Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 58 - 70mm (male); 62 - 74mm (female).  The upper surfaces are mainly pale orange with black markings but the forewing becomes completely black toward the tip with various white markings.  The hindwing becomes darker towards the upper basal area.  Below,  the forewing is a duller imitation of its upperside but the hindwing is a stunning pattern of olive, grey and brown with a row of soft blue eyespots towards the outer margin. CHRYSALIS: 25mm.  Greyish with pink and gold markings and found within leaf tent on thistles, knapweeds or mallows.  LARVA: 30mm.  Black with pale dots and black branched spines that may be sometimes yellow.  A yellow line that is broken up runs along each side.  Located within leaf tent on the underside of mainly thistle leaves. EGG: Green, oval and located mainly on thistles.  Hatching time within 7 days. BEHAVIOUR: Basks on ground or vegetation with wide open wings  and suddenly takes off into a powerful gliding flight.  Likes to feed on buddleia and rotten fruit. HABITAT: Gardens, woodland margins, grasslands, cliffs and coastal areas. FLIGHT PERIOD: May - October in two broods.

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