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THE 4130's


1.   Introduce us to the band, the way things came together and the style of the sonic excrement that slips forth from the bands bowels? 

Ben Wiles:   Guitar and lead vocals

Lewy Morland:   Bass and vocals

Aj Elmy:   Guitar

Ollie Lown:   Drums 

Me and AJ had always talked about doing something together as we knew each other from school and other punk bands we were in! Every time we saw each other there was threats of doing something and 5 years later here we are! If I had to label us I'd say it's 90's American skatepunk just with a UK spin on things.

 2.   Tell us about the influences thrown into the mix from both life and music? 

Defiantly bands like NOFX, Bad Religion, Pennywise etc. got me into punk rock.   I always had an interest in politics! I guess bands like them just heightened that interest for me over the years!

3.   Your current scene - what is it like - faces, places, disgraces and how are you finding the music scene in general - the good, bad and plain old slack!

It's great in parts,  the same hardworking people are still running things the problem is there isn't much to run! There's half the bands in Ipswich than 10 years ago, half the venues and half the gig-go'ers but it's punk rock in general I suppose we play the same to 5 people as 500 people (not that we've ever had that big of a crowd) but yes it's rad.  I mean you get the odd dickhead promoter who gets hard over using all his money to book a massive (in the 70's) band but treats local bands like shit.  Them guys are pretty easy to see through after years of dealing with them!

4.  Bone china ball bags - would you have one fitted - and would you ever consider riding to work on a plasticine Jackdaw - the hazards and joys of both please? 

I break bone china mugs on a daily basis so to have a ball bag made out of it would be both irresponsible and dangerous! 

5.   What are your main gripes and pleases of:- Gigging, playing, recording, working in a band?

Gigging is always fun - love it! There's no downside but if I had to pick one it'd be sound guys treating us like we've never even turned our own amps on before, recording is always a long drawn out process but end product is worth it.  As for working I can't really call it work A. We never get paid and B. It's way too much fun!

6.   Where would you like to be in 10 years time as a musician and in your personal life?

I never really have any goals in music - just to still be with these boys making shit we like.  In my personal life I'd just like to be the best person I can be and the best dad I can be to my son. 

7.   The DIY Ethos - thoughts please and also what do you think of all the sub-genres within the musical pit and how bands try and use as many as possible to cover all areas rather than just be who they are and avoid pigeonholes? 

We've always been a "DIY" band although I'm not sure the ethos is the same anymore from the induction of a vast amount of online tools to help bands and the fact you've pretty much gotta give away music nowadays.  I think the DIY thing has been lost along the way! But to not take help from people would be stupid right? From interviews like this to people sharing our FB page it all helps - it's still DIY in the sense we are cutting out the middleman by putting out our own records and connecting with people who listen to us directly rather than being managed by people who don't know what we are trying to convey  As for sub genres, it's not really needed! It's ok for us to play with a hardcore punk band or a ska band as long as it's not a right wing band all is well! 

8.  Regurgitated hedgehogs on a bed of rocket and elephant spunk cheese- mmm - it is so tasty.  You are in the jungle - what is your ideal dish?

Errrrr rice, beans and possum with a hint of 10 grand and a slight sniff of a once great showbiz career revival - like them people on that jungle telly programme. 

9.   Best and worst of your book collection, CD collection, DVD collection and any other collection you may have?

Can't believe I'm going to admit this but I own ‘Patience’ by Take That ! I really liked the melody in the chorus and I thought maybe we could rip it off - it didn't work.....I still have it...the best CD I own is NOFX ‘Ribbed’ it was the record that got me into punk rock and I listen to it at least once a week! 10000 Years BC is the worst DVD I own - I've never seen it but the cover looks shit, the running time looks really long and it's always just been there - I swear I've chucked it out a fair few times.  The best DVD I own is any Wrestlemania DVD,  I'm a wrestling geek you know one of them ones who will log into a chat room and have my say on how the WWE is run ha, ha.

I don't own books. 

10.   Keith Willocks of 3CR fame has recently been caught masturbating inside several Hornby model railway tunnels - he claims the plastic station master made him do it or he would have to catch the 3.55 Flying Scotsman to the village of Chestnut where he would be bummed by local postman Garth Gonadbuster - a shocking tale.  The question - have you ever been bummed by a postman, have you ever been to the village of Chestnut and what was the first thing you stole (if anything)?

I've never been bummed by the postman he doesn't even come round until late afternoon nowadays, I never seen him.  I've never visited the village of Chestnut ! The first thing I stole was a can of Pepsi I had a mouth like Gandhi's flip flop one day and only had 25p and a can was 30p - I thought it'd be ok but the guy caught me and threatened me with a baseball bat 

11.   The bands best song - who wrote it, what does it concern, what makes it the tops!

I think our best song is always the next one , but on our record I’ve gotta say I love ‘Give Em War’ it's got a raw energy.  I love playing it ‘live’ it was a song we all sat down and wrote together which can be rare. 

12.   Push the boat out and on the sail scrawl a message to promote the band so that all land locked spies may see it and ponder - go, go, go.

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It's for kids who skate , ride bmx. Not them micro scooter things don't fucking listen to us using one of them things other than that come check us out cheers