13th November 2015 - The Station, Ashton-U-Lyne

A bleak Black Friday and the calm before the foul storm saw The Jackhammers turn up to vomit out their third globule of dirty discordance from a tour of four dates. I wasn't expecting the greatest turn out in history but when it transpired at the end of the night that only 3 punkers made the effort is came as a bit of a shock. Ah shit happens and you just have to crack on. As per my mind did ponder the fact that if one of the old school bands, who people have seen on numerous occasions, were playing no doubt the gaff would have been rammed - in fact no doubt about it at all - ah fuck it.

So a few beers and a chat with the band and the other two attendees (John and Sue take a bow) and up got the band and produced something like this.

A raucous rip up of the silence and an in-house dog ran for his life (poor little sweetie).  The first song of the night, namely 'Hope Ya Don't Come', was torn off with a distinctly bitterised edge that scored the listener's attentive membrane and got one to pay heed. We 3 did and saw this opener trumped by the very nasty brew of 'Kill Your Boss', a molten lava flow that boiled up, sizzled and slopped into the chasing class of 'Count Me Out', a CD fave of mine and one that pummels with passion and crushes any initial wariness one may have towards a razor edged crew in the zone. The first four was finalised with the Valves cover of 'For Adolfs Only', a chunky burst that saw gruff emissions escalate with cutthroat puke that was tightly shagged by boys ready to rock and fuckin' roll. A cameo appearance by a Nazi Basil Fawlty was cracked icing on a very spicy cake.

The second quartet of cacophonic cruelty was whipped up by the opening lash of 'Crime Spree', another polished pearl I have admired for many a while and one that radiates such roasting rhythms as to shake your testes to mush. 'Cockblocked' speeded forth and the new 'Delete Me' followed with glory and this entire trio were, to me anyway, an impeccable example of The Jackhammers in full, unstoppable flow. 'Not Now, No Way' brought the curtain down on the second batch and was a real tight cunt affair that showcased a reverse birth affair that sucked all in and spilled not one drop.

'Futile Future' was next and was a bass driven slag that clashed and collided in glorious colour wank whereas the cover 'Kidnapped' was a more controlled affair but still beautifully heavy on the ears man. 'Don't Wanna Be In Your Gang' was a stubborn run through of potent ram-rodding whilst 'Kidnapped' was a tribal nag twat I easily fell in line with before the brilliance of 'Use Rubber', an eternal long term winner, clouted and cuffed with knuckle-dusting ugliness and left one almost sexually bruised. 'This Is Rock and Roll' was an easy thrash out that bordered on the orthodox and then we were done. What no encore - fuck that, of course there was.

'Born To Kill', 'Mongoloid' and Someone's Gonna Die' were three covers dealt with, given a kick up the arse and served with the crews own brand of punk buggery. A trio to delight a connoisseurs lugs and one that was duly lapped up tonight by the odd head in house.

As closure to this review all I can say is that whatever local gig you were at on this dreary night you were indeed at the wrong one. The Jackhammers ooze class, play with relish and have a watertight set they know inside out. A disgrace that this was so poorly attended but such is the way of an underdog minstrel’s life - the highs and the lows come and go but if you fight on through a few heads are turned and note is taken. I am glad, in my hectic life, I made the effort and good luck to the lads in all that they do.