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Current news of interest to Fungal Friends.

12th December 2013 - Clip

Found this in the local paper - thanks to Nicky for her kind words


19th November 2013 - Review

Cheers to Jules for a review of the Tatton Park Foray - here


6th November 2013 - Stuff

The season is done, an average of 88 species per walk were found, best totals were at Nunsmere Hotel - 117 and Tatton Park - 143 - all walks were sold out - what can I say - big thank you to all who helped it be a grand un'. One of the group members (Ian Mc take a bow) has posted some of his pics on flickr - here they are - Ian_mc99 flickr pics - big cheers mate.


26th October 2013 - Article

A piece appears in the latest FoAM (Friends of Anderton and Marbury) Newsletter about the Fungalpunk style - read here please and thanks to Brenda Yates for the piece.


25th October 2013 - More feedback/Review

I may not seem it but I am a conscientious old bugger who likes to give all attendants to my walks a darn good outing with plenty of species to ponder. I I do give myself a hard time, but it keeps me on my toes - gotta be done or I may get lackadaisacal and sell the fungal followers short - now that would be awful. Feedback helps keep me motivated and thanks this time goes to Linda Jones of Mere Sands Wood for her review of the day and the very kind words she uses. I try my best and hope it works.


'On a bright Saturday afternoon a collection of fungus-hunters set off to explore this Wildlife Trust reserve in West Lancashire, led by Dave H-T and his very able (and much more glamorous) assistant Gill. Some were old friends and some newcomers but all warmly welcomed especially the children. 

Dave started off with an introduction to the weird and wonderful world of fungi for those new to the subject, illustrated by several species found in one spot on the edge of the car park.

Then we set off on a walk round the wood, hunting for as many species as possible to marvel at, identify and record. Although the man himself was not happy with how dry the season had been and how ‘poor’ the specimens were, his enthusiasm for his subject was undimmed, and as infectious as ever, and his seemingly endless collection of colourful tales about mushrooms certainly made up for any shortcomings in the fungi themselves! Having said that we found over seventy species between us – greatly assisted by the presence of young people with young eyes. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the day – even if I did feel a bit inadequate when Dave looked at me saying ‘You know this one’ as I was thinking ‘no I don’t‘. Sorry, Dave.

An exploration of the natural world in the company of like-minded people, with an inspirational leader. If ever you get the chance to join one of these walks – grab it!'


11th October 2013 - Feedback

From the avalanche of feedback I am always grateful of here is a little piece written by a lady after I did a walk for the Carers Service at Signpost Stockport.

'A very enjoyable course, good company, enjoyed the walk through Etherow Country Park Woodland.

Dave, the trainer, is very knowledgeable about fungi and he imparts this knowledge with a passion that cannot help but make the subject of fungi utterly compelling and interesting.

The course has a good practical approach, the fungi discussed are those that are found and the group members were often foraging in woodland debris during the walk, encouraged by Dave’s enthusiasm to participate in searching for fungi.

Dave highlighted areas to search that before this walk I would have passed by and not noticed (in fact many) of the various types of fungi that were there.

The highlight for me was towards the end of the afternoon when we found an ‘Earthstar’.  I have never seen anything like this type of fungi before – absolutely fascinating.

Thank you for an enjoyable day!

Thank you indeedy kind lady and hopefully you can enjoy those special fungal growths on every walk you take and hopefully see you again on another jaunt very soon.


20th September 2013 - Tatton Review

An excellent review of Tatton Park has been written by Ian Craven and can be! Nice one mate!


28th August 2013 - The New Season

I am a busy chap, I am a skint old DIY rocker trying as best I can to keep things real, I am indeed always struggling to push many causes in which I believe...but...and a right old but at that - I need members of the group to do more. The time has come when all limits are stretched and I need others to chip in and contribute to the whole Fungal Friends concern. The 3 main requests that I make are relatively simple. I need write-ups/reviews of days out so as to get people more involved, intrigued and basically pushing the cause. Records are essential and I need you to get recording NOW! One of the basic aims of the group is to compile records that can be used to protect and conserve species as well as bring to prominence various sites that are constantly under threat. We can only do this by building up the bigger picture and seeing which species are common, increasing/declining, when and where they grow and how they fit in to the overall natural world. Essential material and yet I am the only one doing any recording whatsoever - this needs to change. Lastly I would like all members to consider joining the ABFG if they have not already done so. The ABFG is the main body under which Fungal Friends falls and thus gains crucial insurance, support and validity - without this organisation Fungal Friends would not exist.

Please ponder the above and contact me if it has made any difference at all - I am on the cusp of making major changes and re-assessing where the group is at. I have set myself a deadline of 3 years to see what progress is made - I hope it can all be positive. Sorry if I seem to be an old nag but taking and giving must always be equal or sway towards the former and I am trying my best to get the best out of the group, the member's abilities and hopefully help look after an essential part of our environment.