28th April 2013 - The Star and Garter, Manchester

In a land, a long time ago a younger version of Fungal put on a gig that included many fine bands. That land was known as Halifax, the venue called The Shay and one of the bands was known as Obnoxious UK. Many years passed, the band jumped on a few Fungal compilations, a return gig was never put in place due to much fiddling and fannying until, quite recently the crew hopped on another Fungalised adventure in Bradford and shook out a real stormer. And now we meet up again - this time on a STP show in murky Manchester. And hey aren't these boys doing just fine!

The set tonight, as per, was rattled off without fluster or bluster and highlighted what a quality crew this lot are. We got 'Loaded' up first and foundations lain were firm and feisty with good rhythm put first and a fine singing style thrown over the top. The 'Walking Dead' were paid homage to and duly woken up by a fine effort I rate as one of the bands best. '3 Dead Souls' kept the horror theme and was delivered without concern, just so natural, so simple, so fuckin' darn enjoyable. This was going to be a cracker and 'Elvis Is Dead' moved things in a slightly different direction whilst still maintaining good balance and weight. All components thus far were operating in tight unison and really capturing attention with the veritable high coming in the form of the alternative switch over known as 'The Cottage Strangler'. Plenty of skankiness and fun within the weave of a song with a darkened edge all makes for one thrilling high that this Fungal fruitloop loves. It is a choice moment and one I hope to witness many, many more times. 'Burn' and 'Cadava Doll' kept these high rollers throwing the double sixes all the way and 'Ginger Is A Werewolf' and 'Amelia' topped off a superb set that the crowd absolutely lapped up. The feedback after the gig was all positive and why the hell not?

It has been slow progress with these guys but life gets in the way sometimes and we all have many priorities. Again another lesson in how to just stick at it and bide your time. Jacko of bass duties made the bold statement before this gig that it was made up of 5 headlining bands - do ya know what, he wasn't wrong and this was just one of em' - and they held their own in no uncertain terms.