28th April 2013 - The Star and Garter, Manchester

The BTD road trip has been a long and ever changing one with the band constantly digging in deep and producing noise laden discs. They have played quite a few Fungalised shows, undergone some line-up changes, pottered through many highs and lows with creditable demeanours and are now at a stage where they are finally convincing a few folk that this ain't a half bad band at all. On tonight's show they had the opening slot so as to pave the way to the finale that many were really looking forward to. The chance was here, whilst a few heads were in attendance, to win over a few more dedicated followers.

'World Crisis' and 'Let's Go' got things rolling quite sweetly with the latter song a real pace setter and one that has an impetus on which to build. 'Punk As Fuck' however raised the standard exceptionally and is a real drawn out classic that comes in a kind of storyboard fashion with plenty of well placed guitar shuffles and ascending tensions. It really draws the crowd’s attention and changes the whole stature of the set in a 'wake up and watch this' style – and from here on in the band caned it. 2 new additions called 'Shark Dog' and 'Red Eyed Fucker' hold much promise and have plenty of chomp in the whole musical jaws and show that this crew still have an abundance of product to vomit forth - yummy! Woodstock at the fore commands the direction and growls through the set with a charm and subtle wit whilst strumming away with is tuneful six-stringed toy. His fellow twangers do sound work indeed with extra infection spread via the backing guitar and a good ever improving under rumble provided by the bass dude. A comment came my way regarding what a good job the bassist was doing and I have gotta say fully justified that comment was (seems like only yesterday this chap was struggling on stick duty and now seems quite at home wobbling this four cacophonic cables). Drums were smartly seen to tonight and again it is another area that has just got better and better and therefore contributes to that necessary 'confidence' factor that can allow more creativity to pour forth. Onwards and 'Roadtrip 13' is a souped up version of an old classic and hits a nerve every time, 'Get Ya Wiggle On' is a nice bit of fun that touches different nerves with some (don't know why it is a growing jolly), half of 'Madhouse' was missed as I needed a tinkle and 'Destruction Rock 'n' Roll' came around too quickly and brought to an end a set, that I deem, to be the best I have witnessed by the band.  And that is saying something (which I do quite often if ya must know).

A more than convincing performance this and setting up, what turned out to be, a very fine gig indeed. Born To Destruct are an example of a band who have patience and personal drive as well as the genuine ability to not take things too seriously. They love what they do, they have a winning way and at last things are looking a little brighter for them. This upward curve will continue I reckon and hey, if it doesn't, they will still be having a good time - the only way to do it!