Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan - up to 40mm.  Approximate overall length - 29mm.  A small delicate creature best identified by the bronze-black upper surface to the thorax, the dark legs, the maroon red eyes and the blue-tailed abdomen.  The male shoulder stripes are usually broken and there is a black X mark on abdominal segment 10.  The female has complete ante-humeral lines and the eyes are more yellowish-brown in colour. LARVA: The larvae live amongst pondweed and probably emerge after a year. BEHAVIOUR: Mating occurs on floating vegetation, usually lily pads.  Egg laying is done whilst still in tandem. Males will often be associated with floating leaves or pond weed where they will wait for passing females. HABITAT: Ponds, lakes and ditches especially if Hornwort and Water Milfoil are present. FLIGHT PERIOD: June - September. STATUS: Uncommon and only found as far north as North Yorkshire.

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