Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 40 - 52mm.  The males forewings white upper surface and extensive orange tips are immediately diagnostic.  The tip to the forewing is darker and a small dark mark is found just inside the orange patch.  The females have no orange area with a black patch at the apex and a more rounded edge to the wings apex.  The undersides of the hindwings of both sexes are a mottled green and white with the forewings undersides as above but pale greenish grey towards the tip. CHRYSALIS: 23mm.  Can be either brown or green and located in dense undergrowth. LARVA: 31mm.  Greyish green to frosted white, darker green below.  Located on a variety of crucifers preferably cuckooflower and garlic mustard. EGG: Orange, bottle-shaped located on crucifers such as cuckooflower, garlic mustard and charlock.  Hatching time within 7 days. BEHAVIOUR: A busy little character that is always on the go sometimes just back and forth over the same area.  Fortunately they are only active when the sun shines so with a little luck specimens can be located and observed more closely.  HABITAT: Damp meadows, woodland edges, hedgerows, grassy verges. FLIGHT PERIOD: May - June.

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