Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 44mm.  Approximate overall length - 36mm.  One of 2 red damselflies that is easily told from the similar Small Red Damselfly by the more extensive black markings and black pterostigma.  Also this species has broad red or yellow antehumeral stripes and black legs.  The female comes in 3 colour forms with varying amounts of black on the abdomen. LARVA: 15-23mm when fully grown.  Territorial.  Located in underwater vegetation and debris. BEHAVIOUR: An early flyer and usually the first species to be seen each year.  Usually in moderate numbers around chosen breeding area, but males are aggressive and will see off intruders. HABITAT: Slow-moving streams, canals, lakes, marshes and ponds. FLIGHT PERIOD: Late April to September. STATUS: Common throughout.

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