Ynneb of



1.  A-Meezke - tell us how this crew came about and what the future entails?

We started out in 1996 as a punk-noise outfit with a very absurd visual aspect to say the least. Undergoing one of our gigs was like experiencing the punkrock version of John Waters' 'Pink Flamingos'. Then the music evolved into a crusty blend of punk, hardcore and metal with some grindcore on top.  In 2006 we took a sabbatical but now we are back on track. A new cd is in the making and it will be released through Havav !Haabmoov Snoitcudorp, my own little label.
Make sure you get your grubby hands on one!

2.   Give us your personal opinion on punk rock and how do you see it in todays society?

Punk rock is pure energy! Letting off steam, ventilating frustrations, perversions, happiness ... anything! And a good, simple guitar-riff can give me a boner anytime. On the other hand, lots of music can do this, so 'in society', everyone should pick what works best for him or her.

3.   Tell us about your local scene man - the bands, places and faces?

Honestly, I don't attend as many punk-gigs as I used to. I hear very much the same thing over and over. I'm also very picky and this gets worse with age. No time for copycat-stuff or lame versions of great sounds from the past. The only time I see other bands in this genre anymore is when we are playing there ourselves. And very rarely I see someting impressive.

4.   Tadpole tits - do they lactate enough to feed a family of homo-erotic squirrels and would you publicly molest a daffodil for a free rubber drum-kit?

Are you insane?!! Tadpole milk is poison for homo-erotic squirrels. They must feed on pigmeat exclusively!
I would do the molesting only if the drumkit was in paisley, so it would match perfectly with the catsuit I'm wearing to church every sunday.

5.  The best and worst gigs you have played so far and in fact the best and worst gigs you have attended?

If we are on the bill somewhere, the concert can't get any worse than that and we are always the best band. Family entertainment guaranteed, baby! We kick your fucking ass.

6.    The best and the worst of your CD collection please with one song chosen that best sums up your character?

This is impossible to answer, even if I would only try to choose from the punk-part of my collection. So many good music has been and is still being made and I am a total addict. There, I said it, I'm out of the closet. Cd's, wax and even still tapes, bring 'em on! I listen to lots of different types of music, whole lotta of punk but also jazz, blues, hip hop, reggae, noise... the list goes on and on. Variety is the spice of life, man!
How can one song sum up a person's character? It all depends on my mood.

7.  English tearways the Mardi Gras Bombers are all plumbers who eat nothing but terrapin turds and old human skin teabags.  Frontman Damo has had his testicular sac removed and replaced by a full home entertainment system.  Your views on this please and are curried toes the best way to achieve contact with the Gods of cretinism?

If the home entertainment system has been raised in a stimulating environment, surrounded with enough love, soft pillows and diary products AND if Mr. Damo can provide everything it needs to maintain this lifestyle and express itself creatively, then I'm ok with it.
I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to comment on the Gods of cretinism until after my hysterectomy.

8.   Describe thy fellow players in 5 words apiece preferably all degrading!

* Frank The Tank on the 4-string, his bass-sound is the sonic equivalent of the Hiroshima bombing, eats raw cats for breakfast every morning with a pint of milk.
* Waselino on the guitar, psychedelic gnome living deep in the woods with his pet boar and collection of Russ Meyer-films.
* Dirk a.k.a. Daddy Eddy, drums, lives in a chicken plant where he grows his own pot and is constantly in search of the perfect one drop. Hears everything in dub.

9.   Your influences in life and music man plus your heroes and zeros?

Hero is such a strong word but some people or their work can be very inspiring! It's again a long list but here's a quick selection so that maybe someone else can have their lives enhanced: Bill Hicks, The Cramps, Henry Rollins, Cliff Willy & Zijn Podiumboys, Bad Brains, Melvins, Robert Crumb, Jello Biafra, Charles Mingus, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Thelonious Monk, Frank Zappa, Richard Pryor, J.M.H. Berckmans, James Ensor, Erik Satie, Jules Deelder. They all kicks ass in what they do.
The zeros are not worth mentioning, I believe in focusing on positive things. Why waste time giving some loser your attention? Go for the good stuff.

10.  Ballpoint cocks are all the rage in the pornographic village of Labiata!  The bell swivels and sperm can be fired in many directions.   How does this affect the politics of Belgium and would you eat a box of pens for a free gas-driven printer?

Well, to be honest, in Belgium this craze has already blown over and it didn't really affect the politics a lot. Over here everybody is rubbing mustard on shaven hamsters and shoving them into pregnant cows nowadays. Oh well, whatever turns you on.
My printer is connected to a bicycle wheel and I have a big bearded Taliban guy riding it and singing sea chanties while doing this. So I won't be needing a gas-driven one in the near future.

11.   Best A-Meezke song - go for it - enthuse, enthuse?

We only write hit singles man, so what kind of question is that? Duh!

12.   Finally promote your cause - go, go, go - punks sordid lavatory walls need a message - scrawl away!

Get out there! Do something original, funny or extreme! Seize the day and kick some ass, wether you are doing poetry, graffiti, music, running an animal shelter, drawing, sports,... GO! Get off your lazy butt and do your thing.
And of course, buy all our cd's and attend our gigs, you will benefit from it in the long run, we can assure you that.