Fig 1
ADULT: Approximate overall length: 33 - 38mm   Hindwing length: 16 -23mm.  Another blue and black damselfly with the main identification features being the wine glass mark on segment 2 having an obvious stem, the thoracic stripes are usually broken and give the appearance of an exclamation mark (they can be quite variable though and in some instances complete), more extensive black on abdomen than in other species, the pronounced trilobate hind margin of the thorax and the general slimmer appearance of the creature as a whole compared to its similar relative Azure Damselfly (Coenagrion puella). LARVA: Variable and can be light and dark in colour. BEHAVIOUR: Not a territorial species but quite happy to stay around bankside vegetation. Immatures however can wander to nearby meadows especially in windy weather. HABITAT: Lowland bogs, lakes and ponds as well as small highly vegetated river systems. FLIGHT PERIOD: May - August. STATUS: Widespread but quite local.  More common towards the south. Absent from the north.

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