Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 35mm.  Approximate overall length - 31mm.  A vast range of colour forms occur which can make identification a total headache.  Typical males (fig 1) are blackish with blue thoracic markings and a blue segment 8.  Females can be similar in pattern or be a combination of black, blue, green, orange and violet markings.    Immature males have a green thorax which changes to blue after 5-7 days.  Both sexes have a two-coloured pterostigma. LARVA: 20-25mm when fully grown.  Located amongst aquatic vegetation. BEHAVIOUR: Males are distinctly territorial.  Both sexes rarely wander far from water and are active even in cloudy weather.  Low flyers and have a tendency to congregate around waterside vegetation. HABITAT: Almost any lowland waters. FLIGHT PERIOD: May - September. STATUS: Common throughout except in upland areas.

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