Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 100mm.  Approximate overall length - 70mm.  Both sexes have thick, lime-green antehumeral stripes.  Both have green markings on a dark background with the male having blue stripes on segments 9 and 10 rather than green spots.  The wings are black veined and clear becoming amber with age.  On segment 2 there is a distinct yellow triangle. LARVA: 38-48mm when fully grown.  Quite abundant and located within aquatic vegetation from which they will make sorties in search of prey such as tadpoles. BEHAVIOUR: A curious species that will approach an observer within 2 or 3 feet.  Territorial and a late flyer, usually until dusk and occasionally beyond.  HABITAT: Woodland glades when hunting but prefers well vegetated water when breeding. FLIGHT PERIOD: June to October. STATUS: Common towards south becoming more local towards the north.  Absent from Ireland.

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