Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 45 - 52mm (male); 48 - 56mm (female).  All wings are of a brown background covered in pale creamy-yellow patches.  The forewing has a black apical eyespot with a white pupil whereas the hindwing has three or four similar spots ringed with cream.  The underside of the forewing is as above but the pale patches are more extensive.  The hindwings undersides are of a mottled brown with creamy yellow patches with a darker border.  There is an arc of brown eyespots with yellowy pupils.  The hindwings outer edge is gently scalloped. CHRYSALIS: 18mm.  Pale green to yellowish brown and found suspended from various grasses. LARVA: 28mm.  Pale green with green stripe along back that is bordered by white.  They have two rear white 'tails' that are covered with greyish hairs.  There are single lines along each side.  Found on a variety of grasses such as cocks-foot.   EGG: Yellowish green, globular and located on various shaded grasses.  Hatching time within 11 days. BEHAVIOUR: Males patrol their territory in between basking along woodland rides and drinking honeydew from higher up within the trees. HABITAT: Hedgerows, woodland clearings and rides, gardens and scrubland. FLIGHT PERIOD: March - October in successive broods.

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