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8th November 2010 - END OF SEASON ROUND UP

So what a season it has been and a big thank you to all that have made the effort and joined in on one or two of the Fungal Forays. It has been a successful, fruitful season with 430 attendees to the 22 forays I have led. Species wise it has been a very good season with an average of 57 species identified per foray. The highest list of the year was 103 species at Etherow Country Park on the 12th September which was relatively early in the season indicating what a long fruiting stretch we have had.

Highlights have got to be the amazing spread of Fly Agarics at Ainsdale, the profusion of Helvella crispa that have been on show this year and the the multituide of Daldinia fissa at Moore NR. From a personal standpoint the species I have found particularly noteworthy this season are Russula anthrocina, Boletus aereus, Paxillus atrotomentosus, Helvella macrospora, Hygrocybe ovina, Piptoporus quercina, Russula virescens, Porphyrellus porphyrosporus and Encoelia furfuracea. In truth though I do enjoy every species I find especially if it can be named.

Next year is near enough booked up now and so I will be looking to members to attend more regularly and hopefully do a bit of recording. Changes are afoot with group membership so watch this space.


5th November 2010 - Here are some pictures of the Fungal Foray at Nunsmere Hall this year taken by Jane Burkinshaw of

So for starters we have...

Deep in thought, pondering the beauty of the fungal world

Mmmm - perhaps a bit more zoom needed

Moving swiftly on we have...

What's all this 'ear' then

Smile please it's group photo time

That's all very well father but I bet you don't know the latin names

Is the specimen so photogenic or where my flies undone - ooh the worry

Eee by heck - its been a grand day


2nd November 2010 - Here's some feedback from the CAN fungal foray at Etherow. Personally I would have liked more species on show but we did OK anyway. These messages were sent to CAN organiser Rachel Hacking.

'Yesterday's CAN event was another stormer, I thought.  I learned more about fungi in 6  hours,  then I have in my whole life' - Robert O Connor

'I was very impressed with Fungalpunk Dave's expertise which made it very interesting despite most species having died off in the frosts.  Excited to see the earthstars - a first for me' - Ralph Atherton

'Just a very short note to say thank-you, for a great day out, from Joan and I' - Selwyn Forster

Very generous and hopefully can do the group more justice with next years foray on the 10th of Sept

Also - CLIP - October 16th saw FoAM joined by Fungalpunk Dave of Fungal Friends for another successful foray. The sessions held in the morning and afternoon attracted more than 50 visitors who were treated to an informative and enjoyable hunt through Marbury.

As soon as they blink this one is over the shoulder

(Taken from the FOAM autumnal newsletter)


22 October 2010 - Another photo from punk pal Tony. This one from the second walk at Marbury on the 16th of October.


16 October 2010 - A couple of photo's sent in by top snapper Ian Turpin. Yes its me again gabbing on about those fruiting bodies!

Yes - this clueless look is genuine

Yep - that's a mushroom alright


14 October 2010 - Feedback again.

Dear Dave
On behalf of Marshall's Arm NR I'd like to send you our grateful thanks for your dogged determination to provide a fascinating, inspirational and informative fungal foray - despite the terrible weather on Oct 3rd.
The info and enthusiasm you provided on the day was passed on to the school children who also enjoyed the delightful fungi that is just on the doorstep.
Many thanks
- Pam Lamb


30 September 2010 - More feedback regarding the forays - and to think I didn't even have to pay these people.

' It was WONDERFUL, and an absolutely brilliant leader, good company and a lovely day' - Pat Lockwood

'Thank you for all the arrangements. Super day totally different. Thanks to
the fellow and his wife
' - Elizabeth

'How could anyone not be enthusiastic, when the Leader is creme de la creme' - Pat Lockwood

Also a nice blog here from Eco man Jeff Clarke regarding a foray at 'Runcorn Hill'