Brad of

CNEU Rock Radio


1. Brad my good man - tell us about your radio station - where it started, what are its aims and the progression made so far!
Well the Station is all about supporting our local bands in the area. It stared on a venture that I stumbled upon and was not sure if I wanted to do it and spoke to a good friend of mine about it named Rico that is in a band in the states called The Circadian Rhyth. So the two of us put our heads together and started planning after uploading a few demos and talking with a few people the station blew up, we can barely keep up, but a big thanks does go to Justen, the producer of the station and Mike Dee who is our great voice man. Well, the aims of the station are simple - supporting our local bands and getting them out there as much as we can. I would say the progression of the station has been the growth - without the bands and listeners we would be nowhere so a BIG THANKS GOES TO THEM!!

2. What are some of successes of the station to date and what bands have turned and tuned you on!
I would say the successes of the station are all the support we have been getting from everyone. Well I can’t say a band has turned me on yet cause they are guys so I am good with that but the girl ones rock lol.  It’s mostly how happy people get about it I guess you could say turns me on.

3. Tell us a little bit about your own musical history - the influences, the best gigs, the CD collection best and worst of!

Well my music history started young, I have always loved music, it’s been my life, I guess you can say. It just found me and I fell in love with it lol. I have been a club DJ for the past ten years and its been a hell of a ride and a turn of foot work but I would not change it for anything and I have a awesome woman that has supported me through a lot of tough times and through it all she has dealt with my bullshit but happily she stuck around and its starting to pay off now. 

4. The DIY ethos is always an uphill struggle - how do you hope to capture people’s attention with the underground noise?

Well the underground world I think is captured all ready it’s just the way you give it to them and doing it the right way to get peoples attention. It’s like a product you’ve got to sell it the right way or it won’t sell is the way I see it.

5. Would you fly to the moon wrapped in a bagel with 243 radios stuffed up ya backside so as to promote a band special to your heart? If so - who is the band and what medication would you use to achieve take off?

Oh man I don’t even know how I could answer this question this is a crazy one lol. I think a canoe to the moon would be a bit more fun and just launch me with a giant sling shot. I think the band would need to be Landsdown, they have a really good style and put on a hell of a show.

6. What are your views on the current music scene both at the bottom and on a more commercial basis?

My view, mmm, well I the most simple way that I can put it is the doors are there no matter what you do. If you are at the bottom and the top just keeps moving forward the most important part to remember is who you are and don’t let it go to your head.
7. The US/UK crossover - does it exist, how do you feel about it and give us 3 red hot underdog outfits that you particularly rate!

Well I believe it exist most deff. I have seen it my self doing this radio station not only do people in the states listen but they also do in the UK and many other parts of the world. Hell we have even got hits in Japan, Sweden, and Mexico. There have been a lot of other countries to those they are just the few that popped in my head. To be honest it would be cool if there was an island that we could all jam at in the middle.

As far as underdog outfits I like - Septic Psychos – ‘Buy Some shit’, Obnoxious Uk ‘Cadava Doll’, and my personal favourite Colin Farrell – ‘Lollo is on Cortisone’.

8. Ron Sedge is currently starting off a fruit time blues band where all players use nothing but fruit to make a noise. Mango Jerry is on Electric Plum, Peach Roberts is on Quince and Jambo Juicer is on tinned pineapples and grapes. They need one more player and a promoter - you are the choice - explain thy role and plan of action.

Oh man this Question is crazier than the other one lol. I would not even know to be honest.

9. Do you have any particular musical talent and what would be your ideal dream to achieve in the music scene?

 Well my dream to be honest in the scene is for C.N.E.U. Rock Radio to be a world wide radio station playing stuff from everywhere and for everyone to enjoy it.

10. Back to the radio show - how do you fund the station, do you get any assistance and how can anyone help out?

Funny you should ask that question. The funding as of right now is all out of pocket at the moment. The best way for any one to help out is to buy ads on the page or air time.
Also to go click the ads that are there now everyday - that is how we are basically funded.

11. Are there any plans to release a CD with some of the best tracks you have played on the station and so as to promote further interest?

Yes there are plans on that but I can’t say what they are just yet but its in the making.

12. Talking of promoting - push the station man and convince us why we should all tune in and drop out with the noise.

Dude its a sure thing to convince anyone we are pure blood supporters of the underground world no matter where any one is from its all about the local power.
So go stick it in your earhole at and any one looking for air time that is a good fit for the station or any suggestions email me @