' all, gettin' wrecked, yeah I've always been into that. Oh the hoover bag collection has gone now mate, I sold it on ebay. I'm into collecting the fluff from the bellybuttons of civets at the Newquay Zoo in Cornwall. My lass goes fuckin' wild coz of the smell but I'm sure it's got youth retaining properties. Last week I was 63 years old - I rubbed the fluff round me gums twice a day and taped a bit under me armpits when I go out. I've definitely had more lasses interested in me and I was told I only look in me early that's what I call good shit!

8. Tell us what punk means to you and where you draw your influences from!

Punk to me is an attitude, a way of life - you don't need a mohawk to be punk, the same goes for music. Punk is the attitude you play with etc. not how fucking punk you look. Influences are a diverse range so don't fuckin' laugh. The Jam, Buzzcocks, Anti-Nowhere League, Fear, King Kurt, Guana Batz, Queens of the Stone Age, Clutch, 3 Colours Red, Mondo Generator, Ramones, Rancid, Lars Frederikson, Black Halos, Bullets and Octane, Sex and Violence, Therapy, Primus, Chili Peppers, Janes Addiction, The Wildhearts and not forgettin'…Most Likely To Fail, The Fractions, Keyside Strike, Gimpfist, Loudmouth, Lowlife UK and anyone we've gigged with and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with and not forgetting Ill Fated Riot.

9. Polystyrene policemen are the new law enforcers of Batley. They have so far made no arrests but have helped in the packaging of several undergarments left lying around at Lady ClitFlick's Mansion of Sin. The question is would you have a sexual encounter with a scrabble board for a lifetime's supply of Hughie Green documentaries.

No chance - I only like wildlife documentaries, I haven’t heard his name in decades - lol. Now if it were a case of discovery channel nature vids or a porno collection….then maybe one would consider.

10. Best gig to date and who are some of the best bands you have played with?

My best gig to date with the Riot crew has to be 2 years ago at the Tyne Bar in Newcastle. The place just went ballistic. We didn’t think the place would be into us, there were 2 bands on before us and they played well. We were pure on fire! Some people even came in dressed as Batman and Robin durin' the set which tickled us at the time but yeah, it just seemed to endlessly flow that night, the right chemistry everything. We got a great reception, great feedback and we have some pics on our myspace which is check them out and feel free to leave comments. Oh yeah the band on after us kinda got the cold shoulder from the crowd and I didn’t think they were that bad. Obviously we'd done a blinding set and they just couldn’t compete. That and the fact they were an indie band, that was the brick in the sack for them - bless,ha ha. The best bands we've played with in my opinion are the G-Men, Loudmouth, Keyside Strike, Gimp Fist , The Steady Boysd, Uproar, Drymouth - watch out for these cockney ryhmin' fuckers, Minimal Damage etc. etc. I could go on……

11. What is your local scene like - faces, gaffs, attitudes etc.

My local scene is full of great bands, not enough venues accept punk nights though. We've got bands like Gimp Fist, Keyside Strike, Loudmouth, Last Rough Cause, March of the Dogs, Tears to Glory, Rampage Brigade, The Burnin' Hells, Scum, The Steady Boys. Daz from Spennymoor who does the North Eastern, great punk venue. Thanx mate! Glen from The Steady Boys who does punk nights - many thanks - Tomma, Loz, Hak, John T, Neil, Macey, Big Frank, Big John from Darlington, Micky D 'n' all the Aycliffe Posse - Oi, Oi.

12. Finally push Ill Fated Riot and convince us all they are the band to see.

Ill fated riot have always worked their hearts out and give 210 per cent at every gig…we play in your face punk/rock - we play hard we play fast - we play because we love to play - we play for you the crowd as well as ourselves. Our fanbase is fast growing…come and see for yourselves why. WHY? Good tunage, great sound, great attitute, the dogs fuckin' balls Mrs.