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1. Deadbeat Heroes - where did it all begin and what has happened since - CD releases, line-up changes etc.

October 2006 - Met with Marc and Adam and Marky at the Negatives/4 Past
Midnight gig at the Spirit Bar.
November 2006 - First practice
January 2007 - First gig with the Negatives and No EagerMen. That night we
lost our bassist and I took up the bass.
Jan/May 2007 - Just straight in there playing gigs.
May 2007 - We lost our drummer. Me and Marcs friend Div came to play drums.
June/July 2007 - We played a handful of gigs as well as supporting the UK
August 2007 - We Recorded our CD. Entitled Broken and Beaten Mini LP.
August/ Now - We have been playing random gigs.

2. Describe the style of the band and where does it draw its influences from?

Glasweigen Street Punk. Down to earth what you see is what you get punk.

We draw our influences from each others personal lifes and our falls. We take influences from bands such as Rancid, The Clash, SLF and Social Distortion. We also take influences from scenes such as Andy Warhols Factory, Vivienne Westwoods SEX shop and the East Bay scene 924 Gilman St.

3. Describe your fellow band members in 5 degrading words apiece?

Marc - Sick
Div - Fingers
Mark - Muck
Me - Baw Bag
Sick Fingers, Mucky Baw Bags.

4. Gareth Pleb has recently had his fingers replaced by sausages. Pork of course. It is great when he is a bit peckish but plays havoc with his heavy masturbation lifestyle. He has recently developed a fatty deposit problem around his oriental eye and the shaft of his member has various grease burns. I myself am a sausage enthusiast but understand that this should not be used in sexual practices. The question is - if you were kidnapped by several Adolf Hitler look-a-likes and were informed that unless you had your fingers removed and replaced by various edible items - what would you do?

Make sure they was Twix's.

5. Best gig to date and worst please - give all details?

Best gig for me was UK Subs. Played our hardest and our best and was the biggest gig we had done.
Had this skinhead guy pogoing about and that was amazing, ha ha.

Worst gigs are probably the ones we never got to play for being too young. But if
you had to be playing well it was when we supported Kamikaze Sperm and the crowd was only bands.

6. Describe your local punk scene - venues, crowd, heroes, zeroes etc.

Spirit Bar thats like the only venue we seem to play, ha ha. We have our own like 5/6 crowd that comes along all the time but the best crowds are at gigs the local hero to me Pogojon puts on. He gives younger bands like us a chance to play without us paying like all our pocket/ brew money. The Zeros would
be rockers cause those guys are cunts.

7. Tell us about your fave Deadbeat Heroes tracks and who wrote them, what they are about and what makes them so special to you?

My Fave is 'Same Generation'. I wrote this song so that the cunts that always go on and say like 'oh
you's sound like this band' etc. and saying yer copying and shit. Just a song to
let people know we know it has been done before and that's not our faults.

"There's nothing new about this generation, It's all been said before, it's all
been done before
There's nothing new about this generation, it's happened before it's gonna
happen again"

8. Gripes and joys about the punk scene in general?

The joys are playing to the people you meet in the drunkness. But some cunts are there

9. Steven Scab of The Scabs (yes him again) is changing is stage name to Sugarplum Shitbox in order to advance his operatic career. A bizarre move with the question being would you insert 8 plums into your shitbox for beer or have an affair with Kenny Dalgleish for brandy?

I think I would do none. Not a big fan of drinking although I do and always get
wasted. But I know when I'm at that stage when I want out of it. So I try to stick to enough drink to
get me tipsy but not totally fucked so I think i'll stick to my Red Rooster. I'm a 'ask him that on Saturday' man.

10. You are a promoter for the day - tell us your ideal gig - where, how
much, who is on it and reasons why?

Venue - Spirit Bar
Cost - £5
Line-up - Time again - 1st, Minor Threat - 2nd, Rancid - 3rd and then General
Recall Headlining.

Reasons - Cause these are my fave bands at this moment in time and the Spirit Baris such a shithole that I wanna see the likes of bands I'll see in the Barrowlands playing just for the gag. £5 cause I'm cheap like that.

11. Cloth skin - better than our usual epidermal layer or prone to moth attacks - tell us your thoughts on having cloth skin and what benefits could be had - maybe a tartan style would save money on tattoos etc.

Man I'm no that fucked. Lepracy skin cause nae cunt will come near me and I get to chase every one

12. Lastly push the Deadbeat Heroes for all they are worth and convince us
they are a band to be reckoned with.

We will show you how its meant to be done, no fucking about just Punk Rock. 3 Chords get up there and do it. Dead Beat Hero's are worth a crowd to come see 'em and for each person who reads this to come to one of our gigs
watch, jump about, listen and then buy a £2 cd off us.and we will make ya laugh.

Oh aye and we will have a new cd out by the end of this year with new songs.