Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 33mm (male); 37mm (female).  The upper surface, which is rarely seen, is a pale washed out orange with a grey brown border and black eyespot towards the tip of the forewing.  The underside of the forewing is as above but duller in colour.  The hindwing underside is smoky grey towards the basal area becoming grey towards the outer areas.  There are several indistinct spots, with white pupils, towards the outer edge. CHRYSALIS: 9mm.  Light green with brownish stripes.  Found suspended from grass stems.  LARVA: 20mm in length. Green with dark green stripe along the back that is edged in white. EGG: Yellow green, flask-shaped, indented and located on various grasses.  Hatching time within 16 days. BEHAVIOUR: A sedentary butterfly that occasionally moves to new sites.  Pugnacious males fight amongst themselves as groups gather to establish individual dominance before mating.    Flight is low and variable. HABITAT: Meadows, lower hillsides and verges. FLIGHT PERIOD: May - September in successive broods.

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