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ADULT: Wingspan - 58mm.  Approximate overall length - 37mm.  Immatures and females have light yellowish-brown abdomens whereas the male is a striking orangey-red.  Mature females may take on a reddish hue.  There is a thin black line that runs across the base of the frons but doesn't continue down the sides of the eyes.  Outer sides of the legs are striped yellow.  The thorax is brown with yellowish-green markings. LARVA: 15-19mm when fully grown.  Located in mud and various underwater vegetation. BEHAVIOUR: Perches and takes off to deter intruders.  Basks in cool sheltered spots.  Female lays eggs by repeatedly dipping abdomen in water.  A late flier and usually the last dragonfly to be seen in the year. HABITAT: Ponds, lakes, canals, slow-moving rivers and ditches. FLIGHT PERIOD: June to October. STATUS: Common throughout.

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