Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 43mm. Both male and female have white upperwings with black apical patches on the forewing. Females are generally paler. The undersides of both sexes are white with a dusting of grey scales. The females forewings are more rounded. CHRYSALIS: 16mm. Green and pink located on vegetation attached by a silken girdle. LARVA: 20mm. Green with yellow stripes along the sides usually found during the day feeding or resting on leaves. EGG: Keeled, pale cream and cylindrical and found in singletons on various foodplants. Hatching time within 7 days. BEHAVIOUR: Will fly continuously on hot sunny days in a low, patrolling fashion.  Almost as soon as clouds appear they will perch and rest.  Very curious towards anything white and males are constantly in search of a mate. HABITAT: Open woodland, rides, glades and open fields near woods. FLIGHT PERIOD: May - June and an occasional second brood from July - August dependant on conditions.

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