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1.   Refuse/ALL - a brief history and member analysis please?

REFUSE/ALL formed in May 2005.

REFUSE/ALL are a London based Punk Rock Band forged from the members of two former bands; the musicians from Riot/Clone and the vocalist from S.O.R.B.

Since their birth, the band have strived to create their own unique sound yet holding on to their 80's punk roots, mixing UK and US sounds and adding the occasional bit of ska and dub into their music.

The original line-up was: Alex - Vocals, Gary - Guitar, Sean - Guitar, Shea - Bass and Charlie - Drums

Sean unfortunately couldn't handle the pressure and pissed off to Australia, so we are now looking for a replacement.

2.   What's the best gig that Refuse/All have played to date?

I couldn't single out one particular gig, there have been quite a few good uns but in particular The Jamm gig in Brixton supporting Conflict Dec 05, Lord Cecil in Hackney Apr 06 and F.U.K. Reading Festival Aug 06, and all the gigs with Lost Cherrees and Liberty both bands are great and we always have a good laugh playing with these guys.

3.   Brendan Labia once ate his own turds as a way of promoting his
vegetarian beliefs.  Being a veggie is this a valid protest and would
you eat your own droppings?


4.   If you had to come up with a mission statement for Refuse/All what
would it be?

Have fun, enjoy what we are doing and entertain, but hopefully send people home with thoughts of our song subject matter. It would be nice to think some people go home thinking 'yeah that guys got a point' 

5.   Whats your favourite Refuse/All track and why?

God, I don't know, I love our album ('Have A Happy Holiday In Guantanamo Bay' released by Active Distribution and available for just 5 english pounds from our website..... plug, plug), not being egotistical here, when my last band, S.O.R.B., released their album I pretty much hated it for some reason and have only listened to it a few times, but the REFUSE/ALL album I love. I didn't stop playing it constantly for at least a month. I personally think it is a good solid album with some good toe tapping tunes, but if I had to single out one track then the title track or 'Shoot To Kill' is my fave.

6.   What's the good and bad things about the punk scene today?

There is too much back biting and mud slinging in the scene. I have been ostracised by a couple of people in the scene, with complete untruths. Come on, the worst one being that I have been accused of being a nazi/rascist by someone who purports to know me really well, he only actually met me about 3 or 4 times, but I don't understand how he came up with that you know, he hasn't met my lady!!! (oh yeah she is coloured by the way).
There are also too many bands charging stupid prices too play gigs, come on £1000 a show, is the scene big enough to justify that, I don't think so. We play for petrol money, ok it is nice to make a bit of pocket money on top of that but as long as our costs of getting to the gig and home again we are more than happy. Some venues won't even pay you that, because they think you should be glad to support a 'big' band, now that is complete bollocks these guys are taking shed loads of cash over the bar why the hell can't they give the support bands a few quid to cover their petrol, or even a free beer!!!! Saying that though there are some excellent promoters out there who look after you, REKNAW in London are one in particular.

It's much different on the continent. I have been abroad with several bands in the past and they know how to be great hosts to bands over there. On a lighter note I have met so many great people in the punk scene, my girlfriend summed it up a couple of weeks ago. We were sat down and she said to me 'You know before I met you I knew nothing of punk rock or the punk scene, I thought it was all fascistic and troublemakng, but out of all the gigs and bands I have met/seen (she works in 'the business') the punk gigs that she has been too have always been brilliant, the people are great, there is very little feeling of antagonism, and I can just go up to anyone in a venue and start chatting with them, its been brilliant'

7.   Freddie 'Parrot Faced' Davis (Of 1970's comedic fame) was banned
from television for various scandalous allegations.  Apparently he had 4
penis transplants making him Britains only quadro-cock man.  This was an
example of nob-enthusiasm gone haywire and Mr Davis lost his mind whilst
ejaculating in several directions.  Can you please explain his reasoning behind
this dick orientated nonsense?


8.   What are the ambitions of Refuse/All as a band and individuals?

As a band we have no ambitions, all we want to do it play good music, entertain and above all enjoy ourselves. The day I stop enjoying it is the day I stop.

9.   If you had the chance to put on an 8 band special who would it be
and under what name would you promote it?

The Big Banana Presents:

The Dead Kennedys (with Jello)
Flux of Pink Indians
The Mob
Icons of Filth
Aus Rotten
REFUSE/ALL (of course)

at a small shit hole club only £2 entry (ahhhh the 80's dont ya miss em?!)

10.   Tell us your influences in life and music?

I am mostly influenced by the 80's anarcho bands such as Crass, Conflict, Subhumans, Flux OPI etc etc. My fave band of all times is Dead Kennedys tho.

11.   Captain Birdseye v Bernard Matthews in a testicle twanging
challenge.  Chinese elastic bands not allowed for obvious reasons.  Who would win?

Tough one that, hate Bernard Matthews. Captain Birds Eye always had a cool beard but his ship was always full of kids so I reckon he was a paedo. I would hope they both managed to twang each other bollocks off.

12.   Give all punks and the world in general a message to live by?

Live your life how you wanna, do what you wanna, use your voice to tell em that you are pissed off and don't let the bastards grind you down. Cheers, peace.