27th January 2013 - The Star and Garter, Manchester

It had been a hard weekend with various let downs and bodily aches but I deemed it necessary to make the gig in question so as to support Stu Taylor and his grand endeavours, to see a couple of new bands and keep my thirst slaked and to also support The Kingcrows, a band I have dealt with many times, have enjoyed equally and have seen rise up from a few lowly attended gigs with little interest to a fine band with a few keen followers. Would tonight give them due attention and praise they deserve and would I be as impressed as ever?

The opening band did their thing, many liked, some (like myself) found it routine and so it was left to The Kingcrows to raise my interest levels. One thing you can say about this crew is that they certainly look like a good old rock and roll band and certainly make the effort in appearance when on stage. They all look very much part of a team and seemed tonight even more relaxed than ever before. 'Magdelene' was the first moment of inspiring noise with an incessant drive, a throat grabbing impact that sets the standard and with the lads all in time and lashing out in grand as ever style. 'Down For The Count' and 'Party' slammed home the fact that this was gonna be a belter but where the fuck was the crowd? What a shame - the band were blazing a white hot trail tonight! 'Dancing on Momma's Grave' shows a darker side to the band and opens up new obvious vistas which the band should bloody well chase down - a classic horror song. 'West City One' came and continued an exact flow, 'Gonna Grow Up One Day' is a peach and exemplified the bands song writing skills as did the catchy thrust of 'Don't You Know', one of the bands solid tracks. This set was steaming and I was firmly of the opinion that I hadn't seen The Kingcrows put in a finer bout of musical magnificence. A new song snuck in, namely 'Sick Of Love Songs' a glint of new material, an obvious point made that we are in for yet more recorded treats. 'One Of The Boys' altered the tone, a unifying almost terrace chant seemingly more suitable to an Oi gig - the band mix the melodies and flavours so well though nothing seems out of place. 'Sex Oui' is a classic and was dedicated to a familiar face on the scene who has a reputation for stalking female fronted bands - it isn't done in a sinister way and he is such a jolly nice chap. Fuckin' great song though this and the band jack-hammered it, much to everyone’s delight. The set came to a close - 2 fines songs, one a cover dedicated to yours truly - the bastards - I hate covers but gotta hold my hands up to this one - I was far too won over to put up any form of a fight. A spot on, to be proud of set - full stop, end of, there ya fuckin' well go.

The lads in the band are some of the nicest on the circuit and I personally back em' all the way. I feel though they are getting clogged down in a circuit they could easily fly outside of and surely some good old rock and roll nights and definitely some psychobilly jaunts would welcome this lot with open arms. Why not - a host of great songs, easy to work with and utterly entertaining. I love 'live' music and when it’s this good feel it necessary to do my small, humble bit - this is it - I hope you are convinced.  One of the best underdog bands I have dealt with – cheers chaps!