17th March 2019 - The Star and Garter, Manchester

Victims of Radiation are a band I have been watching for a goodly while now and are a group of misfits who throw their shit together with patchwork ill-practice and usually, by hook, crook or an almighty fuck, come up trumps.  Today they were playing the Star and Garter after I had bravely put them forward for a slot to get them some further exposure.  Anyone who knows these wayward rapscallions will understand my use of the term 'bravely', my sonic nuts were on the line, I had great faith built on great stupidity - there is no other way to operate.  After a day of wildlife wandering around the Barnsley area a spurt back to Manc Land was had to catch the band doing their toxic bit in the ever testing 'live pit'.

Having arrived just in time I witnessed the opening burst of Hell-fire fall upon a crowd who seemed to contain many a little taken aback.  The STP crowd is not used to this brand of cacophonic corruscation but there were a few good faces in attendance who were and duly lapped up the virulence.  'You Don't Understand' is a long term classic, altering pace with schizoid reason and still, to this day, making the dirty DIY dog inside, yap with appreciation. The band seemed to be on it tonight despite little time spent in one another's company let alone in the rehearsal room since they last played a gig for yours truly.  For me the set flowed the the bowles of the gaff like a eager turd in the bowels of destination buggered.  'Valley Of Death' is a strong piece of mushed shittery, 'Pop Punk Sucks' shows where the band are coming from and 'Michael' Jackson's Dead' is a strong two-fingered salute to the corrupt and those who create music at the higher end of the scale - you know the place, where Gods are made, and Idols sucked off in the name of adulation.  'Suspicious Minds' is a cover and an obvious crowd pleaser, coming at you on tiptoes, tempting you in and then stampeding your senses with a white-heat onslaught of maniacal proportions - the band execute these speedbursts so ruddy well, it is good to see them work up a lather.  'Victims of Radiation' is always a pinnacle, a signature tune, a celebration of the outsider, the victim, the bastard under the cosh.  The last verse was sung in Hebrew - the lead singer is Jewish, it makes sense, for me, punk should embrace all these elements, internal barriers are there to be smashed to smithereens.  As the set came, clattered and closed the crowd had grown and many were in agreement of a good rattling had - they would be fools to disagree.

Yes, The Victims of Radiation go forth, it has been a long journey and here's to many more years on the manky clock.   4 great characters throwing together a dish for all DIY dogs to gorge upon and for all the discordantly destitute to be invigorated by.  The are a lot of polished turds out there at the moment, for me the greatest beauty is found in those who make a good sonic stink - it is what poisons and pleases at the same time, fuckin magic ain't it!