Andy Mog of



1.  Crouch Mog are not the only band you play in - I know because you seem to be in every fuckin' band these days.  Please elaborate about the Moggy men and all other bands you are involved with?

Crouch Mog are ace. Fucking Ace. Its good being in them because they're all idiots like me. Honestly, theres not an ounce of sense between us. I play the drums in Boredom because they asked me and I thought 'fair do'. They'd seen me play when I used to drum for two young lads who I taught. The Bobby Dazzlers are the band I've been in the longest, and I learned near enough everything I know about music from jamming with them.

2.  What are your influences in life and punk?

No bollocks. Good musicianship & morals I agree with. People/groups that introduce me to new ways of thinking. Consideration for people worth considering and being a bit of a cocky twat.

3.  Anal letterboxes - the advantage of being able to post inflated footballs through the postal service is a distinct possibility - what do you think of my latest invention.

I think you need an anal microphone.

4.   Who are your heroes and zeroes in the punk scene and what are the good and bad things in it?

Bad things - 'punks' and 'punk' bands who are too far up their own 'punk' arses to realise that they're not really that punk, but townies with mohicans dressing like their parents did when they thought they were rebels too. I find a serious lack of progression in a lot of punk bands, and a lot of bands that want to be a little bit more creative in possibly expressive get called metal, or even worse EMO. Also people who want to label fast, aggressive bands with good riffs like this can kiss my rosy red.

5.   Whats the best gig you have played in to date?

The Village Idiots - last ever gig at Haslingden Public Hall, a day before the bastard counicl shut it down. We filled it. I think they're turning it into a mosque now.

6.   Andy Mog - you are promoter for a day - 8 bands - who shall they be and at what venue?

Outside at the cellar bar, 28th of June (my birthday) headlining - Crouch Mog.
supports include:
Death By Stereo
Strung Out
Captain Everything
Dying for Toto
Freaks Union
Fireapple Red
(thats 5 out of 8 bands that are British)

7.   Paul Barnes (mog bass king) once projected seven frozen peas from his oriental eye with each one breaking the seven foot barrier.  Have you any penis based or other kind of talents we should know about?

Yes, its very good at hide and seek.

8.   What are your ultimate ambitions in life and punk?


9.   Give us 3 words to describe your fellow Moggians?

Paul - Hong Kong Phooey - Damio- screaming psychotic hillbilly - Nige - 25 quid haircut

10.   Albert Twatlocks Deviant Surgery Company once offered anal releasers in the form of zip up ringpieces or toggled dufflebags.  Would you pay £6000 for an op that could help you crap differently?

If they could invent something that allowed me to actually 'shape' it, for instance into the shape of a star, or a cube, you know playdough fun factory style, I'd definitely borrow 6 grand off someone to get it.

11.   Whats the best band you've ever seen and why?

Death By Stereo, because they are fucking awesome.
Strung Out comes close, but the death gets it.

12.   Andy Mog - musical meastro - give us a message for punks and 'erberts everywhere?

Do what you want! Play what you want! Don't follow trends because you'll end up looking like a twat with a stupid haircut. Don't be scared of telling someone who thinks they're ace that they're not, you probably won't get twatted.