Adam of

Section 47

1.  So Mr Pancake here we are again, 6 years on from your original interview with yer old outfit Section 47.  Inform the reader what has transpired during the interim period and how your musical nouse has progressed?

So the new outfit is NO DECORUM. We decided to call it a day with Section 47 as we were crap! The new band has progressed from strength to strength in comparison to the last band. I no longer sing (which is a good thing, leaves me more time for drinking). Rik, our old guitarist, lost interest with the punk scene and now lives in London with his fella. We recruited Joey on vocals. Katie, my missus, is still on bass and obviously we have Charlie Sheen on drums still. Musically I couldn't say we've 'progressed' but we have a better focus. With Section we were everywhere. No Decorum has a sound. . . . although I don't know what that sound actually is but it gets my head bopping so that's enough. We are in the middle of recording our album 'Boots, Beers and Bad Habits' which will be out in April/May. Recorded at Pumpkin Records. We'll be on tour with our good friends The Fornicators in May. Hopefully we'll also be playing a festival in the Czech Republic in August too! But that's not confirmed. For now we gig locally (until we get a car).
2.   Bring us up to speed with the new band dude - the members, the raison detre, the influences, the current crop of songs, the stance and the effort that goes in to getting gigs.

So, NO DECORUM, the name came about as I like to fart down microphones and my mum always used to say to me, ‘You have no fucking decorum'. Seemed fitting for our band. There's me on guitar, Joey on vocals, Katie on bass, and Joel on drums. Our influences - ABBA, Madonna, Bon Jovi, JLS, and One Direction! Nah, they're all shit (apart from ABBA). Our true influences vary between each band member and we combine them all to make our sound. You can hear them shine through in our songs. We have the ska punk, hardcore, and the OI songs. We love ska punk like The Filaments, Operation Ivy and Capdown. Me and Joey love our OI such as The Business (who we had the pleasure to play with), Cock Sparrer, Discipline etc etc. I'm really into my foreign OI lately and that has influenced the songs. For example Perkele, Stomper 98, Berliner Weisse, and Krawall Bruder. We all LOVE ska and we like to play it as it's fun! Mainly we all love ska and reggae though. That transcends everything. Just a shame we're shit at playing it!

Our stance is that we are anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-dickhead, PRO BOOZE! We all love a drink. As I'm a skinhead we like to nail our colours to the wall! People automatically assume you're a bonehead when you're a skinhead. Fuck off! Some of our songs are political, for example NO PRIDE. That's about being proud of a country that's turned to shit and has never given you anything in return. So if you're a nob and racist go join the EDL but you won't get fuck all from me. Dim City is about hating the place where you live. But don't fear all our songs aren't angry FUCK YOU music. We have Hooligans which sounds a lot like Rancid (forgot to mention that they're a HUGE influence, especially on Joey). That's about footy hooligans having a scrap. Then you have 'ska music is shit' which is a joke song about those guys that everyone knows who hate ska music. Then we have a hardcore song about S&M. So we have a varied set, some hardcore, some OI, some ska, but mostly we're straight up punk! Label as you wish.

Getting gigs starts out as difficult as no one has heard of you. You have to play with these shitty indie bands who think they're fucking rock stars. Fuck 'em. Line 'em up against a wall and shoot them! Once you get a name established it becomes easier. Also I put my own gigs on as if you can't get a gig, well, do it yourself! That's the punk ethic. I feel as though it's giving something back. I love sorting all this shit out. Like when you play with a band and they lend you all their equipment or they get you on a line-up or whatever. Then I'll try and return the favour. It's all about mutual respect. If you want the scene to survive and to see all these incredible bands then you gotta support it. Whether it's going to a gig and actually watching the bands, setting up a website, putting gigs on, or just having a drink and a natter down your local punk boozer. Then do it! It ain't fucking difficult.
3.  We are, as said, 6 years down the line from the last interview - any new thoughts on the scene, any shit uncovered, any faces worthy of respect, any achievements worth mentioning?

New thoughts? It's definitely better. For a while it went stale but lately it has really rejuvenated. Some of the bands are the same but better, some are new and there are more venues. There are still a lot of cliques within the punk scene but generally everyone's nice! I always say being nice gets you places. No one's gonna want to put you on if you're a dick! No matter how good you are. There are also some cracking new bands coming out too! And these are the bands I enjoy playing with, putting on, watching, listening to. Eye Licker are a bunch of absolutely wonderful blokes. Music is heavy as fuck and they don't give themselves as much credit as they are entitled to. All incredible guys and I can honestly say I love them all to pieces. I'd play every night with these guys. Then you have The Crash Mats who are nice guys too! Bazz is a nutter. That bloke keeps the marijuana industry afloat! They're just a fun bunch of nice guys. Now, Rebel Conspiracy, they've split up but are now under different guises. Manifest, Bartek's new band, are straight up hardcore. I think Bartek is probably the best guitarist in the current Manchester punk scene. Watch out for Manifest! Matt, drummer from RC, he plays in a new band called Auto Dafe which have a weird sound. Very individual. Cross between Marilyn Manson, Bob Marley, Joy Division...but they'd probably disagree with that description.  Their first gig is this Saturday at a gig I'm putting on at The Nelson in Stockport. Can't wait to see them live! Other bands worth mentioning are Epic Problem, Brace For Impact, Destination Venus, Black Light Mutants, Rising Strike, User Friendly, Kingcrows, Medicine Bow. So many to mention. Just go down your local boozer when there's a punk night on. Don't be a dick and watch a band. Usually they're top! But if they're dicks and beat you up then don't blame me.

Other faces are like the TNS crew who are doing incredible things but you know all about that. Pumpkin as well. Matt is such a nice guy. He's recording us and I can honestly say that he is the salt of the earth. All the bands associated with them too. To be honest every gig I've played in Manchester I've played with nice guys. For example, you Dave, you put good gigs on and support us and everyone. Where a lot of people will stand outside, wait for their mate’s band, and fuck off! Yeah sometimes you do have to fuck off after you've played. Get home, work in the morning, other commitments etc etc. It's understandable. But what annoys me is when a band turns up, plays and fucks off for no other reason then being dick heads. Those twats don't deserve fuck all! NO DECORUM, we always try to watch everyone or stick around for a pint. Salford Crescent is a cracking little venue too. Good beer, nice atmosphere, cheap, and a wicked playing area. Now they don't advertise the gigs that much but when you're there you don't want to leave. People don't take them seriously but they work so hard, sound system is cracking! Stage and aesthetically it looks cool as fuck! Also The Nelson. It's not actually a punk venue but it has a relaxed vibe, beer ain't too bad, a few games of pool and Kini's a right laugh.
4.  Gladslag NiftyNob once held power over the kingdom of testicular truffles  - a race that inhabits the scrotal regions of many men and found between the land of Periniumata and Shaftolon.  Do you have a population of truffles near thy privvies, how do you keep them entertained and healthy as a populace and what are your thoughts on the fact that the aforementioned Ms Niftynob and the fact that 'it' has 15 vaginas and 7 penile projections - all hell-bent on high satisfaction?

Well it's funny you should mention this Dave. As you well know I'm also of the testicular truffle race. Albeit only partly. My father inhabited the land of Nipplevania which is about 5km from Shaftolon. Well he, my father, was my uncle as well as my cousin, grandfather, great-aunty, and life coach. We all lived in a testicular wart for the first few years of my life but he got promoted to head inspector of the nuclear ejaculai semen corp (who actually make a lot of household items such as bleach, tooth paste, mouthwash and bacon) and along with my mum. Who was found on the satellite spunknik.  When it landed back in Russia she was immediately put to work in the mines of ovary infected old Gladdis from Oldham. That’s where she met my father. They then proceeded to make me in a toilet. Fortunately the radiator was on so the seat was warm and thus I was born. Anyway, after my father got promoted we moved to Stockport where I left my testicular truffle friends behind. We proceeded to live our lives as any normal nuclear family. My dad went to work while my mum stayed at home and catered for the local aristocracy part time. They demanded such local delights from our homeland such as pus covered bread and anal scraping salad. Fine dishes unfortunately now dwindling from existence. Anyway, it was during this time that I was fortunate to develop my own race of testicular truffles. I was overjoyed as it meant I could finally have some friends. We played such games as pass the dodgy bollock and pull the banjo till it bleeds. They were rough and tumble games that sometimes left me black and blue. Anyway, games like this can only occupy for so long. As we matured our interests conflicted. They got into pop music. Eventually they formed a pop group. I formed No Decorum; however, they went on to form JLS. I still look at them fondly when I see the scars around my penis but a longing remains for those friends and when we played pas the bollock (the afore mentioned bollock is still 4 times as big as the other). So my answer would be that to keep them entertained is with a diet of shit pop music and ITV television. Although saying that I knew someone whose testicle warts went on to form Blink 182 - look what happened to them cunts.

Now, Ms Niftynob I cannot comment on as unfortunately we saw each other for a while but it ended terribly. Originally she had 8 penile projections but after she saw me she now has 7. History books can be found in the local library of this event so I am inclined if you are interested to do your own research. All I can say is that I keep the 8th in a jar full of vinegar next to my bed that I occasionally use to sexually arouse the dog. Ms Niftynob, now they were some good memories. I remember staying up all night at times looking at the stars. Now obviously, as you may know, she couldn't go outside due to her being so sexually attracted she'd be raped by the nearest human, so we just stared at a bag of milky way chocolate stars. It was as good as the real thing but then we got to eat them. Anyway, before I continue with this interview I have to go for a little cry.
5.  What are your thoughts on the labels and sub-genres out there and the way in that they seem to restrict player’s ability to be more eclectic and spread ones word to pastures new.  I see it all the time, bends too hung up on sticking to hidden guidelines that come form who knows where.  Punk is a typical example with the cop out phrase of 'Punk can be anything' always an excuse?  Who really cares about criteria set by sub-circles?

I completely agree Dave! For example we have a mix of songs. If someone told us 'to play this gig just play ska' I'll play all our heavy stuff. Some people are happy playing what they're playing. Which is the way it should be! I remember a few years back to play in Manchester you had to agree not to play another gig in the area a few weeks either side. Now that ain't 'punk'. Most bands are local so to do this kills them. It's only so venues can make money off your mates and you don't see a penny. Vman events were like this. As well as this 'pay to play' bollocks! Utter shite! Like Eye Licker played Roadhouse a few weeks back and I went to see them. Now they brought about 7 to 10 people. Fiver in. Which I don't mind but all the other bands brought hardly anyone. Stayed in the back waiting for their time to play. The venue kept the money. I don't mind paying if the money goes to the band, or at least a percentage. These guys are cunts. Because of that I thought the Roadhouse were dicks.

Labels I can understand. Some labels focus on a particular sound which is understandable. If you wanna play different stuff find a label that suits you . . . or put your own CD out! That's what we're doing. Some bands think getting signed is the be all and end all. Well if you take your selves seriously then you'll invest your own money. Yeah, it's expensive. However, get a few bands on board and release a split and spread the costs. As that Russian twatting meerkat would say, 'simples'.
6.   You seem to have built up a nice rapport with a few local bands and getting close to a state where you can help each other progress and get heard - is this a plan, something that came about and hey why not run with the idea and sort out a Manchester Morons Musical Attack Tour - easily done fella and a good way to spread your word and the word of good friends?

Well, we're already doing it mate! Some scenes help each other out and understandably get inundated with requests for gigs etc etc. Dean at Slit records probably gets a thousand requests a day. Now luckily he's put us on a couple of times which we're grateful for it. Dean does a lot for the scene and gives a small local band the chance to play with a bigger band to an audience they normally wouldn't attract. Good work Dean. (I'm only saying that cos I fancy him).

Now back to the actual question, Baz from The Crash Mats puts gigs on at the Abbey in Oldham, I put gigs on in Stockport at the Nelson, along with my mate Kini, Eye Licker promote the Salford Crescent. We all put each other on. It's about reciprocity like I mentioned earlier. As well as playing with each other at random gigs. Like we played for Jason and Ev at Wingnut promotions with them all a few weeks back. One of the best gigs I've played in a long time and Jason and Ev are lovely guys. Both as mad as a shit house rat! Wingnut is another crew I forgot to mention. Check them out. Just be prepared for liver damage. We all go to know each other from just playing gigs together and building a friendship. But we all plan to release music together, go on tour. But obviously some of us have different ambitions or life gets in the way. But we all support each other all the time. And if I wasn't in a band I wouldn't know these guys. Now when we all play together we're like a band of brothers. As well as local bands, in No Decorum, we try to reach out further afield. Like I mentioned we're on tour with Fornicators from Uppsala in Sweden. I'm sorting out some gigs and places to stay. As well as another band Halbstarke Jungs from Liepzig. They're both amazing acts. The Halbstarke Jungs are playing in April with us. I was a fan before I spoke to them. Basti is a nice guy. We got chatting via facebook. I'm gonna put 'em up when they play and gave him some contacts. Now they'll return the favour. Like I say being nice gets you a long way. Now these guys will help us out in their native lands.  Joe at Infiltrate the System records is putting on Halbstarke Jungs and for an 18 year old kid we all have a lot to learn from him. I can't believe half the shit he's doing. So, yeah we've got a rapport with a lot of our mates bands but there's a lot behind the scene too. Not just the bands. As well as you know Dave as you do a lot too! And I don't mean drinking QC.

Manchester Moron's musical attack tour - I like it! I was thinking of doing a compilation called Twat bash. But I prefer yours and it's something we've been considering.
7.  Tell us about the best CD's you have bought over the last 6 years and the best bands you have seen - be honest my good man!

Fucking hell man! Thousands and thousands. Well I've already mentioned the bands we've played with and when they release a CD fucking buy it! Eeeerrr well I'll start with things that spring to mind. Dissonant by Halbstarke Jungs. Punk and Oi. Think old Metallica with more punk! Fornicators - At your cervix. Proper Rancid-esque punk. Bullshit poetry and Punx n' guns are AMAZING tunes. TNS have put a few good stuff. Hated til Proven and Faintest Idea are the best recent ones. Some German stuff I love are Broilers Santa Muerte. Das ist Sehr Gut! Stomper 98's new record is brilliant but 'Anti-social' is better. Berliner Weisse's 'In Toifels Kuche' is good too! I got The Casualties new album for Christmas which is definitely one of the stand out albums of 2012! I've recently fallen in love with The Street Dogs. Fabulous band! Dirt Box Disco's album is worth a listen too. Great band live too so that answers the live question too! To be honest I could go on and on. Live bands. Way too many to mention. The Business stand out as they're one of my favorite bands and to play with Gimp Fist too was a pleasure. Cracking lads and a cracking band.

New bands far out weigh the old ones when it comes to live music. I'll probably lose 'punk points' but I saw The Damned a few years ago and PIL and I thought they were utter shite! But people still PAY to see this shit. As Lee from Eye Licker say's when all these old bands fuck off it then paves the way for the new breed. Punk festivals are littered with these old shit bands who just release any old bollocks and people buy it cos they're The Anti-Nowhere league or The Misfits. Now saying that I'm going to contradict myself as Cock Sparrer and The Business are fantastic but their new stuff is sometimes better then their old shit. So they're still relevant.  But if you're shit you gotta know you're shit. C'mon. Fuck off. Sign on or do whatever you do. You're a waste of space and I'd much rather watch Eye Licker, The Crash Mats, or The Crownings (RIP) then say The Damned.
8.  Would you have all your teeth removed and replaced by rubber football studs for a 3 week affair with ex-football star Peter Withe!  Google the name and see the wolfman in action!   Also plastic tea-bags - dangerous, sexual or just plain genius - elaborate!

NO! I'm a city fan. Not any brummy team. I'd have all my teeth removed for a 3 week affair with Bert Trautmann. Now THAT is a football hero! Great goalkeeper and a really nice guy who braved so much turmoil in his life. Not like these twat nancy footballers these days. And when I met him he had grip like an iron vice! My nob is still blue! And I'll always be blue!

Now talking about tea bags you're probably best talking to Paul from Eye Licker or our mate, and merch guy, Keith. They are avid tea drinkers. I'm actually going to use this space to promote my new business in tea. It's called ugly fucker tea! Tea for those that are strangely ugly and yet beautiful. It features the faces of renowned ugly tea drinkers such as The Queen and Prince Phillip and then beautiful tea drinkers such as Paul and Keith.
9.  Tell us a bit about the songs you construct, the messages involved and what feeling you are trying to convey?

Well there is no 'message'. Some songs are about political subjects. I already mentioned 'No Pride' that was originally called England's pride (in a sarcastic way) but when you're a skinhead shouting England people misconstrue it as something else. Songs like 'Don't Care' are exactly what it say's on the tin. We have a song about going mad, a song about a double suicide pact going wrong between 2 lovers and the boyfriend chickens out as his missus kills herself and he gets sent down for her murder. Most of our songs are sociological rather than political. We're all angry at the world and that is probably the message we try to relay. But we don't play to send out a political message. If we did we'd be politicians not musicians. Most of all I want people to have fun and have a dance and drink. We just write about what we feel.
10.  Influences man - in life, music and beyond and the most inspiring book you have read, film you have seen and cartoon you have watched (why not)?

Well Joey is an actor so he'd be best asking questions about films. I'm more into literature. Favourite authors are like J.G. Ballard, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell etc etc. Most inspiring book? Wow! I'm forever reading. Sometimes it's a vampire or fantasy trilogy but I'd have to say ‘Brave New World’. It's fantastic and reflects the society we're living in. I love the line where the 'Savage' say's he swallowed civilization and it left a bitter taste. That about sums it up for me. Life, well my missus Katie plays bass in No Decorum and we live together. She's my heart and soul. I don't treat her as well as I should but she kicks my arse into gear. My mates too. Some bands are all together as like a business partnership almost. Not us. We're mates. Joel and Joey are 2 of my best mates. So mates and beer. I do like a good tipple and I have some good friends and I try to be as good back! Friends like Matt, Keith, my brother Joe, Jane, Rik, Simon, my mates in Finland. They all support us and I thank you.
11.   So ye be a musician, a creator of lyrical jollies - here are three words - make me a 7 line sing-a-long ditty - the words are - Labia, Woodlouse and Boil.

OI OI OI woodlouse what you doing!
Put away your baggy labia.
I'm fucking sick of staring at Ya!

OI OI OI woodlouse you fuckin wretch
that is an awesome fanny stench.
OI OI OI woodlouse you make my blood boil
OI OI OI woodlouse put it back in the soil.
12.   Finally spread the No Decorum name, push it down our throats and up our arses - make us believe, tickle our levels of intrigue!

I'd say that we're a laugh live. We have fun and I reckon people see that! We've got some sing along ditties that you're more then welcome to get on stage and sing them with us. Music is a communal thing so come and join in our holy commune of punk rock. OI OI OI.

Our album is out in May - 'Boots, Beers and Bad Habits'. Our tour with The Fornicators in May too. See our page for up coming gigs. The only thing I've got to put up your arse is this broken bottle . . . or my greasy spotty nob!