Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 41mm.  Approximate overall length - 33mm.  Another dainty blue damselfly that needs careful scrutiny before a true ID can take place.  The males have an all blue segment 8 with segment 9 partially so.  Segment 2 has a U-shaped marking that can be thickened and joined to the lower apical band.  Females are mainly black with blue or green sides to the thorax. LARVA: 20-26mm when fully grown.  Located amongst vegetation below water. BEHAVIOUR: Usually quite abundant where found.  Mature specimens can be observed around water margins mating and laying eggs. HABITAT: Has a preference for small sheltered areas such as garden ponds, ditches, park ponds and water meadows.  Often seen around grassy areas near water. FLIGHT PERIOD: Mid May to Mid August. STATUS: Common but local in Scotland.

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