1. So introduce us to the band!

CJ: Vox

Rich: Guitar, Vox

Jeremy: Drums, Vox

Chris: Bass, Vox

2. Lets put you all on the spot - describe each other as an animal please!

CJ: Monkey

Rich: Bear

Jeremy: Roadrunner

Chris: Frog

3. So how are you finding this murky scene? How are Animal Train progressing both as a unit, musically and as far as getting noticed goes?

We just try to make as many new friends as we can along the way. It’s a good feeling to meet someone and they actually say they like what you’re doing. Rich gets us playing out as many shows as he can but at the end of the day it is fun, that’s why we do it.

4. Spongecake taxis - yes it may sound strange but you won't be laughing when I drive past in my currant filled special flippin' you the bird? So you have money to spare, you have the chance to build a food-based vehicle - what shall it be? I want darn good answer now and none of that copyright crap ha, ha.

A Swiss Cheese TRUCK with pizza wheels so it can melt and leave a trail of glue in it’s pathway.

5. So what is your fave AT sons - why, who wrote it' and what is it about?

Summertime it was the first AT song ever written.  It’s a great upbeat tune, very simple and sweet.

6. What are your main individual influences as regards your playing style and how do you see the general band sound moving - what sub-generic route, if any, do you see yoursleves in? Also how about a hardcore thrash number, a skanky one and a retro pop punk number - what are your thoughts?

We love it all and are all big time music junkies.  But the glue that binds us is our love for punk rock.

7. Besides playing your own instruments do any of you cross-over and dabble with other instruments of tone? Add to this have any of you got any hidden talents - e.g. Throwing small Portugese people huge distances, shuffling cards with your genitalia or merely balancing goldfish on your wrists - let us know all!

We all pick at different things but no card shuffling with any junk to report as of yet but buy us a few rounds and we’ll see what happens.

8. What are your thoughts on the divisions in the scene and the way the punk ethos has become fractured - everything seems so grey - what is your defintion of punk rock?

It seems sometimes there is this continuous need to put another label on things which may not be any different than the last version of something. Not sure if that comes from technology market overload or perhaps it is just each new generation wanting to claim a piece of the development. Either way and no matter what, punk has traditionally been the tolerance of individual differences without exceptions… and for that I hope it remains true to itself.

9. Politics and punk - is it a fair marriage or can it lead to problems? Is it better to be ambiguous or should one commit and run with the belief?

It can be a fair marriage if we remain somewhat ambiguous. We’ve seen so many people who take their views and opinions and ram them at others. Their judgments run amok, they’ll pick people apart for anything, what they wear, what they look like, their status, what they eat, who CARES? At the end of the day we are each single forces. Without positive energy and actions nothing positive happens. The overactive mouth slugging negative crap at those around them. They always seems to focus on what the other person needs to do. It’s a reminder to myself that my enemy is in the mirror, I need to watch my own steps first. If you don’t want to be taken too serious, if you don’t want stand on the soap box, then you've got to show compassion and understanding. Be a friend and listen don‘t always talk. If I can find some laughter and fun and in some small way help another, that in itself is a pure righteous cause.

10. So any plans for a big tour - what are the areas you want to hit and why? How would you go about it and what would should people out there expect to see?

Would love to, but funding, work, and commitments make it challenging, but I would love to go overseas. Better start saving those pennies.

11. A two part question:- what are the good and bad things in punk today and if you could all come up with one single line mission statement for the band what would it be?

Oh Yes, the good, the bad, the ugly.. Ahhh the good.. well first is we enjoy people who can discuss their views without anger and judgment towards another if they don’t happen to agree with them. We have been lucky, we’ve met many many good people along the way. I know we will remain in contact with them forever, because we both support and believe in what they are about, and they return the feelings to us. A Mission… hmmm.. how about, we just try to remain an open, positive, accepting, fun, entertaining, non-judgmental, bunch of ol’ punk heads.

12. Finally push your band - come on sell us your sonica - encourage us to joing the fan base and get listening to the DIY oupourings?

Nothing more to add really!