Damion Barton of


Who said that?

1. What is Crouch Mog all about - the name, the style and the aims?

Crouch Mog has always been about having a laugh at ourselves and sometimes at other people's expenses. The name came from an ex-member who one drunken night decided to shout at his cat for not doing as it was told. Simple I know but some would agree that we are but simple folk. The style comes from a myriad of music that just kind of got thrown together. It's hard to categorise, we get criticised for trying to play like the Yanks. Not that I'm saying we're not influenced by them, Strung Out, The Ramones, Minor Threat, Belvedere, Pennywise, NoFx....but with a bit of good old fashioned blighty spirit. Our aims are to stop OMD getting pished, and take over the world but that never works so just to have a laugh and encourage people to do the same. 

2. What do you think of today's punk scene and the people in it?

I think the punk scene is amazing, what we've all contributed to on the Spit and Sawdust tour is a testament to the bands and promoters willing to put themselves on the line each and every week for us. One criticism is the punks who complain that it's not like the "old days" my advice is get off your backside and come down to these gigs. Support all these unsigned bands they are all quite unique in their own little ways.

3. Being in a band with a thieving bastard must cause problems. When did Paul first immerse himself in the degrading world of kleptomania?

Hahaha, it came by chance when we saw him running down the road with a packet of m and m's between his arse cheeks screaming at us to "run like the wind." 

4. Describe yourself and each band member with 3 words each.

Damo - Loud, jumpy and Boltonian Andy - Drunk, fuzzy and guitarist Nige - Skinny, easy and drummer Paul - Thieving, driver, Bass.

5. What is Crouch Mog's best gig to date?

I don't know about this one as we've done some corking gigs and we've done some terrible ones which have been good for other reasons. I would have to say the Manchester Academy 3 gig last year; we managed to get extra money out of the promoter for that one. Hehehe, he was a knob! Put us on with a load of Indie bands because he's not got the first idea about music!

6. Rectal raisins - would you buy them?

Wouldn't have to Barnesy would nick them for us - thieving swine

7. What would be your ideal gig to play on?

The ideal gig for me would be in no particular order AFS, One Man Stand, Churchill, Suspicious Stains and the UK Subs with us main support, before Andy Churchill creams himself!

8. What is your favourite Crouch Mog song?

Has to be "Buddah" wrote it in about ten minutes and just shows what you can do when you have ten minutes spare besides having a tommy tank!

9. Why should people come and see Crouch Mog?

I would tell people to come watch us because we have a laugh, and I think that translates onto the stage when we perform. We certainly have no fear; we've been heckled and abused with the best of them. Some promoters have no idea what to promote us as and that has had its influences on the way we treat a gig. We never treat gigs with respect, but we respect the bands who do them. Well most of them anyway.

10. Damian Barton - what are your greatest influences?

Musical - I like lots of different types of stuff from early punk to thrash metal. Spiritually - all the people we've meet doing this stuff for the last 5 years have influenced me in some way.

11. Personally I can't fault Crouch Mog both musically and as people - so criticise yourself and band members (you bunch of bastards - ooops).

We can get right on each others nerves when we want to, driving to and from gigs can get a bit heated at the best of times. I'm dead moody when I've not had a) enough sleep or b) too much alcohol. Paul has to drive everywhere which puts him in a bad mood. Andy's new so I haven't really got much to criticise him for and Nige is Nige.

12. Any message for the punk community and the world in general?

Thanks for supporting us and the bands on the Spit and Sawdust tour, if you've not been to a gig why the feck not? It's only a couple of squid. Punks not dead it lives in a box under OMD's stairs along with his moths.