Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 30 - 36mm.  A geometrid moth which has primarily green and black forewings with subtle hints of red throughout. The key ID features are the distinct white patch on the leading edge of the forewing and the overall general appearance even though the species can be quite variable. The female is larger and have both have grey hindwings. Overwinters in this stage. CHRYSALIS: Pupates among plant debris. LARVA: 20 - 26mm in length the larva is stem-like and primarily light green in colour with several reddish markings along its back. Feeds on a variety of deciduous trees and usually found between June and August. EGG: Located on foodplant. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light and Ivy flowers. HABITAT: Woodland areas. Local throughout. FLIGHT PERIOD: 2 broods - May to June and again in Autumn.

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