Fungal sightings found here

28th December 2004 - Chorlton WP, G. Manchester - The last walk of the year, 30 birds viewed:- Robin; Feral Pigeon; Wood Pigeon; Blue Tit; Great Tit; House Sparrow; Redwing; Chaffinch; Pied Wagtail; Canada Goose; Barnacle * Canada Goose; Coot; Moorhen; Blackbird; Black Headed Gull; Common Gull; Great Crested Grebe; Tufted Duck; Carrion Crow; Mallard; Goldeneye; Pochard; Bullfinch; Long Tailed Tit; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Goldcrest; Cormorant; Collared Dove; Greenfinch; Starling


27th December 2004 - Etherow CP, Cheshire - 35 birds today on this after Christmas wander:- Carrion Crow; Jackdaw; House Sparrow; Mute Swan; Blackbird; Robin; Great Tit; Blue Tit; Moorhen; Canada Goose; Mallard; Mandarin (M); Dunnock; Little Grebe; Grey Wagtail; Coot; Nuthatch; Coal Tit; Long Tailed Tit; Wren; Magpie; Wood Pigeon; Siskin (M/F); Chaffinch; Treecreeper; Tufted Duck; Redwing; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Feral Pigeon; Feral Muscovy Duck; Cormorant; Feral Greylag Goose; Black Headed Gull; Egyptian Goose; Chinese Domestic Goose


19th December 2004 - Llanfairfechan, Caernarfonshire - 23 birds noted:- Black Headed Gull; Common Gull; Herring Gull; Oystercatcher; Mallard; Redshank; Curlew; Jackdaw; House Sparrow; Blue Tit; Little Egret; Pied Wagtail; Grey Wagtail; Carrion Crow; Cormorant; Starling; Robin; Blackbird; Common Scoter (*7); Red Throated Diver; Great Crested Grebe; Red Breasted Merganser (M)


19th December 2004 - Conwy RSPB, Caernarfonshire - 42 birds is not a bad haul here:- Black Headed Gull; Grey Heron; Carrion Crow; Redshank; Cormorant; Curlew; Common Gull; Great Crested Grebe; Wigeon; Magpie; Robin; Blackbird; Shoveler; Little Grebe; Shelduck; Mallard; Moorhen; Coot; Chaffinch; Greenfinch; Goldfinch; Blue Tit; Teal; Gadwall; Snipe; Goldeneye; Buzzard; Feral Pigeon; Pochard; Canada Goose; Tufted Duck; Scaup (F); Lapwing; Herring Gull; Stonechat (M/F); Redwing; Starling; Oystercatcher; Mute Swan; Reed Bunting; Dunnock; Great Black Backed Gull


18th December 2004 - Chorlton WP, G. Manchester - A below average 29 species seen today:- Starling; Magpie; Carrion Crow; Wood Pigeon; Goldfinch; Blue Tit; Collared Dove; House Sparrow; Robin; Great Tit; Greenfinch; Redwing; Feral Pigeon; Black Headed Gull; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Coot; Canada Goose; Mallard; Barnacle * Canada Goose; Tufted Duck; Moorhen; Common Gull; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Great Crested Grebe; Pochard; Cormorant; Blackbird; Jay; Pied Wagtail


12th December 2004 - Marbury CP, Cheshire - 46 birds on the wing today:- Magpie; Wood Pigeon; Great Tit; Carrion Crow; Greenfinch; Robin; Blackbird; Blue Tit; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Redwing; Nuthatch; Wren; Mistle Thrush; Chaffinch; Coal Tit; Cormorant; Mallard; Tufted Duck; Lapwing; Great Crested Grebe; Canada Goose; Goldeneye; Coot; Grey Heron; Pochard; Little Grebe; Mute Swan; Moorhen; Kingfisher (*2); Wigeon; Black Headed Gull; Common Gull; Dunnock; Jackdaw; Bullfinch; Jay; Long Tailed Tit; Gadwall; Teal; Shoveler; Shelduck; Starling; Fieldfare; Buzzard; Long Eared Owl; Raven


4th December 2004 - Etherow CP, Cheshire - 40 species noted down:- Mute Swan; Feral Pigeon; Black Headed Gull; Mallard; Canada Goose; Chinese Domestic Goose; House Sparrow; Chaffinch; Robin; Jackdaw; Coot; Wren; Moorhen; Feral Greylag Goose; Carrion Crow; Long Tailed Tit; Magpie; Blue Tit; Great Tit; Jay;  Nuthatch; Coal Tit; Treecreeper; Blackbird; Bullfinch (M/F); Goldcrest; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Grey Heron; Feral Muscovy Duck; Mandarin (M); Cormorant; Wood Pigeon; Mistle Thrush; Goosander (M); Tufted Duck; Little Grebe; Dunnock; Starling; Egyptian Goose; Grey Wagtail


28th November 2004 - Tatton Park, Cheshire - 39 birds is about right for this extensive area:- Jackdaw; Blue Tit; Great Tit; Long Tailed Tit; Nuthatch; Carrion Crow; Starling; Magpie; Canada Goose; Tufted Duck; Mallard; Coot; Moorhen; Chaffinch; Black Headed Gull; Rook; Wood Pigeon; Jay; Grey Heron; Mistle Thrush; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Cormorant; Coal Tit;  Buzzard; Robin;  Goldcrest;  Treecreeper; Wren;  Stonechat (M/F); Ruddy Duck; Goldeneye (F); Shoveler (M/F); Pintail (M); Shelduck; Pochard; Great Crested Grebe; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Kestrel; Redwing


21st November 2004 - Chorlton WP, G. Manchester - 27 bird species seen:- Collared Dove; House Sparrow; Chaffinch; Coot; Moorhen; Mallard; Tufted Duck; Canada Goose; Barnacle * Canada Hybrid; Kingfisher; Black Headed Gull; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Common Gull; Great Crested Grebe; Magpie; Robin; Cormorant; Goldfinch; Wren; Pochard; Long Tailed Tit; Blue Tit; Little Grebe; Goldcrest; Blackbird; Wood Pigeon; Great Tit


14th November 2004 - Chorlton WP, G. Manchester - 25 birds listed:- Cormorant; Wood Pigeon; Magpie; House Sparrow; Great Tit; Robin; Bullfinch; Mallard; Black Headed Gull; Canada Goose; Coot; Moorhen; Barnacle * Canada Goose; Common Gull; Tufted Duck; Great Crested Grebe; Feral Pigeon; Grey Heron; Goldeneye (F); Carrion Crow; Pochard; Grey Wagtail; Goldfinch; Blackbird; Redwing


16th October 2004 - Fairhaven Lake, Lancashire - 15 birds only today:- Coot, Moorhen; Canada Goose; Greylag Goose; Feral Pigeon; Mallard; Tufted Duck; Curlew; Shelduck; Dunlin; Grey Plover; Redshank; Mute Swan; Domestic Muscovy Duck; Ruddy Duck (F)


24th September 2004 - Etherow CP, Cheshire - 32 birds viewed:- Pied Wagtail; House Sparrow; Robin; Mallard; Canada Goose; Feral Pigeon; Greenfinch; Mute Swan; Moorhen; Greylag Goose; Great Tit; Blue Tit; Bullfinch; Nuthatch; Carrion Crow; Magpie; Blackbird; Buzzard; Long Tailed Tit; Grey Heron; Mandarin (M); Kingfisher; Little Grebe; Wood Pigeon; Cormorant; Blackcap (M); Spotted Flycatcher; Coot; Tufted Duck; Jackdaw; Chinese Domestic Goose; Egyptian Goose + call Great Spotted Woodpecker; Chiffchaff


4th September 2004 - Mere Sands Wood, Lancashire - 15 moth species caught in just over 2 hours on an overcast night:- Light Brown Apple Moth (*1); Setaceous Hebrew Character (*1); Square Spot Rustic (*3); Angle Shades (*3); Bulrush Wainscot (*1); Common Wainscot (*2); Common Marbled Carpet (*2); Bramble Shoot Moth (*1); Copper Underwing (*1); Autumnal Rustic (*1); Argyresthia goedartella (*1); Engrailed (*1); Strawberry Tortrix (*1); Acleris emargana (*3); Epinotia nisella (*1); Setaceous Hebrew Character (*1)

27th August 2004 - Mere Sands Wood, Lancashire - 13 species caught in 2 and a half hours on a breezy night with patchy cloud:- Silver  Y (*1);  Angle  Shades (*2); Setaceous  Hebrew  Character (*6); Lesser Swallow Prominent (*1); Common Marbled Carpet (*3); Large Yellow Underwing (*1); Argyresthia goedartella (*1); Agonopterix arenella (*1); Epinotia ramella (*1); Apotomis betuletana (*1); Epinotia nisella f. cinereana (*1); Udea ferrugalis (*1); Eudonia mercurella (*1)

6th August 2004 - Mere Sands Wood, Lancashire - 19 species on a warm yet clear night:- Sallow (*1); Lesser Swallow Prominent (*7); Canary Shoulder Thorn (*2); Dun-Bar (*5); Large Yellow Underwing (*5); Green Carpet (*1); Riband Wave f remutata (*1); Riband Wave i. aversata (*4); Scallop Shell (*1); Small Phoenix (*2); Mother of Pearl (*4); Flame Shoulder (*1); Clouded Border (*1); Copper Underwing sp. (*1); Early Thorn (*1); Common Rustic sp. (*4); July Highflyer (*1); Lesser Broad Bordered Underwing (*2); Brown China Mark (*1)


23rd July 2004 - Mere Sands Wood, Lancashire - 37 moths caught in a period just shy of 4 hours in slightly overcast conditions at this decent reserve:- Brimstone (*4); Green Carpet (*4); Large Yellow Underwing (*14); Lesser Broad Bordered Underwing (*3); Shaded Broad Bar (*4); Poplar Hawkmoth (*1); Mother of Pearl (*3); Light Emerald (*2); Double Square Spot (*3); Peppered Moth (*2); Drinker (*1); Yellow Tail (*3); Scallop Shell (*2); Dun-Bar (*1); Oak Hook Tip (*1); Early Thorn (*1); Clouded Border (*2); Uncertain (*1);  Common Carpet (*1); Dark  Arches (*1); Small  Phoenix  (*2); True  Lovers Knot (*1); Common White Wave (*1); White Satin Moth (*1); Galium Carpet (*1); Latticed Heath (*1); Riband Wave f. remutata (*1); Large Emerald (*1); Coxcomb Prominent (*2); Lesser Swallow Prominent (*2); Green Pug (*1); Small Yellow Wave (*1); Rivulet (*1); Common Footman (*1); Clay (*1); Dotted Clay (*1); Dwarf Cream Wave (*2)


10th June 2004 - Marazion Marsh, Cornwall - 16 species on a visit that was fitted in to a very busy day:- Blackbird; Carrion Crow; Herring Gull; Jackdaw; Grey Heron; Reed Bunting; Magpie; Blue Tit; Swallow + Calling (Cetti’s Warbler; Goldcrest; Wren; Reed Warbler; Greenfinch; Chiffchaff; Song Thrush)


8th June 2004 - Trebetherick Coast, Cornwall - A mere 2 hours mothing with a good selection of 24 species caught:- Light Brown Apple Moth (*2); Fox Moth (*1); Common Swift (*1); Cream Spot Tiger (*3); Limespeck  Pug  (*1);  Brimstone (*5);  Green Carpet (*5);  Lime  Hawkmoth (*1);  Small Magpie (*1); Small Elephant Hawkmoth (*4);  Heart and Dart (*1); White Ermine (*2); Peach Blossom (*1); Sandy Carpet (*1); Flame Shoulder (*2); Peppered Moth (*1); Rivulet (*1); Common Emerald (*2); Common Marbled Carpet (*3); Pale Tussock (*1); Mottled Beauty (*1); Yellow Barred Brindle (*1); Minor sp. (*1); Small Angle Shades (*1)


7th June 2004 - Trebetherick Coast, Cornwall - Mothing again, clear and breezy and only 17 species, but a good range nonetheless:- Chinese Character (*2); Heart and Dart (*16); Privet Hawkmoth (*2); Brimstone (*4); Elephant Hawkmoth (*1); Dagger sp. (*1); Heart and Club (*1); Shoulder Striped Wainscot (*2); The Flame (*1); Scorched Wing (*1); Sharp Angled Peacock (*1); Clouded Silver (*1); Shears (*3); Sandy Carpet (*1); Minor sp. (*1); Single Dotted Wave (*1)


5th June 2004 - Trebetherick Coast, Cornwall - Mothing produced a haul of 30 species in a sky with patchy clouds:- Yellow Barred Brindle (*1); Lime Speck Pug (*1); Heart and Club (*2); Scalloped Hazel (*1); Chinese  Character (*1); Pale Tussock  (*2); Heart and Dart (*8);  Double  Square Spot (*1); Shark (*1); Small  Elephant Hawkmoth (*3); Elephant Hawkmoth (*3); Riband Wave (*1); Coronet sp. (*1); Fox Moth (*2); Large Yellow Underwing (*1); Middle Barred Minor (*1); Uncertain (*1); Silver Y (*1); White Ermine (*3); Minor sp. (*3); Pebble Prominent (*1); Figure of 80 (*1); Dot Moth (*1); Setaceous Hebrew Character (*1); Spectacle (*1); Dark Arches (*1); Angle Shades (*1); Shoulder Striped Wainscot (*2); The Flame (*2); Shuttle Shaped Dart (*1)


6th June 2004 - Lizard Point, Cornwall - One of my favourite areas, 26 birds noted:- Wood Pigeon; Magpie; Swallow; Jackdaw; Rock Pipit; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Song Thrush; Cormorant; Gannet; Common Whitethroat; Buzzard (*3); Herring Gull; Fulmar; Great Black Backed Gull; Stonechat; Dunnock; Blackbird; Goldfinch; Skylark; Great Tit; Kestrel; Shag; House Sparrow; Carrion Crow; Greenfinch; Chough (*2)


5th June 2004 - Trebetherick Coast, Cornwall - Only 8 birds on an early morning wander:- Jackdaw; Rock Pipit; Wood Pigeon; Rook; Blackbird; Herring Gull; Linnet; Common Whitethroat.

Mothing at night produced 28 species in misty conditions:- The Flame (*1); Large Yellow Underwing (*1); Brimstone (*7); Heart and Dart (*28); Lime Speck Pug (*5); White Ermine (*6); Pebble Prominent (*1); Privet Hawkmoth (*1); Small Elephant  Hawkmoth  (*1); Pale  Tussock (*2); Lobster  Moth (*1); Buff  Tip (*1);  Garden  Carpet (*1); Flame Shoulder (*1); Fox Moth (*1); Buff Ermine (*1); Rivulet (*1); Common Wainscot (*1); Small Magpie (*1); Elephant Hawkmoth (*1); Angle Shades (*1); Dagger sp. (*1); Shark (*1); Common Marbled Carpet (*1); Minor sp. (*2); Red Twin Spot Carpet (*2); Galium Carpet (*1); Lychnis (*1)


3rd June 2004 - Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire - Over 3 hours trapping, 7 species of moth in conditions similar to the previous night:- Heart and Dart (*1); Light Brown Apple Moth (*5); Scalloped Hazel (*2); White Ermine (*1); Green Pug (*1); Rustic sp. (*1); Pyrausta aurata (*1)

2nd June 2004 - Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire - Only 90 minutes moth, 2 species on a clear night:-Light Brown Apple Moth (*2); Scalloped Hazel (*1)

27th May 2004 - Martin Mere, Lancashire - Mothing until 2.45am on a clear and occasionally cloudy night with the temperature at approximately 9° a fair 28 species were caught:- Caloptilia stigmatella (*1); Poplar Hawkmoth (*4); White Spotted Pug (*1); White Shouldered House Moth (*1); Shoulder Striped Wainscot (*1); Turnip Moth (*3); Eyed Hawkmoth (*1); The Flame  (*1); May  Highflyer  (*1); Shuttle  Shaped Dart (*1);  Common  Swift  (*1);  Muslin Moth (*1); Treble Lines (*1); Flame Shoulder (*1); Spectacle (*1); Common Wave (*1); Pebble Prominent (*1); Small Square Spot (*4); Common Carpet (*1); Clouded Bordered Brindle (*1); Marbled Minor sp (*1); Agonopterix ciliela (*1); Brown Silver Line (*1); White Ermine (*9); Silver Ground Carpet (*6); Brown  House Moth (*1);  Heart and Dart (*3); Bright Line Brown Eye (*1)

19th May 2004 - Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire - Over 3 hours with the moth trap out, the sky was clear, the temperature 7°, the result 1 species of moth - Light Brown Apple Moth (*11)

16th May 2004 - Tophill Low NR, E. Yorkshire - 39 birds noted at this nice area:- Mallard; Mute Swan; Coot; Pochard; Tufted Duck; Blackbird; Lapwing; Carrion Crow; Moorhen; Gadwall; Swallow; Greylag Goose; Reed Warbler; Chaffinch; Greenfinch; Shelduck; Grey Partridge (*2); Great Crested Grebe; Shoveler; Canada Goose; Pintail; Cormorant; Ringed Plover; Little Ringed Plover; Wood Pigeon; Chiffchaff; Goldfinch; Pheasant; Great Tit; Magpie; Jackdaw; Robin; Yellow Wagtail (M/F); Rook; Mistle Thrush; Yellowhammer; Long Tailed Tit; Pied Wagtail; Willow Warbler 


16th May 2004 - Filey Brigg, E. Yorkshire - 11 birds viewed at this stunning area:- Starling; Carrion Crow; Cormorant; Oystercatcher; Eider; Shag; Fulmar; Sandwich Tern (*2); Wood Pigeon; Linnet; Sand Martin


9th May 2004 - Hope Carr, Lancashire - 2 hours and 30 minutes mothing at this nature reserve and only 2 moths caught in clear conditions:- Silver Ground Carpet (*1); Common White Wave (*1)

9th May 2004 - Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire - Over 4 hours trapping on a clear night, only 4 species to show:- Light Brown Apple Moth (*7); Common Plume (*1); 20 Plume Moth (*2) and Small Phoenix (*1)

9th May 2004 - Ainsdale EN, Lancashire - 10 birds only:- Robin; Chaffinch; Wood Pigeon; Swallow; Sparrowhawk (*2); Magpie; Common Whitethroat; Carrion Crow; Long Tailed Tit; Blackbird


9th May 2004 - Hightown Beach, Lancashire - 24 birds today, not bad:- Dunlin; Common Whitethroat; Stonechat (*1); Blackbird; Mallard; Starling; Swallow; Linnet; Curlew (*6); Shelduck; Magpie; Reed Bunting; Carrion Crow; Oystercatcher; Turnstone (*1); Ringed Plover (*8); Redshank; Sedge Warbler (*1); Meadow Pipit; Grey Heron; Black Headed Gull; Bar Tailed Godwit; Grey Plover; House Martin


9th May 2004 - Crosby Marina/Seaforth - Only 27 birds but some decent stuff:- Swift; Common Whitethroat (*1); Magpie; Starling; Shelduck; Ringed Plover; Wheatear (*3); Cormorant; Mallard; Mute Swan; Coot; Little Gull (*7); Redshank; Oystercatcher; Common Tern; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Canada Goose; Lapwing; Sanderling; Common Gull; Feral Pigeon; Herring Gull; Linnet; Skylark; Tufted Duck; Song Thrush; Blackbird


1st May 2004 - Frodsham Marsh, Cheshire - 26 birds is not a good return for this area:- Magpie; Goldfinch; Rook; Mallard; Shelduck; Tufted Duck; Canada Goose; Wheatear (*2); Linnet; Swallow; Skylark; Black Tailed Godwit; Jackdaw; Coot; Oystercatcher; Ruddy Duck; Whinchat (1*M); Wood Pigeon; Blackbird; Moorhen; Grey Heron; Teal; Shoveler; Cormorant; Greylag Goose; Merlin (1*F)


24th April 2004 - Hope Carr, Lancashire - 29 birds viewed:- Collared Dove; Blackbird; Greenfinch; Wood Pigeon; Willow Warbler; Chaffinch; Blue Tit; Magpie; Dunnock; Lapwing; Black Headed Gull; Great Tit; Common Whitethroat; Gadwall; Canada Goose; Tufted Duck; Mute Swan; Coot; Little Grebe; Moorhen; Pochard; Grey Heron; Starling; House Sparrow; Long Tailed Tit; Carrion Crow; Grasshopper Warbler; Oystercatcher; Kestrel

23rd April 2004 - Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire - Just over 3 hours moth trapping on a slightly cloudy evening, 6 species caught:- Light Brown Apple Moth (*3); Double Striped Pug (*1); Early Grey (*2); Common Plume (*1); Small Magpie (*1); 20 Plume Moth (*3)

18th April 2004 - Errwood/Fernilee Reservoirs, Derbyshire - 15 birds seen:- Great Tit; Blue Tit; Coal Tit; Nuthatch; Mallard; Willow Warbler; Chaffinch; Canada Goose; Song Thrush; Mistle Thrush; Carrion Crow; Wren; Pheasant; Blackbird; Red Grouse


17th April 2004 - Etherow CP, Cheshire - 30 birds today at yet another visit to our local patch:- Feral Pigeon; Blue Tit; Collared Dove; Greenfinch; House Sparrow; Chinese Domestic Goose; Willow Warbler; Swallow; Carrion Crow; Mallard; Canada Goose; Blackbird; Mute Swan; Goldfinch; Egyptian Goose; Great Tit; Grey Heron; Wren; Robin; Mandarin (3*M); Grey Wagtail; Dunnock; Chaffinch; Coal Tit; Jay; Treecreeper; Coot; Sparrowhawk; Wood Pigeon; Goosander (1*M)


12th April 2004 - Audenshaw Reservoir - A twitch to a local site that is quite cold and characterless: The result, target hit and 17 birds in total seen:- Goldeneye; Black Headed Gull; Great Crested Grebe; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Tufted Duck; Mallard; Red Necked Grebe; Feral Pigeon; Cormorant; Starling; Wheatear; Carrion Crow; Swallow; Magpie; Goosander (*15); Common Sandpiper; Pied Wagtail

11th April 2004 - Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire - First moth trapping session of the year, clear and fine and up until 12.30am, the 3 moths caught were:- Light Brown Apple Moth (*3); Common Quaker (*2); Double Striped Pug (*2)

11th April 2004 - Frodsham Marsh, Cheshire - 43 birds seen today:- Starling; House Sparrow; Magpie; Goldfinch; Linnet; Teal; Shoveler; Canada Goose; Cormorant; Goldeneye; Chaffinch; Pheasant; Grey Heron; Lapwing; Scaup (1*M); Moorhen; Mute Swan; Reed Bunting; Skylark; Swallow; Wheatear; Carrion Crow; Wigeon; Mallard; Robin; Wood Pigeon; Jackdaw; Ruddy Duck; Black Headed Gull; Redshank; Blackbird; Pied Wagtail; Ringed Plover; Greylag Goose; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Buzzard; Kestrel; Rook; Long Tailed Tit; Blue Tit; Greenfinch; Great Tit; Chiffchaff


10th April 2004 - Etherow CP, Cheshire - 34 birds noted today:- Mallard; Feral Pigeon; Carrion Crow; Chinese Domestic Goose; Canada Goose; House Sparrow; Blackbird; Greylag Goose; Great Tit; Moorhen; Mute Swan; Egyptian Goose; Chaffinch; Robin; Dunnock; Coot; Tufted Duck; Mandarin (M/F); Buzzard; Grey Heron; Coal Tit; Song Thrush; Magpie; Chiffchaff; Raven; Cormorant; Long Tailed Tit; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Nuthatch; Wren; Goosander (1*M); Pintail (M); Grey Wagtail; Wood Pigeon


9th April 2004 - Walney Island, Cumbria - 44 birds viewed at a reserve that gives the legs a good stretch:- Moorhen; Coot; Greylag Goose; Oystercatcher; Herring Gull; Blackbird; Magpie; Dunnock; Mallard; Shelduck; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Redshank; Tufted Duck; Teal; Canada Goose; Reed Bunting; Cormorant; Sandwich Tern (40+); Ringed Plover; Sanderling; Turnstone; Eider; Grey Plover; Dunlin; Greater Black Backed Gull; Goldfinch; Meadow Pipit; Curlew; Golden Plover; Starling; Black Headed Gull; Skylark; Feral Pigeon; Collared Dove; Goldeneye; Red Breasted Merganser; Wheatear; Lapwing; Pheasant; Linnet; Pied Wagtail; Carrion Crow; House Sparrow; Song Thrush


8th April 2004 - Lilford Park, Lancashire - 16 birds seen at a location I used to spend time at as a nipper:- Song Thrush; Great Tit; Magpie; Blackbird; Wood Pigeon; Robin; Mallard; Long Tailed Tit; Goldfinch; Collared Dove; Mistle Thrush; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Carrion Crow; Blue Tit; Treecreeper; Nuthatch


8th April 2004 - Hope Carr, Lancashire - 24 birdies noted:- Starling; Grey Heron; Reed Bunting; Mute Swan; Tufted Duck; Mallard; Moorhen; Little Grebe; Canada Goose; Great Crested Grebe; Gadwall; Magpie; Goosander; Lapwing; Jackdaw; Coot; Teal; Shoveler; Blackbird; Blue Tit; Jay; House Sparrow; Great Tit; Greenfinch


7th April 2004 - Bruntwood Park, Cheshire - 22 birds noted:- Canada Goose; Red Crested Pochard (Feral); Mallard; Wood Pigeon; Blackbird; Robin; Blue Tit; Long Tailed Tit; Magpie; Carrion Crow; Goldfinch; Greenfinch; House Sparrow; Mistle Thrush; Chaffinch; Moorhen; Dunnock; Great Tit; Jay; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Sparrowhawk; Wren


4th April 2004 - Pennington Flash, Lancashire - 38 species seen:- Gadwall; Redshank; Black Headed Gull; Coot; Cormorant; Mallard; Grey Wagtail; Great Crested Grebe; Magpie; Ruddy Duck; Shoveler; Bullfinch; Blue Tit; Blackbird; Song Thrush; Brambling (M); Teal; Canada Goose; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Moorhen; Lapwing; Pied Wagtail; Carrion Crow; Pochard; Dunnock; Reed Bunting; Chaffinch; Great Tit; Greenfinch; Robin; Goldfinch; Shelduck; Grey Heron; Little Ringed Plover; Little Grebe; Wren; Long Tailed Tit; Goldeneye


4th April 2004 - Ainsdale Sands, Lancashire - 29 species seen today:- Coot; Moorhen; House Sparrow; Robin; Feral Pigeon; Grey Plover; Reed Bunting; Mallard; Tufted Duck; Mute Swan; Black Headed Gull; Blackbird; Oystercatcher; Dunnock; Magpie; Wood Pigeon; Long Tailed Tit; Carrion Crow; Cormorant; Bar Tailed Godwit; Ruddy Duck; Common Gull; Dunlin; Sanderling (400+); Herring Gull; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Skylark; Great Tit; Wren


28th March 2004 - Maltreath Bay, Anglesey - Only 11 birds noted:- Curlew; Shelduck; Stonechat; Little Egret; Skylark; Carrion Crow; Teal; Pintail; Black Tailed Godwit; Mallard; Coot


28th March 2004 - Newborough Warren, Anglesey - 15 species spotted today:- Teal; Tufted Duck; Herring Gull; Coot; Magpie; Stonechat; Buzzard; Skylark; Meadow Pipit; Jackdaw; Carrion Crow; Chaffinch; Oystercatcher; Robin; Dunnock


7th March 2004 - Moore NR, Cheshire - 44 birds listed:- Long Tailed Tit; Great Tit; Blue Tit; Magpie; Wren; Greenfinch; Carrion Crow; Rook; Blackbird; Fieldfare; Wood Pigeon; Kestrel; Buzzard; Canada Goose; Ruddy Duck; Mallard; Tufted Duck; Greylag Goose; Great Crested Grebe; Siskin; Chaffinch; Robin; Dunnock; Black Headed Gull; Teal; Moorhen; Coal Tit; Redwing; Redpoll; Brambling (M); Goldcrest; Goldeneye; Little Grebe; Shelduck; Common Gull; Greater Black Backed Gull; Jackdaw; Herring Gull; Mute Swan; Gadwall; Shoveler; Pochard; Willow Tit


29th February 2004 - Foulney Island, Cumbria - 15 birds noted today at this quite location:- Golden Plover; Ringed Plover; Oystercatcher; Shelduck; Black Headed Gull; Magpie; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Curlew; Mallard; Dunlin; Knot; Eider; Cormorant; Lapwing; Herring Gull


29th February 2004 - Heysham Beach, Cumbria - 14 birds noted:- Oystercatcher; Turnstone; Knot; Eider; Pied Wagtail; Feral Pigeon; Black Headed Gull; Cormorant; Twite (*24); Curlew; Redshank; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Wren; Red Breasted Merganser


22nd February 2004 - Foryd Bay, Caernarfonshire - 21 birds seen at a place where there are never many people, bonus:- Mute Swan; Carrion Crow; Curlew; Black Headed Gull; Oystercatcher; Redshank; Herring Gull; Turnstone; Mallard; Grey Plover; Ringed Plover; Bar Tailed Godwit; Pale Bellied Brent Goose (Approx 50); Dark Bellied Brent Goose (*2); Grey Heron; Red Breasted Merganser; Knot; Wigeon; Shelduck; Greenshank; Blackbird


22nd February 2004 - The Spinnies, Caernarfonshire - 30 birds on show and a fair range of species at that:- Greylag Goose; Teal; Little Egret; Herring Gull; Robin; Moorhen; Mallard; Kingfisher; Shelduck; Carrion Crow; Oystercatcher; Redshank; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Blackbird; Curlew; Common Gull; Wigeon; Goldeneye; Cormorant; Dunlin; Greenshank; Snipe; Jackdaw; Grey Wagtail; Red Breasted Merganser; Bullfinch; Magpie; Black Headed Gull; Peregrine Falcon; Dunnock


22nd February 2004 - Llanfairfechan, Caernarfonshire - Only 29 bird species seen today:- Oystercatcher; Herring Gull; Dunlin; Redshank; Feral Pigeon; Jackdaw; Slavonian Grebe; Pied Wagtail; Black Headed Gull; Carrion Crow; Mallard; Mute Swan; Curlew; Cormorant; Greenfinch; House Sparrow; Blackbird; Common Gull; Shoveler; Wigeon; Teal; Shelduck; Pintail; Meadow Pipit; Ringed Plover; Mistle Thrush; Song Thrush; Red Throated Diver; Great Crested Grebe


21st February 2004 - Etherow CP, Cheshire - 22 birds on show today:- Sparrowhawk; Carrion Crow; House Sparrow; Chinese Domestic Goose; Canada Goose; Mallard; Coot; Mute Swan; Egyptian Goose; Feral Pigeon; Nuthatch; Chaffinch; Blackbird; Great Tit; Grey Wagtail; Dunnock; Blue Tit; Tufted Duck; Coal Tit; Wren; Grey Heron; Treecreeper


19th February 2004 - Delamere Forest, Cheshire - 27 species only at this large area:- Wood Pigeon; Greenfinch; Chaffinch; Jackdaw; Robin; Blue Tit; Goldcrest; Teal; Blackbird; Redwing; Carrion Crow; Fieldfare; Pied Wagtail; Dunnock; Starling; Magpie; Coot; Lapwing; Mallard; Tufted Duck; Canada Goose; Long Tailed Tit; Wren; Great Tit; Moorhen; Robin; Coal Tit


15th February 2004 - Pennington Flash, Lancashire - An average 35 species on the wing today:- Dunnock; Reed Bunting; Bullfinch; Magpie; Greenfinch; Blackbird; Chaffinch; Moorhen; Blue Tit; Long Tailed Tit; Siskin; Robin; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Goldeneye; Canada Goose; Song Thrush; Great Tit; Coot; Teal; Mallard; Tufted Duck; Grey Heron; Gadwall; Goosander; Pochard; Shoveler; Wren; Lapwing; Black Headed Gull; Cormorant; Mute Swan; Great Crested Grebe; Carrion Crow; Shelduck; Oystercatcher


14th February 2004 - Loggerheads CP, Denbighshire - Only 9 birds at this area:- Grey Wagtail; Carrion Crow; Blue Tit; Wood Pigeon; Raven; Song Thrush; Great Tit; Blackbird; Robin


14th February 2004 - The Mere, Ellesmere, Shropshire - A bite to eat and 38 birds noted:- Moorhen; Tufted Duck; Mallard; Black Headed Gull; Coot; Greylag Goose; Wood Pigeon; Blackbird; Canada Goose; Grey Heron; Carrion Crow; Robin; Pied Wagtail; Song Thrush; Chaffinch; Jackdaw; Great Tit; Cormorant; Feral Pigeon; Blue Tit; Bullfinch; Long Tailed Tit; Dunnock; Great Crested Grebe; Goldeneye; Barnacle Goose; Wigeon; Shoveler; Common Gull; Siskin; Greenfinch; Nuthatch; Treecreeper; Wren; Coal Tit; Teal; Starling; Jay


6th February 2004 - Marbury CP, Cheshire - 42 birds noted today, not bad lad:- Blackbird; Blue Tit; Great Tit; Chaffinch; Robin; Cormorant; Dunnock; Mallard; Tufted Duck; Great Crested Grebe; Grey Heron; Pochard; Greater Black Backed Gull; Canada Goose; Coot; Mute Swan; Common Gull; Song Thrush; Carrion Crow; Nuthatch; Gadwall; Shoveler; Teal; Wood Pigeon; Magpie; Little Grebe; Shelduck; Lapwing; Long Tailed Tit; Jay; Wren; Reed Bunting; Goldeneye; Starling; Black Headed Gull; Coal Tit; Wigeon; Kingfisher; Buzzard; Moorhen; Green Woodpecker (F); Goldfinch


1st February 2004 - Worsborough CP, W. Yorkshire - 31 species seen:- Mute Swan; Pied Wagtail; Rook; Siskin; Chaffinch; Treecreeper; Dunnock; Long Tailed Tit; Blue Tit; Pheasant; Mistle Thrush; Wren; Goldfinch; Robin; Carrion Crow; Blackbird; Tufted Duck; Wood Pigeon; Magpie; Goosander; Pochard; Snipe; Great Crested Grebe; Common Gull; Canada Goose; Black Headed Gull; Grey Heron; Coot; Mallard; Great Tit; Goldcrest


1st February 2004 - Old Moor Wetlands, W. Yorkshire - 40 birds noted:- Mallard; Greenfinch; Blackbird; Great Tit; Tree Sparrow; Carrion Crow; Moorhen; Coot; Canada Goose; Mute Swan; Wigeon; Black Headed Gull; Tufted Duck; Lapwing; Starling; Jackdaw; Golden Plover; Gadwall; Teal; Goldfinch; Greylag Goose; Greater Black Backed Gull; Common Gull; Goosander; Magpie; Ruddy Duck; Shoveler; Goldeneye; Stock Dove; Grey Heron; Herring Gull; Pochard; Wood Pigeon; Sparrowhawk; Redshank; Fieldfare; Dunnock; Wren; Blue Tit; Yellowhammer


18th January 2004 - Leighton Moss Area, Cumbria - 39 birds - not bad, not great - it happens:- Mute Swan; Gadwall; Lapwing; Buzzard; Blackbird; Robin; Pied Wagtail; Wigeon; Kestrel; Song Thrush; Wren; Shelduck; Teal; Shoveler; Long Tailed Tit; Snipe; Moorhen; Meadow Pipit; Magpie; Carrion Crow; Curlew; Black Headed Gull; Common Gull; Starling; Oystercatcher; Redshank; Pintail; Bar Tailed Godwits; Cormorant; Mallard; Great Tit; Coal Tit; Blue Tit; Marsh Tit; Nuthatch; Chaffinch; Dunnock; Jay; Greater Black Backed Gull

13th January 2004 - Alexander Park, Stockport, Cheshire - A list of 16 improved yesterday's total:- Tufted Duck; Mallard; Wood Pigeon; Blue Tit; Feral Pigeon; Coot; Canada Goose; Magpie; Mute Swan; Jackdaw; Starling; Black Headed Gull; Collared Dove; Great Crested Grebe; Blackbird; Redwing
12th January 2004 - Alexander Park, Stockport, Cheshire - 13 feathered specimens noted:- Tufted Duck; Mallard; Wood Pigeon; Blue Tit; Feral Pigeon; Coot; Canada Goose; Magpie; Mute Swan; Dunnock; Starling; Black Headed Gull; Collared Dove
11th January 2004 - Etherow CP, Cheshire - 29 more birds observed on this wintry day:- Dunnock; Goldfinch; Pintail; Chinese Domestic Goose; Canada Goose; Coal Tit; Wood Pigeon; Goldcrest; Long Tailed Tit; Goosander; Feral Greylag Goose; Mallard; Coot; Feral Pigeon; Blackbird; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Jackdaw; Cormorant; Carrion Crow; Blue Tit; Robin; Black Headed Gull; Chaffinch; Magpie; Mute Swan; Bullfinch; Great Tit; Nuthatch; Grey Wagtail
10th January 2004 - Chorlton WP, Greater Manchester - 21 species seen and noted:- House Sparrow; Blue Tit; Blackbird; Chaffinch; Collared Dove; Goosander (M); Feral Pigeon; Carrion Crow; Barnacle * Canada Goose; Coot; Mallard; Black Headed Gull; Tufted Duck; Magpie; Mute Swan; Pochard; Goldeneye; Great Tit; Great Crested Grebe; Moorhen
3rd January 2004 - Marshside RSPB, Lancashire - 23 birds on the list:- Teal; Cormorant; Mute Swan; Shoveler; Moorhen; Coot; Black Tailed Godwit; Little Grebe; Mallard; Pochard; Canada Goose; Wigeon; Greylag Goose; Lapwing; Starling; Greater Black Backed Gull; Shelduck; Magpie; Reed Bunting; Grey Heron; Common Gull; Black Headed Gull; Pintail
3rd January 2004 - Crosby Marina, Lancashire - 22 birds today:- Black Headed Gull; Common Gull; Pochard; Goldeneye; Pied Wagtail; Bar Tailed Godwit; Curlew; Skylark; Snow Bunting*6; Meadow Pipit; Tufted Duck; Mute Swan; Starling; Canada Goose; Redshank; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Feral Pigeon; Robin; Wood Pigeon; Magpie; Greater Black Backed Gull

2nd January 2004 - Colwick CP, Nottinghamshire - A new place and a new bird for us in the midst of the 47 species tally. Can you guess which:- Wood Pigeon; Redwing; Moorhen; Shoveler; Cormorant; Goldcrest; Great Tit; Magpie; Blackbird; Goldeneye; Lesser Black Backed Gull; Pied Wagtail; Grey Heron; Kingfisher; Song Thrush; Carrion Crow; Mallard; Robin; Black Headed Gull; Canada Goose; Coot; Ruddy Duck; Great Crested Grebe; Little Grebe; Kestrel; Green Woodpecker (M); Treecreeper; Smew (2*Redheads); Yellow Browed Warbler; Greenfinch; Mute Swan; Chaffinch; Tufted Duck; Pochard; Long Tailed Tit; Teal; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Blue Tit; Common Gull; Greater Black Backed Gull; Starling; Reed Bunting; Goldfinch; Bullfinch; House Sparrow; Sparrowhawk (M); Dunnock

1st January 2004 - Mere Sands Wood, Lancashire - 23 birds to round off the 1st day of the year:- Great Tit; Collared Dove; Blackbird; Chaffinch; Robin; Dunnock; Greenfinch; Coal Tit; Wood Pigeon; Blue Tit; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Cormorant; Mallard; Teal; Moorhen; Gadwall; Wigeon; Coot; Great Crested Grebe; Magpie; Stock Dove; Jackdaw; Pheasant
1st January 2004 - Formby NT, Lancashire - Another 13 birds viewed on this opening day of another year:- Great Tit; Chaffinch; Robin; Magpie; Wood Pigeon; Carrion Crow; Treecreeper; Coal Tit; Blackbird; Blue Tit; Wren; Jackdaw; Goldcrest

1st January 2004 - Crosby Marina, Lancashire - 18 species to start the year:- Goldeneye; Tufted Duck; Pochard; Mallard; Mute Swan; Pied Wagtail; Cormorant; Black Headed Gull; Common Gull; Magpie; Dunlin; Starling; Coot; Feral Pigeon; Blackbird; Scaup (F); Redshank; Lapwing