Fig 1
ADULT: With a length of 35mm the males of this charming little Odonate are similar to the Blue Tailed Damselfly when seen in flight but when viewed closely are seen to have a pale pterostigma, large ruby red eyes and blue bands at the latter end of the dark abdomen.  Females have green-brown eyes, no blue coloration and short yellow antehumeral stripes on the thorax. Take note that when males first emerge they have dark eyes and nearly all-black bodies. The larvae are usually best recognised by the small head, long body and three dark bands on the caudal lamellae. BEHAVIOUR: A low flying species that is best seen in direct flight above and around various Lily pads on which they will sit for long periods.  The males will defend their leaf with territorial gusto.  DISTRIBUTION: Frequent in Southern Britain and can be found in large numbers.  HABITAT: Lakes, rivers, slow moving streams, ponds and canals. FLIGHT PERIOD: April to early October. 

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