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1.   The Black Lanterns sir - bring us up to date with what has transpired thus far, how the band came about and how you are being received in the general pit of noise?

Donny: Well the band came about when Mark and Matt (Bassist and drummer respectively) got together with Jonesy with the intention of just banging out some loud riffs just for fun. I had previously been in Seal Team six with those two, and we all knew Jonesy from bands like Vendetta, Largactil and Human Wreckage. They needed a vocalist, I moved back into the area from Manchester, turned up and boom. The band has been received miles better than we anticipated, we all did the whole "wanna be a rock star" thing back in our 20's and got a bit tired and jaded (and BROKE) by it, so this is purely for fun. I think what people like when they come see us is that literally what they see is 4 guys just having the time of their lives! 2nd album out in a week or so, a spot on the opening night of Download and lots of cracking gigs and nice words from some well respected people... couldn't ask for better really! What's really appreciated is those people who are now travelling around to see us, it's fantastic to see familiar faces at our gigs, and we are dead grateful, as we know it ain't cheap!

MM: Since starting in 2011 So far we have recorded our own 1st mini album, supported legendary Mike Watt/Extinction of Mankind / Doom / Cress /  Lazarus Blackstar /Cavorts / Druganaut /  Lifer. Currently releasing our 2nd Album ‘Meet Your Maker’ summer 2013 (Recorded by Bri from DOOM at Studio 1in12). More gigs this year including a slot at Download

2.   What is the bands main ethos and if you could scrawl a mission statement on the arse of this saturated scene then what would it be?

Donny: Whenever and wherever you can, DO IT YOURSELF - it's more rewarding, more appreciated and more your own. Make noise, get pissed, relax, then do it again.

MM: Fuck it, enjoy it you could be dead tomorrow.

 3.   Heroes and zeroes in life and music and what qualities do you admire and expect in your fellow music mates?

Donny: Heroes would have to include Lemmy, Bob mould (Husker Du) , Ian McKaye  (Minor Threat & Fugazi) , Justin Broadrick (Godflesh) and Nick Cave. Zeroes would be Pink Floyd ( an unwanted expensive remnant of a "just sign the cheque" music industry. If I wanted to watch men masturbate, I'd rent a gay porn, not watch Gilmore do it on a fucking twin necked guitar! Oh, and people like Will-i-Am or whatever the plastic dickcheese is called. There is simply no place for Will I Am in my world, I don't understand what he is for? In my band mates I ask for a lot of tolerance, cos I am probably a difficult and unusual person to deal with, but the lads put in a lot of hard work to get tight and solid, which means I get to just do my thing on stage and that's appreciated!

MM: Heroes - Killing Joke / Jesus Lizard / Unsane / Condorman / Zeroes - Cameron /Clegg /Thatcher.

4.   Stirling Dross - the driving doppleganger from Spain has recently had a full on sexual affair with a tea bag.  All sounds fine to me but the bastard ditched a coffee based cake for this leaf filled bag - which I find quite appalling.  The question is this - if you had an affair with a beverage which one would you prefer it to be and also if you created offspring would you breast feed them (and why)?

Donny: If I was going to cheat on my gorgeous other half, it would have to be lemon and ginger twinings fruit teabags... the aroma of citrus mixed with the sharp, sweet tang of the ginger would drive me into uncontrollable spasms of mug-lust and our mutant children would be breast fed with my boiling devil milk...

MM :  I will let Donny answer that as he is currently locked in an alcoholic ménage a trois.

5.   The sonic divisions within this scene and, as mentioned, the superabundance of talent, how do you expect to rise above or will it be a case of waiting for the real scum to float to the top?

Donny: We won't try. Simple as that. We put in work to promote the band and get people to hear our stuff and come see us live, but it's for the same reasons that I would recommend a book or a movie to people. I am excited by it and passionate! At the moment in the UK there are a LOT of extremely talented, hardworking and fresh bands in loads of genres that are all better than the dross on Scuzz and Kerrang. The underground music scene is also cross-pollinating with metal , punk, doom, thrash, rock and everything else all thrown in a big vat , which can only be very healthy in exposing people to new music. In this modern day 1984 police state, it's heartening to see people refusing to be told what to like, and spending their weekends going out there and looking for it!

MM:  I think there is a lot to be said for scum.

6.   Which songs by the band are making the greatest waves thus far and why do you think this is?

Donny: I know that "Good Cop, Bad Cop" form the first CD is a fave for many people, maybe cos it's just so fucking hardcore. "No for an answer " is another one that's asked for a lot, mainly by women though, which is ironic as it's about date rape! Of the new stuff, "Meet Your Maker" (the title song from the new album) and "Last Supper" seem to always go down very well, but to be honest I'm the wrong one to ask, as I am always pissed at our gigs so take no notice of fuck all...

M.M:   Personal faves are the title track off the new one ‘Meet your Maker’ - it’s odd though cos we seem to appeal across the board to both the Punk and Metal contingent so both seem to go down well.

7.   What do you reckon to all the political angles being tossed around - seems to have become like the old days of late.  Any political messages you have?

Donny:  If you don't vote, don't bitch. The political situation in this country is appalling and very frightening, I honestly don't know what's for the best at the moment.

M.M: Well its Thatcher’s reign all over again so many cuts by so many cunts. Its worrying now as we seem to be complacent as a nation while they rape us of years of fighting for rights - any other country would have overthrown them by now.

8.   Plumpton Monkton dabbles with pond life, the result of which is a todger coated in duckweed, a ramshorn population living in the crack of his arse,  several whirlygig beetles living in his ocular fluid and the larvae of assorted dragonfly species thriving around the ankle area.  Would you live in a pond, would you support a population of water beasts, if so which ones and would you rectally kiss David Bellamy for 5 English pounds and a sequinned handbag?

Donny:  I once let David Bellamy finger me for nowt. He hadn't washed his hands and he gave me a bad case of pondskimmers and Sussex drybacked newts. I actually lived in a pond at the time I think...

M.M:  Excellent questioning skills there sire....A Newt.

9.   The highs and lows of your musical journey thus far please?

Donny:  Highs are every show pretty much... except for the ones where nobody is there... they are the lows. The hangovers and sitting in the back of a pitch black transit for hundreds of miles needing a wee are arse juice too.

M.M: Every gig  and every rehearsal is a blast - I get to make music/tour with 3 long time friends.

10.  The energy of anger - is it vital to the song writing process and also what other attributes do makers of noise need?

Donny: I think anger is a massive part of what we do, it's certainly a major factor in me and my part. I don't think it has to be anger though, just passion and drive. If a band don't have it, you can pretty much tell in the opening 30 seconds!

M.M: Absolutely energy hatred venom disgust puke and anger do go into writing our songs - also bee, cider, port, nicotine, dope and comedy.

Donny: And Sherry. I like sherry.

11.   Square tangerines and their influence on the minds of Greek philosophers - discuss?

Donny: Socrates invented the square, which subsequently sparked a copyist movement throughout all of ancient Greece. obviously the most famous geometry/fruit hybrid was the triangle peach made popular by isosceles, but let's not forget Plato's ingenious but overlooked cylinder fig!

M.M.  Plato liked Potatoes but not Nato.

12.  The night is dark, the dark is light - we need a Black Lantern to guide us to the best place of noise and where this band will play a fine set - promote, promote, promote!

Donny : Our next batch of shows are as follows:

May 27th @ The Star and Garter , Manchester (With Bus Station Loonies!)

June 1st   @ The Puzzle Hall Inn , Sowerby Bridge (With Superfast girlie Show!)

June 13th @ Download festival (with half the bands in the known world!)


New album Meet your Maker is available through the site May 2013

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