Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 50mm. The male has a powdery blue abdomen with a distinct black tip which is immediately diagnostic. The hindwings lack any basal black markings. Mature males have yellow spots along the sides of the abdomen. Females have a yellowish - brown body with zig zag markings along the abdomen. Wings are clear in both sexes. LARVA: Located in mud and live for 2 -3 years before leaving the water. BEHAVIOUR: A low flying insect with the males being very territorial and quick to see off rivals. Females are quieter and spend more time basking and are immediately mobbed by nearby males when airborne. HABITAT: Bare, trampled areas near water especially fond of open gravel pits. FLIGHT PERIOD: June - August. STATUS: Thriving and on the increase in favoured areas.

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