Adam of

Section 47


1. Section 47 - a brief history and explanation to the name please?

Well Section 47 started out as a couple of mates (and my girlfriend, Katie on bass) jamming in our mates garage (Eddie) we were called Moral Panic then. Unfortunately we were shit and I had no timing (I still don't, lol) and Eddie was a big metal head (and me) so it was a cross between Bad Religion and Slayer. We realised it wasn't going anywhere so Me, Katie, and Rik formed Section 47. We wrote a few songs and got them badily recorded on Katies shitty laptop (the songs on the myspace). We then looked for a drummer (it took a while). We found Joel who's percussion twatting abilities amazed us. We were complete.

The name Section 47 is police code for assualt, I think its on a police officer. I thought it was a fitting name, sounds cool, and our music hits you like a twat in the face. (and we also wrote a song called Dial 999, lol).

2. Describe your fellow band members in 5 degrading words a piece. Please feel free to humiliate them as much as possible?

Katie - Fucking lazy arsed moody bitch
Rik - A chubby pierced hamster face
Joel - A wiggy man from Mars
Me (Adam) - a hot piece of ass

3. Peter Potato has cultivated a new strain of spud using his own excrement, fizzy lemonade and a Paul Daniels Magicians starter kit. The taste is somewhat harsh and the said vegetables occasionally disappear but 'Thats Magic'. The question is what new style of vegetable would you like to see in the shops and are runner beans racist?

I would NOT like to see Broccili in the shops for it is evil and I hate it, also sprouts. I hate all vegetables gimme chips anyday (even though a potatoe is a vegetable) so I would probably like to see lots of chips in shops but with out the fatty artery clogging shit that goes with it. To deter racists I think we should just throw frozen potatoes at them. POTATOES RULE.

4. Best thing about being a young punk in todays environment?

The best thing about being a punk is NOTHING. Apart from the fuckin' awesome music. New bands that are going around are wicked, like Unseen, Casualties, and Sonic Boom Six. The way it all crosses over, like metal/ska/punk/reggae/hip hop/dance. Its bad cos instead of getting shocked looks like you older generation probably did you get stuff like 'your 30 years behind mate' or old suity bastard business men going ' I remeber when I dressed like that, and I was an anarchist' and all that shit. But we do still shock which is good, I dont feel as though it is a normal day if someone doesn't give me a funny shocked look.

5. The punk scene in your local area - whats it like, who are the best bands and how does it compare to the nationwide scene?

The punk scene in the local area is good. Roadkill, Kamikaze Sperm, SONIC BOOM SIX, Stand Out Riot, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Section 47, Big Mo, Systematics, Kings of the Delmar, Goldblade. And many more, Manchester is rockin'. Just a shame about all the racist skins too. But all that matters is the music.

6. How did you first get into punk rock and how would you sell the cause to non-converts?

Well when I first got into music I discovered Queen. I was grounded for a year for shoplifting so had no money to go out and buy cd's or hang around with friends (bastard parents). My mate lent me OFFSPRING and I got into The Sex Pistols, the Clash, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Metallica, and all that jazz. When I was un-grounded I got into all the glam rock (yes I was a glam rocker) like Poison, Guns n Roses, Aerosmith, Motley Rrue (which in my opinion is all still punk rock). So from there I got into, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Pistols, also the newer generation Good Charlotte, Offspring. Then I got into metal like Pantera (AWESOME BAND), At The Gates, Machine Head, Iron Maiden, and I followed their influences like Discharge, Conflict, Misfits, and stuff. It was when I met Katie I REALLY got into punk. I started to listen to her bands as well (I'm shit with song names) so I was like do you have anything by Bad Religion, Exploited, Black Flag and all that cos I was skint and I dont have a pc, and I don't believe in stealing music off the internet. I LOVED going to gigs so with a new punk friend (and girlfriend) I went to lots of punk gigs that I wanted to go to but no one to go with cos all my mates were metal heads. Anyway, punk rock . . . . rocks. Punk rock is diverse, its intelligent, its for misguided youth, its what you want it to be, its clever, its political, its about a good time, its about girls. IT'S NOT ONE DIMENSIONAL.

7. James ConkerNob has been arrested for the underground sale of cardboard prostitutes. These ladys come in various sizes and the corrugated texture is a real turn on (so I'm told). Are cut out ladies the filth of the future and would you ever marry a tin can?

Errm no you'd cut your dick open on the sharp bits, and also you'd get paper cuts. I'm sticking to sheep and cows. Also dead girls . . . they dont say no.

8. Pains and pleasures about the punk scene and heroes and zeroes in music and life please?

Pleasures - music, attitude, clothes
Pains - extreme opposing views (racism, can't stand it)

Heroes - Big Jay, Katie, Mark Mynett (guitar teacher also guitarist in kill2this), Dime bag Darrel, John Lydon, Gregg Graffin, Joe Strummer, Iron Maiden, Duff McKagan and Slash, BOB MARLEY too.

9. You are on a future SAS gig - what have you heard about this tour so far and any of the bands on it?

I've heard that the bands are awesome and everyone ALWAYS has a good time. I'm really looking forward to playing it. Should a fucking belter. Also we will put on a fucking stunning performance and keep the crowd happy. If your not gonna be there your a big sweaty shit, lol.

10. Polythene Underpants - great for deviants who like seaty knackers and pimply bottoms but can Morrocon Weightlifters really benefit from such uncomfortable items of underwear?

I seriously doubt it. Weight lifters need something more, like leather or PVC. Especially if its see through, that would please the crowds,lol.

11. Best give you've ever attended - the bands and venue and what made it so special?

That is a hard one, sorry I was looking at someones penis. EERRMMM. I haven't a clue. I've seen SO many excellent bands and gigs I couldnt possibly answer. I'll say all the amazing bands I have seen. Bad Religion, Unseen, Rancid, Iron Maiden, Hate Breed, Sonic Boom Six, Arch Enemy, Horrorpops and the Dead pets, Anti-flag, Capdown, Bouncing Souls, Sick Of It All, Slayer, Subhumans thats all I can remember at the moment.

12. Finally - promote Section 47. Persuade us all to check ya out. Go for it.

Section47 play some ska, some metally hardcore. Basically pure punk rock. We play great tunes during a great performance come see us. We want more fans. We won't let you down cos our music will hit you like a twat in the face. BOOM BOOM (as Basil Brush would say)