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ADULT: Wingspan - 40 - 50mm (male); 42 - 60mm (female).  The upperwings are sooty brown with the male having a nice orange patch with the dark apical eyespot only containing one white spot.  Females are similar in colour but the orange patch is more extensive and the dark eyespot contains two white pupils as on Fig 1 and Fig 2.  Both species may have, especially on the hindwing, a paler brown post discal band.  The undersides of the hindwings in both sexes are tri-coloured going from brown, pale creamy-brown and again to brown.  The forewing undersides are also tri-coloured going from orange in the basal half, to a central band of pale orange then to pale brown.  The conspicuoius eyespot is as above.  The outer edge of the hindwing is scalloped, particularly so in the female. CHRYSALIS: 16mm.  Lime green with variable brown markings.  LARVA: 25mm.  Pale green above with white stripe along each side, darker green below. EGG: Pale yellow with orange blotches, ribbed and rounded.  Located on various grasses or within loose vegetation.  Hatching time within 20 days. BEHAVIOUR: A very approachable species with a fluttery flight  that oozes laziness.  Can fly at most times of the day even if it is overcast but on really dull days tend to bask with wings closed.  Likes to feed on knapweed, scabious or bramble. HABITAT: Ubiquitous on grassy areas especially meadows and fields. FLIGHT PERIOD: June - late September

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