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a new gallery will be created. Or if a collection of photo's has built up over a period of time then I will update accordingly.

Me and top friend and dude - Kev (of assorted bands over the years)

This photo was entitled 'Pissheads' before it was sent to me - lies, all lies

2 piccies from the SAS 19 bander - and some darn good folk they are too

Top bloke Punkined and myself - we do try ya know

Bronzed up

The first SAS - a few snifters to set off on the right foot

(Damo of Crouch Mog dabbles with myself at a bit of QC testing)


Deadlamb Crew and myself - completely caned.
And so comes the drinking and drunkards
Myself and top punker Ben Schism of Social Schism
Us again but proving homosexuality isn't anything to be feared ha ha.