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1. The Red Eyes - as usual introduce us to the band and give us a brief history?

The Red Eyes formed in Glasgow in 1997 and have 2 self released Albums and an EP. We have supported SLF, UK Subs, Theatre Of Hate, The Vibrators, Undertones, Demob, The Lurkers, 999, Spear of Destiny, The Carpettes , The Alarm and loads more.The current line up is myself (Alan) Guitar/Vocals – Alex – Guitar (Alex is also Lead singer with Glasgow Punk Band Hateful who are signed to Rebellion Records) – Ray – Bass and Andy – Drums.This is a new line-up of the band as we didn’t play at all in 2005/06.

2. Tell us about your local scene - its characters, venues and other bands and how you go down there?

There is a really good DIY scene in Glasgow now. You have PogoJon and the Fat Punk Promotion team putting loads of gigs in Glasgow and Lanarkshire and The Glasgow Gig Collective who put on Punk gigs in the City Centre of Glasgow. There is also a monthly Punk/Oi/Ska/Reggae Club Night in Glasgow called “Hooligan” which also hopes to put on some live gigs. The advertising of gigs etc. is also better due to the Internet/myspace etc. which means the gigs are usually well attended. Since we put the new line-up together we are going down really well at all the local gigs we do.The venues can vary as there is a lot of D.I.Y gigs on the go but the main Punk venues at the moment are The Joker in Bellshill, Lanarkshire and The Spirit, The Attic, Twisted Wheel, Capitol and Rockers in Glasgow.

3. Larry Lipgloss (aka Mike Scab) has started a collection of Hernias. So far his throat has a prolapse rupture, his testicles are in a state of scrotal strangulations and 30% of his upper bowel his poking through his abdomen. He claims that this protuberances are like erogenous zones and when visiting local whore Freda Flapcracker he really hits new orgasmic highs. Is Lipgloss unhinged and are hernias the sexual future?

If hernias are the sexual future then I’ll need to get out more, lifting really heavy objects as awkwardly as I possibly can with a view to getting a double hernia!! Well, Fuck it, an orgasm is the be and end all of life after all!!!As for lipgloss, if you happen to be engaged in cavorting with a young lady with the name Freda Flapcracker then it’s more than your lips that are going to be unhinged!!!

4. Best and worst Red Eyes gigs to date - elaboration please?

Best Gig – Supporting SLF at the Glasgow Barrowlands in March 2003. By the time we came on the place was packed and everything just clicked. We played really well, the audience was into it and we had a bit of a mosh-pit on the go. Brilliant night!Worst Gig – Too many, not one in particular. Mainly due to poor attendance, losing money (happens a lot – promoters get you to travel all the way from Glasgow to places in England and hand you £25 at the end of the night. What planet?? We’re more than happy to at least break even but we can’t keep losing money!!!). Being on the Bill with other Bands we have nothing in common with musically can also be frustrating. Nothing better than playing gigs with other bands you really like or discovering new bands who are really good.

5. Influences and heroes and zeroes please with reasons why?

Influences - Slf, The Clash, Subs, Stranglers, The Ruts, Kirk Brandon, mostly 77’ stuff. Good songs but with an edge and energy. Zeroes – For me personally – don’t like Metal, Blues or Dance Music. Can’t speak for the other guys. Blues music is for people who can’t write songs as the song is ALREADY WRITTEN!!! – think about it. Can’t get gigs in pubs for Blues bands playing THE SONG! And Rock Cover Bands getting paid shit loads! For playing Sweet Home fuckin’ Alabama!!! Rant Over as I could go on and on.

6. Best Red Eyes song - where was it borne and what makes it so darn special?

Norah Louise Kuzma – the story of the American Porn Star Traci Lords who nearly brought down the whole Porn Industry in America in the 80’s when the Authorities found out she made most of her films while under-age. Great subject matter (interesting to most blokes ha-ha) and musically very strong (Video of us playing it “Live” on our myspace). Have a good few other good songs- honest!

7. Surely The Red Eyes sound transcends the limits of punk and is well recieved by a more diverse audience? Tell us how you go down with a less spiky topped crowd and where do you think the bands future lies?

We have been known to play to a more “Indie” crowd the odd time and we go down OK. It’s strange as we are a bit too poppy for the Hardcore Punk Crowd but too heavy for the Indie Crowd. Stuck in the middle! It used to bother me years ago but now I prefer it that way. There seems to be more 77’ style bands coming out now so hopefully get to play with more bands of that style. Got supports coming up to the likes of Guns On The Roof, Holy Racket and the Strawberry Blondes which should be great. Supporting The Lurkers again soon for the 3rd time which is great. Love playing with all the old bands.

8. Fishbowl Filth is a new breed of porn due for release by Tim 'PUNK4LIFE' Davies. Basically it involves the sexual antics of aquatic lifeforms with cut out pictues of nude Afghans in the background for extra titilation. Davies needs cash - his 'Life of Riley' lifestyle needs funding and as he says himself ' these £25 pound cigars and turtle skin underpants need paying for'? Is Davies going too far and if you spent the rest of your life as a turtle what advantages do you foresee?

Talking of “Aqua Porn” a mate of mine recently showed me a video of an asian woman who was having fish stuffed up her arse and then firing them out across the room. Most disgusting thing I’ve seen (well for a while). £25 cigars and turtle skin underpants!!! Good to see there’s one millionare in the Punk rock Scene. Can’t say there are any advantages in being a turtle as one day you’re going to end up wrapped around Mr Davies’s Crotch. At least we humans can get cremated.

9. Describe you fellow band mates in 5 degrading words apiece?

Can’t think of just degrading words so here is a few comments.Ray – Annoying Doodler? (Can’t stop playing his Bass) Have recently seen some photos of him engaged in a sex-act with a travel lodge pillow! I know-Answers on a postcard! Alex- No memory- Who? What? When? OK but remind me! Andy – Alcoholic – but good at it and should always stick to what you’re good at!

10. Tell us about your personal musical career so far - where it all began and how you joined The Red Eyes?

Started a Punk Band at school “69 In The Shade” but only 2 of us were into Punk so that didn’t last. Ended up forming a sort of Indie band in the late 80’s “Bruised Arcade” which lasted 5 years but wanted to get back to playing Punk. Formed SLF tribute band Hanx! (Played H.I.T.S Blackpool in 96 if anyone remembers). This was with a few guys from work as was supposed to be a fuck around but lasted 3 years and we played all over UK including Ireland and were joined onstage by ex-Fingers members Brian Falloon, Henry Cluney and Ali McMordie (now back in SLF) at various gigs. Eventually got fed up with this as we always wanted to play original material so formed The Red Eyes in 97.

11. You are a biro pen and the felt tip revolution is about to rear its ugly nib? The underground Quill Brigade are terrorising the streets and the last bastion of the crayon is Batley. How can the writing implement warfare be stopped - you must write the answer here?

The Biro would always win as the Felt tip would always run out on you and the crayon is always at breaking point. No need to stop it at all as the Biro would be victorious after this very short fight. Where’s the pencil? Is he Switzerland?

12. Push the Red Eyes and persuade promoters to give you gigs and punters to come and see this darn fine band?

We’re a really good Live Band, Melodic but with plenty of energy for 4 old fucks!Go to and listen to a few tunes and have a look at our Live Videos. Looking to play as many gigs as possible in 2008 and hopefully get someone interested in helping us with a new album (our 3rd). Distro and promotion is what we need. Cheers Dave, looking forward to the Spit & Sawdust weekend. All the best Alan