Captain Sensible of

Blah Party/The Damned


. Firstly tell us about the Blah Party and its main reasons for being and why we should get behind it?

There literally is nobody to vote for.... all those suited frauds in the other parties are pushing policies that will destroy the country AND the planet. I for one have had enough. This is why I formed the Blah! Party, which is attracting a lot of members who are increasingly disillusioned with UK politics. These members are writing our manifesto as we speak by email and text, and you would be pleasantly surprised to see the quality of ideas and debate we are receiving. It is VERY encouraging. Take a look at

2. Of all the people in punk who I would consider getting into politics your good self wouldn't be the top of my list. I'm sure others feel the same as the Damned are hardly a political band. Have you always been into politics or has the current climate become so bad you feel its time for action?

Political songs?

"Thanks For The Night" was about the poll tax riots.

"Bad Time For Bonzo" was about Reagan's mad 'better dead than red' philosophy.

"Martha The Mouth" - Martha Mitchell (Watergate)

"Democracy" and "W" from Grave Disorder tell it like it is too.

Because the Damned have theatrical overtones people can be forgiven for thinking we are lightweight when it comes to the important stuff.... that's up to them. But I'm not going to tone down the stage act anytime soon - I LOVE a bit of chaos!

3. Willie Rushton (of Celebrity Squares fame) once lit up the whole of Gretna Green using nothing more than a 50 watt bulb, a ball of string, his anus and a set of his mums curlers. Obviously the work of a deviant but it was eco-friendly. If you have checked my site ( plug plug) you will realise I care about the environment and like to do my bit. What are the Blah! Party’s main green policy's and does Willie Rushton need imprisoning?

We are against Thatcher’s 'Great Car Economy". Public transport has to be the future for the sake of the planet. Also, every home should generate it's own electricity (solar, wind, etc) with any surplus being sold back to the national grid. This also is the future and WILL happen.... but the sooner the government starts subsidising this and home insulation seriously the better.

4. The lack of interest and turnout at elections must be a real thorn in every party's side. How are you going to overcome this with a nation drenched in apathy?

We will take full advantage of voter apathy. Yes, it's going to be embarrassing for the major parties - and so it should be too. They should be ashamed of themselves, but it has to be said that if people would rather trust a punk rock guitarist over their elected representatives then something must be rotten at Westminster.

5. Sorry about this but there will be Damned fans reading this so just for them describe your fellow band members in five slanderous words each.

Ha ha... I can do sarcastic one word descriptions......

Pinch - genteel
Monty - sturdy
Stu - withdrawn
Mr Vanian - impulsive
Me - together

6. Enough of the Damned stuff and back to Blah!. You have a lighthearted approach to life and seem to place emphasis on fun and straight talking. Is this the way forward for politics instead of the stuffy old bastards we see on TV spouting the same old shite?

They are professional liars and question avoiders, a lot of them are trained barristers (Blair for example)... I just tell it like it is.

7. I know this seems ridiculous but what politicians do you admire. I personally thought Micheal Foot was a straight bloke but struggle beyond that. Is there such a lack of genuine characters?

All the decent politicians I can think of get a rough ride in the media... yes Foot, Claire Short, Charles Kennedy, etc.

8. Conrad Shrimp ran for election in the little known country of Dinglus Dellus. His main policies were free speech for the lettuce and sexual equality for pilchard eaters. Unfortunately for Mr Shrimp a week before the main poll a killer cos ran riot maiming several cabbages. Do the Blah! Party have any veggie policies and are lettuces really this crazy?

It's not Blah! policy but vegetarianism feeds 10 times more people than meat farming per square mile. Also, do you know how much methane (a BAD greenhouse gas) cows produce?

Methane emissions from livestock contribute significantly to greenhouse gases.  Methane is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide in contributing to global warming.

9. Will there be a music/politic crossover at any point to assist both areas of your career. Maybe a party theme tune or the Damned doing a political album?

Ha ha.... 'career', that's a good one! I don't see a lot of Blah! / Damned crossover happening to be honest. I might write a Blah! song though.

10. What's been the main reaction to your political move? It seems well supported and so it should be and who are your main motivators in this giant task?

Well, because of the daft stage name media people don't take me seriously at first but I've been following politics since I was a teenager and have been involved with lots of single issue campaigns and demos in the past (I took my kids on all the Iraq marches) so I know what I'm talking about.

11. Crispy Cretins - a nuisance or a great addition to soups?

Sorry, I don't know what they are BUT, I always chop a thick slice of wholemeal bread into tiny cubes and chuck that into my soup.... if that helps any?

12. Lastly - tell us again why we should vote Blah! and push the party all you can. Tell us how we can push the cause as well and why the Blah! Party is the future of British politics?

Well.... are Blair, Brown or Cameroon going to do anything different from each other when it comes to the crunch with Iran? Or any of the other major issues in the near future? Not really... so protest we must, on demos (big one on feb 24th in London), joining the Blah! Party or any other way you can think of. These are unfortunately scary times and we can't just sit around letting bad things happen... can we?