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ADULT: Wingspan - 44 - 48mm (male); 46 - 52mm (female).  The dark brown upperwings contain rusty orange red patches on all four wings with each patch enhanced by the black eyespots and white pupils. The under surface of the hindwing has a silvery band running through a brown background.  The forewing undersides are dull brown with orange patches with black eyespot and white pupils.  For camouflage purposes these forewings are usually concealed when at rest. CHRYSALIS: 13mm.  Yellow brown located amongst moss and leaf litter. LARVA: 27mm.  Pale brown with darker stripes covered in brown tipped hairs.  Found on moor grass. EGG: Pale yellow with pinkish speckles, barrel-shaped and ridged.  Located on purple or blue moor grass.  Hatching time within 16 days. BEHAVIOUR: Only active on sunny days and found in quite large colonies which give off a silent ambience.  The males patrol over grassy areas scanning for potential partners becoming curious over any dark patches in the general flora.  Females are inconspicuous and usually spend the most part of sunny days basking. HABITAT: Open woodland clearings, grassy hillsides and damp moorland. FLIGHT PERIOD: Mid July - August.

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