Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 85mm.  Approximate overall length - Male - 47mm.  Female - 47mm.  The main distinguishing feature of this increasing hawker is the creamy yellow triangle at the base of the abdomen.  Males are more bluish than the dull yellowy green females.  LARVA: 30-39mm when fully grown.  Located in underwater vegetation and debris. BEHAVIOUR: A jumpy species that is difficult to approach. Less territorial than similar species and often seen hunting alongside 3 or 4 others.  Low flying when in search of a female yet high flying when hunting. HABITAT: Hedgerows and woodland when hawking but during breeding it frequents ponds, lakes, gravel pits and canals. FLIGHT PERIOD: July to end of October. STATUS: Local in Southern areas, frequent immigrant elsewhere except far north.

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