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Current news of interest to Fungal Friends.

6th November 2017 - TOTALS

As I did last year on the 9th November (and as I will continue to do so) here are the top ten recording locations for the Fungal Friends Group according to The Fungal Conservation Trust's Database. Out of 113 recording sources the group is now in 9th position with a total of 19, 711 records of 1054 species. This is an annual input of 4210 records and an increase in 96 species - not bad at all. Here are the sites that have the most species recorded.

Tatton Park - 376 species

Etherow CP - 330 species

Llangollen - 297 species

Erddig CP - 297 species

Mere Sands Wood - 294 species

Moore NR - 280 species

Marbury/Anderton - 235 species

Ainsdale NR - 231 species

Nunsmere Hall - 204 species

Delamere Forest - 202 species


2nd November 2017 - Progress

The Fungal Friends Group now stands at 4 active members, with all putting back in and making sure the fungi get noticed. Records are now building and many species are going on the map from a quite widespread area. If we can add 1 new recorder to the group every year I think that would be a good target to hit. Here's hoping.


1st November 2017 - A snippet

Here is a short article Ted Stevens wrote for the Mere Sands Newsletter after I did my walk there:-

'We had 26 people booked for the walk unfortunately some did not turn up probably due to the weather forecast, but they missed a very interesting walk.  Dave found 94 species and gave a very colourful description of certain one, namely a Stink Horn.

We apparently found a very rare fungus which Dave said he had only ever seen it once before in Sherwood Forest so hopefully it is a first for us, it is parasitic fungi which grows on another fungus namely Clouded Agaric and it has the rather cute name of Piggyback Rosegill - sorry I don’t know the Latin names.

We managed to avoid the rain till the last 15 minutes and all enjoyed it - thanks Dave for sharing your knowledge.'

Very kind indeed.


20th October 2017 - The season is whizzing by

Whoosh, in the midst of all the fruitbody fluster and the busy forays the season is managing to fly by. So far it has been a good year with most walks full to capacity and some good returns as regards the shrooms. The recent walk leading a group of Carers has been highlighted in the recent Carelink magazine - it is all about getting into the nooks and crannies of society and spreading the word and helping people deal with their stressful lives by exposing them to a bit of nature. Here is the front cover and the inner article.


6th October 2017 - General Bits

I am extremely busy at the moment and have already led several walks this year and hopefully entertained many people along the way. Now that The Fungal Friends Group has become a banner for recording entities to do their thing I am free to concentrate on the public walks and zone in my attention to the uninitiated. So far I have taken out a group of home schooled children, a group of adult carers and several groups of the paying public. They have been grand affairs with many fine folk met. Below are some pictures from the carers walks which was duly finish with tea and cake, perfection methinks! I only hope I was as good as the cake.

Another day done, fungal enthusiasm past on, here's to many more.


10th July 2017 - Recording Milestone Achieved

It is with deep satisfaction that I can now report that the Fungal Friends Recording Group have just attained the 1000 species mark on the CATE database run by The Fungus Conservation Trust. It is a firm foundation lain down that I hope will inspire others to build upon. Cheshire is now on the map as a notable fungal hotspot and the future can only reveal more and more exciting species. At present it is just myself and Ian Staniforth who have contributed records with the aim now to add at least one new recorder every annual year. It sounds simple but after 10 years of trying and only gaining 1 inputter it is no easy task - the challenge is set though and is one not to shy away from. Fungi need recognition, fungi need our help!