Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 60mm.  Approximate overall length - 42mm.  Teneral males are similar to mature females with yellowish-brown abdomens which have a dark median line running the full extent of the dorsal surface.  Immatures have dark sides to the abdomen and largish amber patches towards the wing bases.  The male has powdery-blue abdomen.  Both sexes have pale thoracic stripes and yellow pterostigma.   LARVA: 16-25mm when fully grown.  Territorial.  Located in underwater vegetation.  Hairy. BEHAVIOUR: Males are very territorial and fly low and erratically over their chosen area.  Females usually frequent long grassy areas and never fly far at any one time. HABITAT: Inhabits sphagnum bogs and watery areas associated with acidic wet heathland. FLIGHT PERIOD: From June to mid-September. STATUS: Increasing in Southern Britain.  Localised in Ireland, northern England and western Scotland.

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