Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 64 - 72mm (male); 70 - 78mm (female).  A easy butterfly to ID with its recognisable black upperwing surface and red central band.  The hindwing also has a distinct red margin.  There are several white spots towards the forewings tip and all wing edges are marked in a black and white pattern.  The hindwing undersides are a mottled montage of black and grey and the forewing undersides are as above with a distinct blue patch. CHRYSALIS: 22 - 24mm.  Light grey with gold markings.  Found on nettles within feeding shelter. LARVA: 35mm.  Variable from black and yellow to grey and yellow, with spines.  As above located in feeding tent.  EGG: Pale green turning black, oblong and located on stinging nettle leaves.  Hatching time within 7 days. BEHAVIOUR: A powerful flyer with a combination of wing beats and glides.  Likes to feed on rotten fruit and buddleia. HABITAT: Gardens, parkland, open woodland, meadows, hedgerows and orchards. FLIGHT PERIOD: May - October in two broods.

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