Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 40 - 52mm.  The creamy white uppersides are dusted with fine dark scales and the forewings have a distinct black tip.  The male usually has a dark spot towards the centre of the forewing whereas the female has two.  On the front edge of the hindwing there is a black spot.  The undersides of the hindwings are a creamy pale yellow which are lined with black scales that when mixed with the background give a greenish effect, hence the vernacular name.  The undersides of the forewings are white with a creamy pale yellow tip. CHRYSALIS: 19mm.  Green or pale brown and attached by a silk girdle within thick vegetation.   LARVA: 25mm.  Two tone green (darker above) with yellow spots around the spiracles where it feeds on leaves and stems of crucifers. EGG: Creamy yellow, bottle-shaped.  Located on crucifers such as charlock, cuckooflower and garlic mustard.  Hatching time within 7 days. BEHAVIOUR: Fluttery in flight with incessant feeding, visits are occasionally made to puddles where minerals are taken in.  Will fly even on dull days providing air temperature is high enough. HABITAT: Hedgerows, woodland margins and rides, damp meadows, riverbanks. FLIGHT PERIOD: April - September in two separate broods.

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