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Current news of interest to Fungal Friends.

21 December 2008 - CLIP from recent copy of the Friends Of Anderton and Marbury Newsletter

Orange Peel, Jelly Ears and Blushers –
did you know that they are all living in
Marbury and Anderton?

On Saturday 11 October, Fungalpunk Dave of Fungal Friends led two groups
of visitors to find 54 species of fungi in Hopyards and Big Wood. These
included dead man’s fingers, puffballs, stinkhorns, blushers, fly agarics, orange
peel, jelly ears and inkcaps as well as lots of honey fungus. More than sixty visitors enjoyed Dave’s well-informed, lively and good
humoured support to find and identify the fungi. They were also given a great
leaflet - prepared by FoAM - providing general information and photos of
twelve commonly found species.

Fungalpunk Dave giving an introductory talk to those attending the morning session, prior to setting off on their foray.


10 November 2008 - Just been made aware of some comments on Trip Advisor regarding the recent 3 day mushroom weekend at Nunsmere Hall - these are as below and thanks to the providers of these much appreciated remarks. It does indeed make it all worthwhile.


"I've just got back from a fabulous weekend fungi foray at the Nunsmere Hall Hotel. As a beginners guide to the huge variety of fungi that can be found if you know where to look, it was superb. From the moment we arrived to the moment we (reluctantly) left, my friend and I had a fantastic time.

The standards of care and attention to detail were excellent. The hotel staff were without exception friendly and helpful, the food was fantastic, the rooms comfortable and the actual fungi experience was perfectly pitched, enough information to be interesting, but not too academically oriented. The inimitable Fungalpunk Dave and his very knowledgeable wife Gill and daughter Katie provided us with a real experience.

I would heartily recommend this weekend event to anyone who wants to have a wander round some lovely grounds, be entertained and educated and eat wonderful food in beautiful surroundings with some very good company!

Laprinceshazzy (2 Nov 08)


Just wanted to share our fantastic weekend at Nunsmere Hall mushroom hunting last weekend.

We initially were attracted to the hotel from the pictures on the website as it looked like the ideal venue for a romantic getaway for the weekend but when we discovered that there was a mushroom hunting package available we jumped at the chance and I can say it was one of the best experiences we've had in a long time!
-Firstly the hotel is as beautiful as the pictures suggest, long winding drive, scenic grounds to walk in, well appointed rooms and huge comfortable beds.
-The staff are fantastic, attentive and friendly, nothing seems to be too much trouble and you feel well cared for
-The food is superb and being a chef always researching I should know!
I just wanted to thank everyone involved from the staff to the other guests on our hunt especially Mark the general manager and his family for making the weekend such a great experience and our mushroom guide Fungalpunk Dave and his family for giving me a new love of fungus!
If you get the chance to visit the area I strongly recommend a stay at Nunsmere - expensive but worth every penny!!!

Cate A (7 Nov 08)


3 November 2008 - Just completed a lovely fungus weekend at Nunsmere Hall with some cracking company. Cheers to Mark for asking me to lead the walks and for the excellent hospitality. Here's a picture:-

11 October 2008 - CLIP from recent copy of the Northwich Guardian


Fungal fans can get up close and personal in Marbury Park this Saturday, October 11. Friends of Anderton and Marbury (FoAM) are inviting members of the public to join a fungal expert, from Fungal Friends, to explore the woodlands wide range of fungi.

The fungal expert, who goes by the name of Fungalpunk Dave, will be leading two sessions through the woodlands and will be introducing people to the various fungi.

The free event is especially suitable for people without prior knowledge of identifying fungi and families are welcome.

The first session is from 10am till noon followed by a second session from 1pm till 3pm and visitors should meet at the rangers cabin.

For further details call Frances Findlay on 01606 44727 or the rangers on 01606 77741.

8 October 2008 - CLIP - a photo of myself appeared in the Stockport Times whilst leading a foray at Chadkirk Chapel - not a bad photo but who the bloody hell is Fungal Pete. I am trying to get a copy of the pic to post here hopefully with my correct name on - honestly!

24 August 2008 - The microscopy is indeed driving me to despair - aaaaggghhhh - looks like I've bitten off a lot to chew on and my gnashers ache already.

The walks are nearly upon us so I hope you can all do your bit and spread the word and bring some other wildlifing experience to these great days out.

15 August 2008 - Thanks to Micheal Jordan of the ABFG the group now has a microscope to help identify any species that we can't ID in the field. This is a vital asset and hopefully we can set up some workshops during the winter months to get to grips with a few trickier species.

15 June 2008 - Having just sifted through a few photos from mooching about in the Kent area this one stood out for the way in which it shows the impressive size Dryads Saddle can attain.

My daughter Katie adds perspective to the shot.