News from within and outside the area.
22nd May 2022 - Saltmarshe Delph, East Yorkshire - Coprinellus disseminatus and Auricularia auricula-judae were the two fungi noted whilst prowling for bugs.
22nd May 2022 - North Cave Wetlands, East Yorkshire - Microbotryum lychnidis-dioicae; Microbotryum violaceum; Puccinia poarum and Puccinia urticata were seen whilst birding and bug-hunting.
19th May 2022 - Gatley Carrs, Stockport, G. Manchester - Whilst leading a walk for carers a few fungi were added to the list, these were:- Kretzschmaria deusta; Plasmopara nivea; Puccinia urticata and Botryobasidium aureum.
15th May 2022 - Carr Vale and Peter Fidler NR, Bolsover, Derbyshire - Melampsora allii-populina and Puccinia phragmitis were the only fungi seen on a general wildlife walk.
11th May 2022 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - A pootle on the way home, Parasola auricoma; Agrocybe praecox sensu lato and Plasmopara nivea were nice extras to the annual lists.
8th May 2022 - Dane's Moss, Macclesfield, Cheshire - Marasmius oreades; Puccinia pulverulenta; Taphrina betulina; Puccinia poarum; Uromyces hyacinthi and Puccinia aegopodii were a few fungi seen on the second walk of the day.
8th May 2022 - Lapwing Lane NR, Macclesfield, Cheshire - Whilst wandering witha few friends we saw the following fungal specimens:- Fomes fomentarius; Marasmius oreades; Fomitopis betulina; Hypocrea pulvinata; Strobilurus tenacellus; Puccinia urticata; Monilinia johnsonii; Trametes versicolor; Exidia plana; Hypoxylon fuscum and Seifertia azalea.
7th May 2022 - Denton Town, Tameside - Coprinopsis lagopus was seen on woodchip - the recent rains had worked in the fungi's favour.
5th May 2022 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Calocybe gambosa was in fruit and already looking a bit manky.
3rd May 2022 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Puccinia poarum was added to the year's tally of 205 species - not a bad start at all.
2nd May 2022 - West Park/Woolston Eyes, Warrington, Cheshire - A few fungi seen were:- Kuehneola uredinis; Daldinia fissa; Puccinia urticata and Monilinia johnsonii (anamorph stage).
1st May 2022 - Consall Valley RSPB, Staffordshire - A catch up with the keen and eager Asco-Man Peter Thompson and a good pootle looking at mosses and a few fungi. The latter list comprised of:- Phoma complanata; Exidia glandulosa; Entomophthora muscae; Trametes versicolor; Hypoxylon fuscum; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Fomes fomentarius; Fomitopsis betulinus; Puccinia caricina ribesii-pendulae; Stereum rameale; Stereum hirsutum; Datronia mollis; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Xylaria hypoxylon; Lachnum virgineum; Dasyscyphella nivea; Hyalorbilia inflatula; Uromyces ficariae; Melampsora populnea; Puccinia sessilis; Microsphaerella punctiformis; Nectria cinnabarina; Phragmidium bulbosum; Phragmocephala atra; Dendryphion comosum; Haglundia perelegans; Hyaloscypha alniseda; Mollisia cinerea; Mollisia revincta; Scutellinia crinita  and Hymenochaete rubiginosa.
25th April 2022 - Gatley Carrs, Stockport, G. Manchester - Uromyces dactylidis; Enyloma ficariae; Uromyces ficariae and Melampsora allii-populina were the few fungi seen today.
24th April 2022 - Cheadle Heath Nomads, Stockport, G. Manchester - Erysiphe heraclei and Puccinia urticata were seen in the garden whilst loafing about.
24th April 2022 - Woolston Park, Warrington, Cheshire - Melampsorella symphyti; Uromyces hyacinthi; Puccinia pulverulenta; Entomophthora muscae and a tatty old specimen of Geastrum michelianum were seen whilst leading a general nature walk.
22nd April 2022 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - Cumminsiella mirabilissima was seen covering the underside of Mahonia leaves.
21st April 2022 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Uromyces ficariae was now appearing on Lesser Celandine leaves.
19th April 2022 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - Puccinia violae was noted growing on some Violets that had snuck under a garden fence.
17th April 2022 - Torrs Riverside Park and trail, New Mills, Derbyshire - 3 fungi seen today:- Bauhinus marginalis; Daedaleopsis confragosa and Fomitopsis betulina.
10th April 2022 - Middleton Lakes RSPB, Staffordshire - A birding jaunt but we did note Coprinellus atramentaria; Hypoxylon fuscum; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Melampsora populnea and the myxo Enteridium lycoperdon.
6th April 2022 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Lachnum virgineum was seen on Rubus debris.
6th April 2022 - Poynton Pool, Stockport, G. Manchester - Uromyces hyacinthi; Pucinia tumida; Trametes gibbosa and Pleurotus ostreatus were a few fungi seen in a walk in the rain.
4th April 2021 - Fletcher Moss, Didsbury, G. Manchester - Fungi seen on a brief jaunt were:- Hypoxylon fuscum; Dacrymyces stillatus; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Exidia plana; Kuehneromyces mutabilis; Nectria cinnabarina; Flammulina velutipes; Hyphodontia sambuci; Polyporus leptocephalus; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Hypoxylon petriniae; Auricularia auriciula-judae; Exidia nucleata; Pleurotus ostreatus; Nectria episphaeria; Crepidotus mollis; Byssomerulius corium; Botryobasidium aureum; Trametes versicolor; Peniophora quercina; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Psathyrella multipedata; Creipdotus cesatii and the myxo Enteridium lycoperdon.
1st April 2021 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Melampsora allii-populina was on the leaves of Ramsons - the year ticks on.
27th March 2022 - Ouse Washes RSPB, Cambridgeshire - Puccinia malvacaerum was seen whilst looking at the bird-life.

25th March 2022 - Kelling Heath, Norfolk - Puccinia smyrnii was ubiquitous on its chosen host of Alexanders.

24th March 2022 - Milton CP, Cambridgeshire - Uromyces dactylidis; Entyloma ficariae and Schizophyllum commune were the few fungi seen whilst birding.
21st March 2022 - Cheadle Heath Nomads, Stockport, G. Manchester - Albugo candida was seen on the stem of an old Sherpherd's Purse plant.
20th March 2022 - Ainsdale Sands Lake, Lancashire - Tulostoma brumale was seen whilst having a late lunch and Puccinia smyrnii was noted whilst walksing around the lake.
20th March 2022 - Haslam Park and NR, Preston, Lancashire - Fungi are now on the backburner but Gill did spy Trametes gibbosa and Daldinia concentrica.
20th March 2022 - Roach Bridge, Lancashire - A fine circular walk and Ganoderma resinaceum was seen around the base of an aging Oak tree.
13th March 2022 - Blake Mere to Colemere via Shropshire Union Canal, Ellesmere, Shropshire - Puccinia tumida was spied again, the second sighting this year of this tiny micro-fungus.
13th March 2022 - Greenfields NR, Whitchurch, Shropshire - Tripe fungus (Auricularia mesenterica) was looking splendid and is always a joy to catch up with.
13th March 2022 - Danson's Wood, Whitchurch, Shropshire - A pootle in the woods beneath glorious skies. The foot is being eased on the fungus pedal at the mo but we did see:- Leptosphaeria acuta; Crepidotus cesatii; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Calloria neglecta; Schizopora paradoxa; Peniophora quercina; Flammulina velutipes; Trametes versicolor; Daldinia concentrica; Hypoxylon fuscum; Stereum rugosum; Byssomerulius corium; Exidia glandulosa; Hyphodontia sambuci; Auricularia auricula-judae; Ganoderma australe plus the myxo Enteridium lycoperdon.
11th March 2022 - Abney Hall, Stockport, G. Manchester - A short ride and walk today, Stictis stellata; Helminthosporium velutinum; Leptosphaeria acuta; Psathyrella candolleana; Calloroa neglecta; Crepidotus versutus; Hemimycena cyphelloides; Puccinia tumida; Hypoxylon fuscum and Peziza micropus were the few fungi seen.
10th March 2022 - Ladybrook Valley Cycleway, Stockport, G. Manchester - Coprinellus domesticus and Kretzschmaria deusta were found on a fallen log whilst out on the bike.
7th March 2022 - Cheadle Heath Nomads, Stockport, G. Manchester - Entyloma ficariae was seen whilst doing a spot of ground work.
6th March 2022 - Rode Hall, Rode Heath, Cheshire - A few fungi seen at this looked after area were:- Coprinellus domesticus; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Ganoderma australe; Kretzschmaria deusta; Seifertia azalea; Rhytisma acerinum; Trichaptum abietinum; Auricularia auricula-judae; Dacrymyces stillatus; Flammulina velutipes; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Pleurotus ostreatus; Tubaria furfuracea; Exidia plana; Hypholoma fasciculare; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Hypoxylon fuscum; Exidia nucleata; Hypoxylon petriniae; Daldinia concentrica; Trametes gibbosa; Trametes versicolor; Bjerkandera adusta; Stereum hirsutum and some old Meripilus giganteus and the myxo Metatrichia floriformis.
6th March 2022 - Merelake Way, Alsager, Cheshire - Scarlet Elf Cups (Sarcoscypha austriaca) were the only fungi seen whilst on a birding wander.
5th March 2022 - Styal, Cheshire - Puccinia lapsanae; Trametes versicolor; Trametes gibbosa; Daldinia concentrica; Chondrostereum hirsutum; Pleurotus ostreatus; Stereum hirsutum; Seifertia azalea and Melampsora hypericorum were the few fungi seen on a short pre-football mooch.
25th February 2022 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - A few fungi were seen wandering homeward, these were:- Xylaria longipes; Mycena tenerrima; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Daldinia concentrica; Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma; Stereum hirsutum; Botryobasidium aureum and Puccinia lapsanae.
23rd February 2022 - Bruntwood Park, Stockport, G. Manchester - A swift cycle ride with aching legs, the few fungi seen were:- Xylaria carpophila; Exidia plana; Seifertia azalea; Ascocoryne sarcoides and Pleurotus ostreatus.

21st February 2022 - Abney Hall, Stockport, G. Manchester - After a ride into town and some running and cycling I wandered back home through this local park. Tremella mesenterica was on a stick alongside Peniophora quercina and Meottomyces dissimulans was later confirmed after microscopy and on-line help.

20th February 2022 - Bramhall Park, Stockport, G. Manchester - Atrocious weather but I always like to get some fresh air. Me and the missus had a good walk and avoided the worst of the rain. A few fungi seen were:- Calocera pallido-spathulata; Tremella foliacea var. succinea; Fomitopsis betulina; Gloeophyllum sepiarium; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Trichaptum abietinum; Bjerkandera adusta; Hypholoma fasiculare; Trametes gibbosa; Xylaria hypoxylon; Exidia recisa; Exida plana; Exida nucleata; Coprinellus micaceus; Stereum rameale; Stereum hirsutum; Stereum subtomentosum; Schizopora paradoxa; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Taphrina betulina; Trametes versicolor and Chondrostereum purpureum.
16th February 2022 - Gatley Carrs, Stockport, G. Manchester - A walk with my mate Ant who provided the usual good company and helped contribute to a small fungal list. Species seen were:- Botryobasidium aureum; Datronia mollis; Exidia plana; Stereum hirsutum; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Exidia glandulosa; Trametes gibbosa; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Calloria neglecta; Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma; Exidia nucleata; Auricularia auricula-judae; Xylaria hypoxylon; Coprinelllus micaceus; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Ganoiderma australe; Byssomerulius corium; Mycena tenerrima; Chondrostereum purpureum; Flammulina velutipes; Crepidotus cesatii; Leptosphaeria acuta; Periconia byssoides; Tremella mesenterica; Bjerkandera adusta; Trametes versicolor; Kretzscmaria deusta and

9th February 2022 - Fletcher Moss, Didsbury, G. Manchester - A general cycle and walk to get the carcass moving. Of course I saw a few fungi without really exerting my peepers, the species nailed were:- Merismodes confusa; Lophodermium pinastri; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Ascocoryne sarcoides; Hypocrea pulvinata; Exidia nucleata; Crepidotus cesatii; Coprinellus micaceus; Leptosphaeria acuta; Mollisia fusca; Hypoxylon fuscum; Exidia plana; Aurucularia auricula-judae; Flammulina velutipes; Mycena pseudocorticola; Stereum subtomentosum; Fomitopsis betulina; Nectria cinnabarina; Puccinia lagenophorae; Bjerkandera adusta; Calloria neglecta; Trametes versicolor; Xylaria carpophila; Heterobasidion annosum and Trametes gibbosa.

6th February 2022 - Nether Alderley Mill, Congleton, Cheshire - Arrhenia retiruga was seen growing on a patch of rock-clinging moss.

6th February 2022 - Redesmere, Macclesfield, Cheshire - The foot now eases on the fungal gas as birds, bugs and blooms take priority. At this new area though we did record:- Coprinellus micaceus; Crepidotus cesatii; Crepidotus variabilis; Ruzenia spermoides; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Tubaria furfuracea; Schizopora paradoxa; Nectria cinnabarina; Stereum rameale; Chondrostereum purpureum; Stereum subtomentosum; Stereum hirsutum; Trametes versicolor; Bjerkandera adusta; Flammulina velutipes; Mensularia radiata; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Xylaria hypoxylon; Dacrymyces stillatus; Pluerotus ostreatus; Hyphodontia sambuci; Auricularia auricula-judae and .

The latter species took 4 hours to nail. I named it after 30 minutes on the scope, talked myself out of it and then after more microscopy, on-line discussions the end result was had - fungi are a ruddy maze of possibilities.

30th January 2022 - Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden and Woods, Warrington , Cheshire - The only fungi seen were:- Xylaria carpophila; Stereum hirsutum; Hypholoma fasciculare and Ganoderma australe - the place may be half decent for fungi during the main season.
29th January 2022 - Peel Park, Salford, G. Manchester - A wander looking at some birdlife - we did see alomng the way a clump of Flammulina velutipes; a few examples of Auricularia auricula-judae and some fresh Bjerkandera adusta.
28th January 2022 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Puccinia vincae was a new species for the year.
27th January 2022 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - Geastrum michelianum and Exidia nucleata were both seen with Silver Birch whilst wending my way home after work.
25th January 2022 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - Puccinia lapsanae was already fruiting on the young leaves of Nipplewort.
24th January 2022 - Sale WP, G. Manchester - A walk with fine friend and fellow moocher Ant Marriott, we had a pootle at the fungal world and found the following list of 56 species:- Flammulina elastica; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Daldinia concentrica; Trametes versicolor; Xylaria hypoxylon; Byssomerulius corium; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Hypoxylon petriniae; Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma; Botryobasidium aureum; Mycena tenerrima; Bjerkandera adusta; Exidia nucleata; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Crepidotus mollis; Coleroa robertiani; Fomitopsis betulina; Cylindrobasidium laeve; Tubaria furfuracea; Stereum hirsutum; Nectria episphaeria; Auricularia auricula-judae; Hyphodontia sambuci; Hypoxylon fuscum; Vuillemina coryli; Schizopora paradoxa; Datronia mollis; Peniophora quercina; Ganoderma applanatum; Nectria cinnabarina; Stereum rugosum; Cerioporus leptocephalus; Calyptella capula; Trichoderma viride; Illosporiopsis christiansenii; Gloeophyllum sepiarium; Mensularia radiata; Kuehneromyces mutabilis; Peniophora lycii; Tremella mesenterica; Rhytisma acerinum; Hypoxylon howeanum; Hypholoma fasciculare; Trametes gibbosa; Xylaria polymorpha; Coprinellus micaceus; Postia subcaesia; Chondrostereum purpureum; Pleurotus ostreatus; Ganoderma australe; Dendryphion comosum; Flammulina velutipes; Crepidotus cesatii; Peziza micropus and Hemimycena tortuosa.
23rd January 2022 - Dorchester NR, Runcorn, Cheshire - Fomitopsis betulina; Fomes fomentarius; Daedaleopsis confragosa and Cylindrobasidium laeve were the few fungi seen at a small, tucked away reserve.
23rd January 2022 - Norton Priory, Runcorn, Cheshire - A second walk of the day, the few fungi noted were:- Schizopora paradoxa; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Coleroa robertiani; Stereum rugosum; Fomitopsis betulina; Trametes versicolor; Xylaria hypoxylon and Melampsora hypericorum.
23rd January 2022 - Wigg Island, Runcorn, Cheshire - A birding walk with a few fungi noted:- Stereum hirsutum; Fomitopsis betulina; Ganoderma applanatum; Crepidotus mollis; Pleurotus ostreatus; Flammulina velutipes and Trametes gibbosa.
16th January 2022 - Arnfield Reservoir/Swallows Wood, Derbyshire - A pre-gig walk and a scrummy breakfast to finish. Fungi seen today were:- Xanthoriicola physciae; Crepidotus cesatii; Sarcoscypha austriaca; Phragmocephala atra; Marchandiomyces aurantiacus; Lachnum apalum; Pucciniastrum epilobii; Nectria cinnabarina; Inonotus hispidus; Auricularia auricula-judae; Stereum rugosum; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Exidia plana; Stereum hirsutum; Trametes gibbosa; Bjerkandera adusta; Byssomerulius corium; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Exidia recisa; Daedaleopsis confragosa; Tubaria furfuracea; Puccinia veronicae; Taphrina betulina; Xylaria longipes; Heterobasidion annosum; Fomitopsis betulina; Xylaria carpophila; Xylaria hypoxylon; Trametes versicolor; Rhytisma acerinum and Postia caesia.
13th January 2022 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - Only 3 fungi seen today, these were:- Diatrype stigma; Bisporella sulfurina and Schizopora paradoxa.
12th January 2022 - Heaton Moor, Stockport, G. Manchester - a walk around the urban streets in the dinner break, a nice selection of fungi were seen, these were:- Geoglossum fallax; Cuphophyllus pratensis; Gliophorus psittacina; Trochila ilicina; Phacidium multivalve; Melampsora euphorbiae; Belonidium sulphureum; Calloria neglecta; Bjerkandera adusta; Coleroa robertiani; Exidia nucleata; Rhytisma acerinum; Coprinellus micaceus; Trametes versicolor; Chondrostereum purpureum; Tubaria furfuracea; Clavulina rugosa; Polyporus brumalis; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Pleurotus ostreatus; Flammulina velutipes; Daldinia concentrica; Byssomerulius corium; Melanotus horizontalis; Helvella crispa; Phloeomana speirea; Leptosphaeria acuta and Dacrymyces stillatus.
9th January 2022 - Carsington Water, Derbyshire - A birding walk with the aim just to stretch the legs. 8 miles done, a few fungi were noted:- Daedaleopsis confragosa; Hypoxylon fuscum; Stereum hirsutum; Auricularia auricula-judae; Hyphodontia sambuci; Taphrina betulina; Phlebia radiata; Hypoxylon petriniae; Mycena flavescens; Crepidotus cesatii and Tremella foliacea.
5th January 2022 - Cheadle Heath Nomads, Stockport, G. Manchester - Puccinia lagenophorae was noted whilst planting some apple and pear trees.
5th January 2022 - Brookfields Park, Stockport, G. Manchester - Cycling through on the way home and few fungi were noted, these being:- Clitocybe geotropa; Cuphophyllus virgineus; Phlebia radiata; Crepidotus luteolus and Rhodocollybia butyracea.
5th January 2022 - Ladybrook Valley Cycleway, Stockport, G. Manchester - A few more fungi were added to the early annual tally, these were:- Tremella mesenterica; Coprinopsis atramentaria; Peniophora lycii and Phloeomana speirea.
4th January 2022 - Gorsey Bank, Stockport, G. Manchester - Arrhenia rickenii was just about hangig on, a few more frosts and that will be it for a while.
4th January 2022 - River Mersey, Stockport, G. Manchester - A new spot for Cobalt Crust (Terana caerulea) was nice with the latest specimen growing on Hazel. Rhopographus filicinus; Arrhenia retiruga; Diaporthe samaricola; Phoma samararum and Tricholoma scalpturatum were also new for the year.
4th January 2022 - Woodbank Park, Stockport, G. Manchester - A few fungi during a morning mooch:- Puccinia kusanoi; Vuilleminia comedens; Exidia plana; Schizophyllum commune; Hypoxylon fragiforme; Trametes versicolor; Stereum hirsutum; Datronia mollis; Ganoderma australe; Rhytisma acerinum; Tubaria furfuracea; Daldinia concentrica; Nectria inventa; Exidia nucleata; Byssomerulius corium; Auricularia auricula-judae; Crepidotus luteolus; Bulgaria inquinans; Ganoderma applanatum; Trametes gibbosa; Xylaria carpophila; Kretzschmaria deusta; Auricularia mesenterica; Bjerkandera adusta; Stereum rugosum; Xylaria hypoxylon; Sarcomyxa serotina; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Flammulina velutipes; Chondrostereum purpureum; Plicaturopsis crispa; Phragmidium violaceum; Ascocoryne cylichnium; Scutellinia crinita and Leptosphaeria acuta.
3rd January 2022 - Allerton Tower, Merseyside - A few fungi to finish the day and the last stop off point, these were:- Bjerkandera adusta; Trametes versicolor; Sphaeropsis sapinea; Seifertia azalea and Mycena tenerrima.
3rd January 2022 - Clarke Gardens and area, Allerton, Merseyside - A pot of tea and a slice of cake, fungi nearby were:- Laccaria amethystea; Coniophora puteana; Clavulina rugosa; Russula fragilis; Entoloma conferendum and Seifertia azalea.
3rd January 2022 - Eric Hardy Nature Reserve, Merseyside - A pootle in the woods with slutch aplenty and a few fungi noted, these being:- Schizopora paradoxa; Peniophora quercina; Bjerkandera adusta; Flammulina velutipes; Hapalopilus nidulans; Xylaria hypoxylon; Laccaria laccata; Hypoxylon petriniae; Tubaria furfuracea; Coprinellus micaceus; Stereum hirsutum; Nectria cinnabarina; Mensularia radiata; Byssomerulius corium; Exidia plana; Hypoxylon fuscum; Trametes versicolor; Hyphodontia sambuci; Lycoperdon pyriforme; Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma; Phellinus ferruginosus; Chondrostereum purpureum; Pleurotus ostreatus; Psathyrella corrugis; Crepidotus cesatii.
3rd January 2022 - Woolton Wood/Camp Hill, Merseyside - Trametes gibbosa was spotted as we strolled on to our first mooching destination.
2nd January 2022 - Wright's Wood NR, Stockport, G.Manchester - We are under the weather and fed up with the madness. A short walk to a wood we know was had. It is a small place, no-one goes there only a few folk who look after it. Alas it seems though when trees are felled and logs are left in a pile, the log burner brigade are quick to pounce and forget about the struggle of nature. We had a short mooch despite receiving this aggravating news - the few fungi seen in 60 minutes were:- Mycena arcangeliana; Flammulina velutipes; Lepista flaccida; Crepidotus cesatii; Ascocoryne cylichnium; Mollisia fusca; Melanoleuca polioleuca; Leptosphaeria doliolum; Crocicreas cyathoideum; Leptosphaeria acuta; Fomitopsis betulina; Datronia mollis; Chondrostereum purpureum; Puccinia caricina ribesii-pendulae; Calloria neglecta; Auricularia auricula-judae; Nectria cinnabarina; Bjerkandera adusta; Rhytisma acerinum; Polyporus durus; Exidia nucleata; Handkea excipuliforme; Postia caesia; Hypoxylon petriniae; Trichoderma viride; Annulohypoxylon multiforme; Byssomerulius corium; Tubaria furfuracea; Geastrum triplex; Trametes versicolor; Hyphodontia sambuci; Diatrype bullata and Stereum hirsutum.
1st January 2022 - Cheadle Heath, Stockport, G.Manchester - The lurgy has had me, so no roaming today. A quick potter in the garden though did reveal Dendryphion comosum on an old Epilobium stem.