1st March 2020 - The Station, Ashton-U-Lyne

I am picking and choosing with even more deliberate focus of late, I am enjoying my music as much as ever but want to keep things fresh and intriguing rather than fall into a flat-line trap where one revolves, rotates and melodically masturbates.  A gig at a local gaff had me intrigued with a new band opening proceedings and the mighty Eastfield closing the free tonal treat - there was little to suggest I should miss this one so I arrived in good time and watched the Disastanauts play their very first gig and deliver a set list of just 7 songs.  At the end of the delivery I felt it only fair to post some words on what had transpired, I hope it reflects how much I was taken by the germinal acoustic escapade.

So, the 3 piece from Mossley took to the carpet (it is DIY after all) and went through a set of carefully contrasting music that was both low-key, high-key and somewhere in between.  Each song had many textures and when moments of power surged I was thrilled.  The vibration was certainly not of the regulation punk routine (thank goodness), in fact essences of indified rock, grunge and something critically considered were always at the fore thus making for music that needed careful attention.  'Shallow' set the initial bench mark and exposed a band who had done their homework and without fuss we glided through 'Get Out Of My Way' and 'River Bends' before my initial pick of pops came, these being 'Mesmer-Eyes' and 'Steady Forward', came and took the output to a whole new level.   I listened hard, drunk deeply, adopted my usual critical approach and came up clutching at straws when trying to find any serious fault.  From the slow serenades to the quicker surges, from the sub-solo outpourings to the more harmonious intrusions and from the stripped bare and simplistic to the full-on and more intricate - this was a well-timed opener and I was very, very appreciative of more new tones donated to my ever-hungry lugholes. We finished matters with the sanguinity of 'Strange Times' a firm punctuation mark to a job well done and rounding off a performance that was neither too long, nor too short – you must always keep them wanting more – this was an ideal example of such a situation

.As per, after 40+ years partaking of noisy nutrients I am still prone to salivation at the thought of a debut performance and today was proof enough of why I get so excited.  Things are fresh, alive, hopeful and very unaffected and despite the creators today being well-versed there was still that embryonic earthiness and let me tell you, that is a quite irreplaceable commodity.   To finish, I did have a laugh with the 2 wire-wankers after the set and said that this could be the pinnacle and it is all downhill from here, I am sure it won't be and I hope to catch this lot again very soon.  Thanks fellas, keep rolling!